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Have you ever felt a strong pull towards a person you saw at the cafe or the theatre? And has it ever concluded to a romantic partnership or a long term commitment? That feeling when a magical thing happens, is simply out of this world. But do you know what made you stay connected to such a person for that long? Compatibility! Yaas, this mere word is filled with numerous explanations about understanding two souls who bond at an intellectual, spiritual, as well as emotional level. Let’s not waste more time and get right to the zodiac sign compatibility between two Fishes who roll in opposite directions!

Well, well, well, hold your breaths as the Pisces and Pisces couples are going to weave a bright illuminating love tale together. They can write magical poetries, find the treasure-filled purpose of life, and head towards a wonderland of madness together. Their eyes will be filled with happy tears every day, just due to the fact of finding their true soulmate. However, a tornado approaches when control is lost, and the mental state is challenged. These water signs can fall prey to unhealthy habits, where they get into a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ pact or get into codependency by dissolving into fatal destruction. This kinship can turn into a weak bridge between the two and may require a lot of healing.


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Pisces and Pisces Compatibility In Love

The relationship compatibility between Pisces and Pisces is of high level, as their romance is like a fantasy. They can perfectly swim into each other’s emotional waters, and connect intellectually, spiritually as well as telepathically! So let’s unwind the depth of these Fishes in love.

  • Well, they snatch each other like flowers attract honey bees! Pisces will come as flirtatious while batting their dark-long eyelashes, the moment they cross paths. The outer world fades behind, and before they know it, they’re discovering each other privately after waiting for A thousand years.
  • In the initial phase, they’ll have home-cooked meals and engage in all sorts of spiritual discussions almost till late at night. When Pisces falls in love with another Fish, each of them gets inspired to show immense creativity. Starting from writing poems and songs to choreographing dance moves, they add fun to the relationship.
  • Their mutable traits will come to the surface through emotional turmoils and behavioural changes. However, things don’t get dull between this Pisces and Pisces couple. They share an amazing bond that effortlessly hints at them when to give space and when to lend a shoulder to each other.
  • Dates will be private – expect a corner table reserved at the restaurant or balcony seats at the movies. There’s a unique side to this pair that no other zodiac couple may have. They tend to observe other people and see those souls trying to fight inner demons or emotions, and these nuances are often shared with each other.

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Pros Of Pisces and Pisces Relationship

The upside of a Pisces and Pisces partnership is in their dreamy world that they find ample space to fit their beloved along. This way, they can inspire each other to progress in life. Here are some beautiful aspects of these innovative collaborators, friends, and lovers:

  • Pisces with an uncanny imagination dives deeply into the internal world. Their patience will help them exchange each other’s views and stories.
  • They’ll experience a magnetic pull where they uncloak each other’s truths readily and openly. They are aware of the endless mysteries of their souls, and hence, unpacking those personalities is a treasure to the Fish.
  • Their verbal and telepathic communication will help them motivate each other. Not just with words, the water creatures will strongly motivate each other to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. Caring will be a major upside, which will inspire others around them to follow in this duo’s footsteps.
  • When the chords are tuned perfectly in a Pisces relationship, they get into a myriad of activities. Everything fits well in a single day – hiking, meditation & yoga, selecting furry animals, health checkups, and a wholesome breakfast!
  • On the other hand, one can expect incredible imaginative parties that include an ‘under the stars’ theme, singing nights and Italian dinner. Some PDA and extra behaviour are likely to happen, but friends refrain from hinting at the duo to keep a healthy distance.

Cons Of Pisces and Pisces Relationship

Being water signs, the Fishes keep swinging under deep ocean currents either in the same direction or opposite. This is where the combat to come out of their emotions begins, and the duo feel drowned forever. Here are some issues that Pisces may encounter in their relationship with another Pisces:

  • Although the Fish is romantic, the monotony of everyday work, sharing lovey-dovey quotes, and hanging out are likely to create a rut for them to fall in. Boredom seeps in, and all the creative energy goes for a toss. They need a friend circle with whom they can spend some hobby time or talk about new stuff.
  • TBH, some wild waves are needed in this relationship. If there’s no turbulence and the water is calm, both Pisces may start searching spark elsewhere.
  • Their instinctive minds and change of behaviour lead to disastrous blame games for not achieving goals. Throwing shades, and noisy fights may lead to salty breakups. Hence, the Fishes should plan out things and adhere to them for the safekeeping of their relationship.
  • Codependency in each other may create hindrances in healthy lifestyles, which can probably result in substance abuse or overindulgence in food. They need to take some break from each other and get in touch with genuine friends to maintain a nourishing relationship.

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Pisces and Pisces Compatibility In Marriage

Pisces partners often stumble upon marriage for a temporary solution or to go against the wind. The most favourable time for them to tie the conjugal knot is after a long period of bliss when an air of calmness has been enjoyed. Considering that they do get married, here are some noteworthy attributes of Pisces and Pisces marriage compatibility:

  • The Wedding has everything that comes with an artistic touch and killer music. They’ll find happiness in throwing an impressive occasion and look forward to a happening and blissful future. TBH, their marriage can actually last for a longer haul than one might think.
  • Pisces-Pisces married couple will display loads of affection, and shower plenty of gifts day in, and day out. This will be a good dose of love and keep their marital life lit.
  • They take care of their children’s adulting by giving them immense freedom. Pisces, as a mom, shows farsightedness, and will not accept mistakes and misjudgments to be repeated. She will try to shower her kids with everything that she could not get as a child.
  • Pisces’ dad, on the other hand, will treat their children as buddies. A dad like this is a boon; he will easily gather a team and actively play Detectives and Thieves, Nightingale – Rogue, etc. with them. More so, he’ll seamlessly be able to construct doll houses with his daughter or sing rhymes and lullabies. Indeed, a family filled with fun, excitement, love, and laughter!

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Pisces and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Fascinating and spicy! Pisces like to woo their love interest with tantalizing romance, and their sexual relationship can be magical and a game of seduction. They await that moment when physical touch shifts them to a spiritual and starry realm. Here are some beautiful moments this duo will create in between the sheets:

  • At the beginning of their physical intimacy, Pisces and Pisces’s soulmates may be too wary of what they bring to the bedroom and suggest to one another. Their unrealistic expectations and the fear of being disappointed may create a hindrance in their sexual life at first.
  • But the mutable nature of these Fishes will eventually let them move forward, and make the required changes and adjustments in their acts. In the end, they experience an immense amount of freedom and gentleness that leaves them enchanted in each other’s steamy union.
  • Their youthful and magical nature will help them create a sensual atmosphere using aromatic candles and flowers. Expect soft romantic music in the background and titillating oil massages to make their partner feel calm.
  • The duo is greatly engaged in one another’s charming bodies and brings security and trust. This feeling of safety will allow the Pisces partners to remain fully devoted to each other without having to give up their individual identities. Words remain unspoken as they start understanding each other through their breathtaking touch.

Road map to success – there will not be any boring moment in a Pisces and Pisces match, as far as they keep their playful natures intact. When they can come out of their blockages, this affinity will conquer all odds and allow them to spend a romantic, loving, and eternal bond together. All the best, peeps!

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