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Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Have you encountered such a person who can drive you nuts, but at the same time give a helping hand when needed? IRL, such people are rare to find, but often tumble upon us at least once. Those weird secrets you share with, and those long-night parties feel perfect with that specific or rather special person! There’s no doubt that both of you share something deep and unmeasurable, but there’s a level of compatibility between your hearts, minds, and souls that keep you connected forever.

When Pisces and Aquarius join in union, their kinship compatibility is about brainy communications as well as being in the alien world! Aquarius is always on the go to discover that everything those sci-fi movies show can be true, whether it’s The Avengers or Inception. Enter Pisces, whose spirituality is another subject of fascination for the Water-bearer! The Fish is enchanted by the latter’s humane soul and lively brain. They’ll either fall head over heels in love or become vastly irritated. None of them believes they’re high maintenance, but they’re. Hence, if they offer their support and kindness when one needs a shoulder to cry on, this relationship can keep them interested forever.


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Pisces and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius share a refreshing bond, as they understand each other’s offbeat sides. Both of them believe that dreams are magical and crucial parts of life. The air sign experiments with new ideas, while the watery creature goes by its heart’s command. Here are a few extraordinary aspects of the love compatibility between Pisces and Aquarius:

  • The Piscean’s emotional support immensely charms the Aquarian, while the former is totally lured by the walking encyclopedia. Here’s a couple that is capable of enjoying a blissful affinity together.
  • There’s a mutual bonding over the dilemma of the environment, and in concern for the planet, both may stick to having a green diet and recycling things. Expect organic gardening and all the seven types of lentils in the kitchen!
  • These hard-core believers of creativity live by the dream of giving trailblazing ideas to the world, and hence are truly compatible. TBH, Pisces and Aquarius have a rare and inspirational connection for the people who believe otherwise.
  • The Fish and the Water-bearer enjoy being by the water. Expect weekend getaways at the beach – swimming or underwater diving, visiting local aquariums/museums, and yoga retreats by the end of the day.
  • Aquarius surprises their Pisces lover with exceptional artisan gifts, while the latter opts for handcrafted items. It’s a cute couple who will watch the sun go down, wrapped in each other’s arms, and be amazed by nature’s beauty.

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Pros Of Pisces and Aquarius Relationship

Pisces and Aquarius get weirdly connected through cerebral conversations, and coming to the ground may get tricky sometimes. The mystery that forms in between makes their journey sensational and extra. Based on their individual traits, here are a few positive facets of this relationship:

  • The potential in the Aquarius strongly snatches the Fish towards them. Pisces is the last zodiac sign, making them an experienced guide. This works perfectly for the growth of the experiment-friendly Water-bearer, who is open to imaginative ideas.
  • IRL, the Aquarian has a brilliant, and curious mind, while the Piscean is filled with deep love, and is strongly intuitive. The duo has a multitude of mutual interests, and hence they’ll have sparky communication.
  • The Water-bearer is a pleasure seeker who will fill their companionship with passion and adventure. They give enough space to their partner and loads of information from their overflowing river of knowledge. Pisces will have a lot to look forward to and be delighted about.
  • As a favour, the Fish will fill the crowd-puller Aquarian’s plate with appreciation, and warmth; and will be a great listener for the latter to speak all day. Pisces supports the latter to reach their goals without any boundaries.
  • Aquarius teaches Pisces about controlling emotions and keeping mental wellness, while the latter will go the distance to show genuine care for the former. Indeed, a trill union is in the making for these two souls!

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Cons Of Pisces and Aquarius Relationship

There’s going to be a turbulent wave in this Water-Air relationship, where both maniacs can drive each other nuts. Aquarius with their silence, while Pisces throwing shades at the former’s cold attitude – all can lead to a salty drama!

  • The problem starts when Pisces is overly giving in love, whereas Aquarius wants to remain detached at times. The latter can unload their emotional waters frequently and hence have steady emotions, whereas Piscean’s emotions keep fluctuating. To resolve this, the Fish needs to restrain their overflowing emotions.
  • Aquarius feels heavily bound in looking after their Pisces partner and calming their nerves with an all-time secure feeling. The latter needs to curb their dependency and learn to be detached at times so that the relationship doesn’t go haywire, and Aquarius doesn’t feel suffocated.
  • Aquarius has ample and divergent connections whom they often chill out with, whereas Pisces keeps in touch with 1st-grade buddies, and even ex-lovers – creating jealousy traps by flirting with friends will surely get the attention of Aquarius. But that will be at the cost of losing respect and love from the Water-bearer, and hearing Bye Felicia without the possibility of returning.
  • It will take some compromises and adjustments to remain together for a long haul. Pisces will need to accept new experiences and people, and Aquarius will need to be open about following traditions and be a bit more sensitive.
Pisces - Aquarius Comaptibility

Pisces and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Pisces is open to marriage, but Aquarius considers this notion old-fangled. It may take time, rather longer than usual, to take the wedding vows. If at they get to that point, their married life will be filled with zestfulness. Let’s find out how these two can carve out the family sculpture.

  • The marriage between Pisces and Aquarius is the connection of heart and head – it has intensity, love, and selfless compassion for all. TBH, the duo will experience an expansion in their closeness, and at the same time, has an awareness of society.
  • This happy and planet-oriented couple will have a widespread motif of supporting the community and making the world better with their contributions.
  • A gentle and heartfelt couple, they will have V-specific roles to play – Pisces imparts spirituality and physical fitness. At the same time, Aquarius is a babysitter to the former’s unpredictable illnesses and mental troubles.
  • Children might just happen by chance or through adoption. Parenting is a bit cluttered with Pisces feeling uneasy and overflowing with joy at every achievement, while Aquarius teaches disciplines and mannerisms of adulting.
  • Expect a library, music, and video games, keeping the atmosphere of their home lively. Kids are pampered to the core and taught meditative techniques and tech stuff. In a nutshell, Pisces and Aquarius will have a chaotic yet intelligent and loving family.

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Pisces and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius share a strong connection, and so in bed also, they will have everything except boredom. The sensual creativity and erotic drama will likely charge up each other’s low keys! How they tend to uncover one another’s layers is as exceptional as it can get.

  • Things won’t kickstart at first, since Pisces is utterly romantic and eager to sparkle in love, while Aquarius is a detached soul, who sees the act as entirely physical and relaxing for their nerves. But, if the former loses the extra attachment and gives space to their partner, they can have an amazing experience beneath the sheets.
  • Pisces fancies sex being drizzled like rain showers – if such a thing was possible. For them, it’s a great way to build a spiritual and soulful connection. The Water-bearer likes to mix different flavours – they’ll go beyond boundaries and love to get lost in space.
  • This powerful duo will take off on a mysterious and exciting path to discover deep feelings for each other. Trial and experimentation will leave a rosy and sizzling essence in almost every corner along with the bedroom.
  • Aquarius gains mental stimulation through sexual intimacy with their partner. It can ultimately break high walls around their emotions and free them to be vulnerable. This is the time when Pisces feels truly satisfied by connecting with their soulmate in a complete union.

Survival 101 kit for Pisces and Aquarius match – the duo requires this to enjoy their unique equation with each other. Both parties need equal adjustments. They need substantial planning of their goals and strike the perfect balance to achieve them. It will take patience, understanding, and acceptance from the heart and mind to build a lifetime of togetherness. So, all the best, y’all!

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