Libra Weakness and Strength: The personalities of the Just Zodiac

Libra Zodiac is the 7th zodiac sign out of twelve Zodiac signs. Librans are Generous, Considerate, Open-minded, social, collaborative, and balanced. People born between Sept 23 and Oct 22 belong to the zodiac sign Libra, the symbol of balanced actions.

They think twice before making any decision due to their fear of making the wrong decisions. Their lucky colors are blue and green, and their lucky day is Friday. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, a symbol of beauty, love, affection, refinement, and unity. Librans like social gatherings and partying a lot and absolutely loathe violence, injustice, and confrontation. Libra Zodiac sign natives prefer a peaceful environment for themselves and for their families.

Libra Strengths

Librans have a giving nature and offer others whatever they have. They are ambitious and love luxuries in their life. So let us move on and find out about some of the strengths of Libra.


Libra zodiacs are perfect collaborators. This zodiac believes in being social and wants to be surrounded by good companies. They are good partners in any business and are very active in social or family gatherings. They give the feeling of togetherness and love making friends. Librans have a tendency to surround themselves with like-minded people and enjoy the sharing of knowledge. They are smart, generous, open-minded, collaborative and highly productive when they get the right work environment. These individuals love having fun and have many friends, however, every now and then they tend to change their friend’s circle for enjoyment in different ways. Sometimes they might like to go for a movie with one group, other times they may enjoy a  peaceful coffee with their old buddies and so on.

Socially developed

Librans are social by nature. They are the charm of their family functions and gatherings. When they invite guests at home, they like to cook good food and serve exceptional drinks, all of which makes them such loved hosts. They are known to keep the relations alive with their relatives and are always available to greet and congratulate their friends and relatives on special occasions. One of the unique and most loved qualities of Librans is the habit to record all their friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc and taking the time to celebrate them.


Libra zodiacs love art and music. Most of the time you will find them cooking, cleaning, or doing some other household work while listening to their favourite music. They appreciate the beautiful things in life, and as a result of them being ruled by Venus, they have this love for beauty, culture, music, and art. 

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Loyal and enchanting

Libra zodiacs are loyal in