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Whether you are watching a fairytale movie or reading a love novel, one thing is common – all the characters have a sense of compatibility that brings them together. IRL as well, relationships are based on the foundation of trust, loyalty, understanding, and whatnot. TBH, all these factors are dependent on how compatible two people are with each other. Well, to find out how they can create a powerful union, zodiac signs come in handy in diving deep. Interesting, isn’t it?

The free breezy air of Libra comes in union with the ever-flowing waters of Pisces – it may start just by getting a glimpse of each other across the crowd. Here’s a love match of the zodiac that’s charged up at physical, mental, and emotional levels – one would need a dose of vitamins to sight their love story. Remember those drama-filled Bollywood movies starting from sweet love gestures to jealousy to a bunch of breakups and patch-ups? Let’s read more about the Romeo and Juliet of the zodiac – Pisces and Libra couple who can even die for their love!


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Pisces and Libra Love Compatibility

Pisces and Libra’s love compatibility is bound to be a cool, free-flowing, and balanced union. Yaas, the Fish, and the scales won’t clash much – both are patient, and at ease, and they build a deep understanding of each other. Based on their traits, here are a few facets of this union:

  • When these creatures meet, it’s a mind-blowing flirty business – one might just get lucky to watch the show if they don’t wind up on their evening and call it a night.
  • Libra is ruled by the glowing Venus – the planet that makes them go out there and spread fairy dust, love, and happiness! Pisces, on the other hand, due to their sensitivity and spirituality, are great listeners – who can use empathy to draw people mysteriously towards them.
  • The nurturing and kind nature of the water sign helps gain the trust of the air sign in the initial phase of this affinity. The scales, in return, snatch the Fish with their genuine, balanced, and charismatic persona.
  • All ideal protocols are violated in love – popping up at each other’s office or gate crashing a family event where only a few invitees are allowed.
  • This is a love pairing in which both can sit and listen to each other’s deepest secrets for hours. They can get so engulfed in each other that Pisces might just write a song dedicated to Libra, while the latter would take inspiration from their partner and create a blog on romance.

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Pros Of Pisces And Libra Relationship

The most amazing thing about Pisces and Libra’s compatibility is that both are kind and compassionate towards everyone they know. Hence, in a relationship or as individuals, they receive immense respect and admiration from others. Here are a few pros to their affinity:

  • Pisces, being a mutable sign, can accept and adapt to the whimsical side of their Libra partner, which gives security to the latter. Their relationship can thus stand tall on the bedrock of trust and faith in each other since inception.
  • The Fish and scales can not remain furious with each other even when there is a heated argument between the two. They are equally understanding and will look at both sides of the coin to comprehend and resolve the matter even during small fights.
  • When there’s a melodious rhythm flowing along, this kinship is all roses – dancing all night, making love for days, and even getting tattooed to mark their love for each other.
  • There are days when the spontaneous Libra provides light-heartedness to the relationship, while during others, there’s a whirlwind of adventurous and creative ideas.
  • The Fish, on the other hand, tends to swim under dark currents, so much that they drown in their urges. The gentle Libra comes at rescuing the former from such instances of insecurity or self-destruction. After getting exhausted, both may spend the weekend nights lying down on the terrace, watching the stars.

Cons Of Pisces And Libra Relationship

Roses come with thorns, and so does the Pisces Libra relationship. Although they are highly capable of understanding each other’s thought processes and emotions, there will be times when their deep-rooted beliefs may differ. Here are some more cons to this relationship:

  • Jealousy torments Pisces, especially when their Libra partner is as illuminating as the ‘Sun’ in a room filled with other people. At one point, the scales can feel imbalanced by the volatile nature of the Fish, resulting in nasty fights – even the peace lover Libra gets trapped at times.
  • The water sign is V sensitive and emotional, while the air sign is comparatively distant. The latter’s inability to open up their deepest emotions can result in cracks developing on the walls of this kinship, so much so that one of them may end up packing bags and landing at a friend’s door.
  • Libra is often prone to indecisiveness and this can cause irritation in Pisces. Whereas, the constant neediness for emotional support from the Fish can actually get on the nerves of the Libra. This can make it hard for them to be on the same page and result in saying “Bye Felicia”.
  • That being said, if Pisces and Libra work on their weaknesses and find the common ground of healthy communication, they can tackle any difficult situation. In the end, they will come out with a strong bond of closeness and add value to this relationship.
Pisces - Libra Comaptibility

Pisces and Libra Marriage Compatibility

The Fish is all gaga about marrying and would rightly ask their partner to promote the relationship to a higher level. Libra is also ready, which means that peace will prevail – later they are happy to find out that Pisces can be a more relaxed version of themselves after marriage.

  • One can expect their wedding guest list to include all the exes – neither of them ever breaks ties with anyone.
  • In their marital life, Pisces and Libra make efforts to be as normal as they can, but in vain. They are enthusiastic souls who land upon multiple crazy ventures but in vain – start business endeavours and suddenly lose interest, renovating a home but leaving it incomplete.
  • However, both are apt at taking care of each other’s health and well-being. Libra keenly sends Pisces for meditative practices to support their mental wellness, while Pisces teaches the former about taking measures for body care.
  • Here’s a beautiful couple who would have a bunch of pets and family extensions along with kids – their love pot is always overflowing for everyone around!
  • There are chances of parenting in a disorganized fashion – Libra is seldom forgetful of the baby – and an increase in responsibilities is overwhelming for Pisces. But in the end, both will pamper the kiddos with bountiful love and imbibe creative talents along with wisdom in them.

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Pisces and Libra Sexual Compatibility

All ends well when Pisces and Libra share physical intimacy in the bedroom – every fight is forgotten beneath the sheets. They can both be selfless lovers, caring more about the satisfaction of their partner than their own.

  • Being a cardinal sign, Libra is driven by initiating and leading the things they’re experts in – physical intimacy is one of them. Pisces is mutable, which makes them go with the flow and give charge to Libra happily at first.
  • There are instances where Pisces sees a few challenges, and hence they will turn the tables and make it more creative – Libra learns that a physical act can be experienced spiritually as well. Libra brings the element of fun and easiness to the bedroom.
  • Sexual intimacy is used by the duo to celebrate, break up – patch up, find solace, and just about everything! This is where both the partners find their way back to each other if, at all, they were apart.
  • Different positions and preferences are tried and discovered based on their distinctive natures and desires. Pisces and Libra tend to avoid being rough and animalistic, hence their sexual life is filled with sweet and tender experiences.

For this Pisces and Libra match to achieve higher levels of compatibility, they may require to put efforts in the right way. With deep understanding and love for each other, they can pass all tests of time. Wishing you great luck!

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