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Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility

How important is astrology in a relationship:

Astrology remains one of the fundamental parts of the contemporary lifestyle. Astrology plays a vital role in marriage, relationship, and love as there is a huge impact of celestial bodies on our lives. Compatibility, a part of astrology, is the math of how aligned your stars are, with your respective partner as alignment of the stars is the tendency of pure potential. Through astrology, our traits, characteristics, and hidden virtues are matched with the other person as we inhibit the qualities which our planets stand for. The famous Louis Pasteur once said:

The controls of life are structured as forms and nuclear arrangements, in relation with the motions of the universe.

Sagittarius & Taurus romantic compatibility is off-beat theoretically, but in practicality, they make hearts skip the beat! They both are known to be fun, merry-making, and pleasure-seeking people. Sagittarius and Taurus love is fabled for hot sexual chemistry as these two are associated with well-built beasts, and their compatibility is mostly ranked high in intimacy and passion.


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Sagittarius And Taurus Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Taurus’s relationship emits similar positive vibes, however, those vibes have equal amounts of differences as well. Their sparkly vibes begin right from their first meeting. Sag and Taurus together are physically endured to keep intimacy and rumpy-pumpy active in their relationship.

  • Taureans are possessive, stubborn, and huggy and their Sagittarius partners are easy-going, curious and deep thinkers.
  • Sagittarius doesn’t commit to relationships easily, however, they are not entirely commitment-phobic.
  • However, if Taurus continues to be patient and understanding, they can definitely come to terms with the comfort of the relationship.
  • Sagittarius and Taurus’ romance will take time to blossom as they would require time to match each other’s frequency, and once they do that, they can be the GOAT!

Pros Of Sagittarius And Taurus Relationship

In the Sagittarius and Taurus relationship, the word drama is missing. So, any plans to create drama in this relationship should be kept at bay, as they can not be drama kings and queens. Their compatibility shines because of the impulsiveness and wisdom which is balanced by the Bull and the Archer. They understand each other very much and treat each other with immense respect. Another common thing that they share is that they both are ruled by beneficent planets such as Venus and Jupiter.

  • It is a flower child that is borne out of the Sagittarius And Taurus Relationship, hence they are full of understanding and can be ultimately humane towards each other.
  • Sagittarius And Taurus’s relationship is reminiscent of raising a child as they prioritize learning and knowledge gathering to the utmost.
  • The trust factor is something that need not be questioned because if they trust someone then they trust each other wholeheartedly and if you don’t things could turn ugly as well.
  • Over anything, Sagittarius is known to be a hugger. Well! That point gives them some more brownie points, as what issue on the earth can not be resolved by the warmest hugs?

Cons Of Sagittarius And Taurus Relationship

Sagittarius often suffer from a Don Juan syndrome when in a relationship, which might not go well with the Bull. The bull could turn very repulsive because of this course of action, this could also create rifts between the bull and the archer.

  • Trust in this relationship is like a hanging sword around the neck, if they trust each other it will continue healthy, however if vice-versa, then it is bad blood. And as Taylor swift says “Once there is bad blood then “I don’t think we can solve ’em You made a really deep cut And, baby, now we’ve got bad blood”
  • If they don’t find a feeling of joy, then they even turn interesting conversations salty and would make each other feel swerve. In these cases, they would jump off each other’s skin or suspect them to be a fine art of stupidity.
  • Sagittarius may not get committed quickly. They are not phobic to the concept, however, could restrain to commitment at the dawn of the relationship, and this might repel bull, who might find this method a little off-center.
  • Although, they rarely end up in a fight, however if they do get in a few, they might belittle each other s problems because of the origin of their goals.
  • Tension in Sagittarius Taurus relationship may arise if the Taurean in the relationship is a homebody, as Sagittarius love going out and traveling, they cannot sustain in between four walls for long.
Sagittarius - Taurus Comaptibility

Sagittarius And Taurus Marriage Compatibility

As mentioned earlier that Sagittarius is reluctant to commit, however, once they are into the person, commitment does come on the charts. The zest is always alive in Sagittarius and Taurus’ marriage! Taurus is reliable, steady, and trustworthy and imbibes all the qualities that are the foundation of a happy marriage. Inherently, both of them are opposite to each, but as we all know “opposites attract”! Their relationship works well if they partner with each other rather than trying to change each other.

  • Sagittarius is highly optimistic which could be an advantage as they could rub off some of that to their Taurean spouse. However, things could go south easily, if the bull feels that the feeling is gradually moving towards carelessness.
  • Sagittarius & Taurus’s compatibility is very steamy and sensuous as the flames of the marriage are always maintained and are kept light.
  • Taureans would learn from their spouse to go easy in various aspects and will enjoy all the teeny-weeny attributes of life. Having said that in Sagittarius and Taurus’ relationship, the law and order department is taken care of by Taurus in order to tame the wild and cluttered Sag.
  • The ceaseless optimism exhibited by the Sagittarius will amaze the Taurus, but will also help him/her relax from time to time. The Bull will learn how to ease up and enjoy the little things in life due to the childlike enthusiasm and vivacity of Sagittarius’s personality.

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Sagittarius And Taurus Sexual Compatibility

They have a very strong sexual attraction towards each other, in the beginning of their affair they might even start making out everywhere and anywhere. However, as the relationship matures, there could be tension brewing in the bedroom if both of them are not on the same page.

  • Sagittarius and Taurus sex is like a house on fire, an infinite number of expressions would be incomplete to express their sexual compatibility feeling. LIT will be the most befitting word for them.
  • Sagittarius And Taurus develop an instantly compelling physical relationship from the moment they see each other. The adventurous spirit which is always high, attracts the Taurean.
  • While Taurus is sexually inclined, they are emotionally romantic and materialistic as well. They would like their partner to go out and about for them. Sagittarius on the other hand is about exploring sexuality. This could create rifts between them which would affect their sex life as well.
  • Sexual intimacy is a glue that makes their relationship work from most ends. They share very high Sexual Compatibility!

Compatibility between Sagittarius and Taurus could work both ways, if it works, it will maintain the turbulence, otherwise, they could cross over to the other side and be totally incompatible. Although, the graph percentage of the latter is on the higher side. They would make for a better couple if they first get to know each, start off as friends and build friendship first. They may develop understanding and patience which could work for their relationship in the future!

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