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Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

Mutual Love is a feeling which is experienced by both of two people at the same time. It is not only about feeling the same way for each other but also putting equal amounts of effort into making the relationship work. An ideal relationship is where mutual love exists! Respect, love, and faith should exist equally in any relationship and all these qualities should be reciprocal. Mutual love is the most beautiful feeling which can be felt instantly. As George Grenville (a well known British Statesman) once said, “There is no heaven like mutual love”.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign that always perceives the situation well. They do not open up about their emotions until they feel safe and secure in the relationship. At the same time, Sagittarius Fire sign falls in love very quickly and passionately. Their partner needs to surprise them to keep the bond interesting and enthusiastic. Moreover, communication between Cancer and Sagittarius is very important in the relationship to solve problems as they do not have the same level of intellect. Cancer could be a little slow to Sagittarius, whereas, Sagittarius can seem to be very philosophical to Cancer. There is a huge difference in their intellectual level. Sagittarius and Cancer love is not one of the ideal sun sign pairings, and with elements like fire and water, a huge contradiction is found through their elements.


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Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility In Love

Sagittarius and Cancer relationship compatibility when split comes down to Cancer being the homebody who is drawn towards a stable, comfortable, and happy home life. They work hard and do anything to get a smile on the faces of their loved ones. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is extremely social, as they love to travel and are always hopscotching! These signs, when they fall in love, are an analogy that opposites do attract! The Archer is known to be an ardent, passionate lover, and the crab to be shy, and not so open as the prior.

  • Cancer can provide their wanderer Sagittarius partner comfort and settlement of home, where they could still maintain their wilderness and restlessness, while the free-spirited Sagittarius can add zest to Cancer’s daily monotonous routine.
  • Sagittarius often starts with a bang on all fronts in the relationship, however, Cancer is more reserved and would want commitment from the very beginning of the love affair. However, as time passes by, Sagittarius would love the emotional support that they receive from Cancer. Compatibility between Sagittarius and Cancer is very much inclined towards the emotional side.
  • Cancer is a water sign who takes a lot of leaps and turns. Sagittarius is also emotional, however, they will have to slow down a bit to pace along with their partner. Cancer will need to invest faith in the relationship even when commitment is not being offered, just to see where the relationship would take them!
  • Sagittarius, the water sign and Cancer, the fire sign are lovers who are poles apart. Cancer craves emotional security and has a very basic approach towards life, whereas, the philosopher Sagittarius lover has an enthusiastic approach. When they put these complementary energies together on a common goal or a common topic, they excel with flying colours.

Pros Of Sagittarius And Cancer Relationship

A rather confusing couple because of their ruling elements of water and fire which raises a question about Sagittariu’s cancer compatibility. They have a lot of scopes to become a very refreshing couple if they accept each other for who and what they are. When Sagittarius and Cancer are ready to give into one another, then all the differences will melt right away, and they will experience ultimate submission to each other. With time, there is a lot of love, comfort, respect, and faith, which is instilled in them! Archer is always gabbling the truth without thinking of the circumstances. However, the reserved Cancer takes it in very good spirits.

  • Cancer would never hurt anyone intentionally. They will always stay away from any means that could hurt a person. Besides, they are also quite family-centric, as their world revolves around their family. A Cancerian is also lured by the Sagittarius who is outspoken, bubbly, and cannot be dominated.
  • Sagittarius hates being dominated, but they love being guided as they often tend to fall into situations without looking at the pros and cons. Cancer, on the other hand, is cautious and insightful, hence, they take measured steps in every aspect of life. The quality which Sagittarius would admire after having encountered multiple repercussions for their actions.
  • With the heat wrath of fire and calmness of the water, it is a blend of tranquillity and adventure. A relationship, in which, the wrath is melted by calmness and the coldness is warmed up by the fire. Cancer understands Sag’s bluntness and takes everything in good faith. Sag also becomes softer and often tries not to put their leg in their mouth. They always tend to have gentle approaches towards each other!
  • Sagittarius and Cancer’s relationship does not encounter comfort and compassion at the beginning of the relationship, but when they confine themselves to each other, there is no stop to the compatibility between Sagittarius and Cancer. They tend to understand each other better with time and improve each other in their shortcomings.

Cons Of Sagittarius And Cancer Relationship

Sagittarius may not be ready to give commitment and stability at the very beginning of the relationship which Cancer would perceive as a threat and will not be intrigued towards starting the relationship in the first place. The fun-loving Sagittarius may find homebody Cancer boring when introduced and would not want to have any relationship beyond acquaintance with them.

  • Somewhere beneath the guiding personality of cancer lies a hint of dominating qualities which the Archer for the most part would find it frustrating and would seek for an independent and open relationship
  • If arguments have been fiery and feisty in between them, and if not taken care of for a long time, then both would not let go of disagreement and will not proactively initiate to seek solace back.
  • Sagittarius might often take things for granted, even when being in similar reckless and irresponsible situations. There could be friction from both sides if they continue their carefree attitude without taking accountability for the situations or actions. Cancer sun signs might feel this is too much incautiousness, especially at all times.
  • In the Sagittarius and Cancer relationship, Sagittarius might take Cancer’s guidance as a bit more of dominance and would consider Cancer boring, as they think a lot before they act!
Sagittarius - Cancer Comaptibility

Sagittarius And Cancer In Marriage

The true strength of Sagittarius and Cancer’s marriage compatibility lies in taking things easy. In addition to this, differences in thinking and lifestyle should be managed carefully. As they are bound by the holy matrimony, they both should think of uplifting each other from all aspects. A token of advice in a Sagittarius and Cancer marriage would be that Sag should focus on the emotional part, and Cancer should work on their social skills.

  • Cancer should take a proactive approach toward domestic life and the home environment because they are affiliated with the fourth house in astrology. They will have to take care of their globetrotting Sagittarius partner who might be intimidated by the sudden change in situation post-marriage.
  • Sagittarius likes a life that is free of complexity and all dramas. They would like to live life on their terms and also have a lifestyle in which they are free to come and go. Getting bound into marriage could be an emotional turmoil for them. However, their Cancer partner will be there to support them in all ways.
  • Sagittarius will appreciate Cancer’s culinary and domestic expertise, they would also find it difficult to match up even when putting in maximum effort. This could occasionally frustrate their Cancerian partner thinking they lack effort and input.
  • Sagittarius may unravel the homebody part of themselves, once settled in the marriage. They would like the feeling of being in as opposed to the constant travel streaks. This would give them a sense of comfort and settlement in life.

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Sagittarius And Cancer Sexual Compatibility

A night of glitz and glam, partying, dancing, and flirting could get them directly to bed together to explore the steamy aspects of the relationship. Sagittarius would want to unravel on this journey towards wild paths as fast as possible, ignoring Cancer who would want to attach an emotional quotient to this facet as well.

  • Are Sagittarius and Cancer sexually compatible? Well, not much will be the answer. As they may not be the best couple in bed, rather they are an awkward encounter to handle. They will have differences right from the beginning of their sexual journey, in fact, pretty much from even thinking about getting together in bed.
  • Both the zodiac signs will have different ways of expressing their love through sex. The strongest expression for one would be a turn-off for the other. While Sagittarius would like to take things wildly and quickly, Cancer would need emotional validation. Slow and sensuous touches could be a turn-off for Sagittarius’s partner.
  • If emotional security prevails in their relationship, and if it exalts from both sides, then sexual life could be very much emotional and fun. Cancer that exalts in Jupiter will make their Sagittarius partner feel special, the sexual admiration they share would be special and sensuous. To make this happen, Sagittarius will have to slow down and take things at ease.
  • Sagittarius Cancer Sex is the clash of warm and sensitive Cancer with the explorer and fun-looking and experimental Sag, who does not associate love with sex. Sexual life could be seasoned and flavourful if the said factor does not play a destructive force.

Sagittarius and Cancer’s love compatibility may not be an ideal pair. However, they cannot be dismissed at once. They have a scope to become ideal couples if they work on certain features of their relationship. Especially, taking into consideration the emotional part of it. Cancer, on the contrary, must give Sagittarius enough space to explore their potential to the fullest, as this relationship has the possibility to blossom and flourish. All in all, Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility can be a vision to behold!

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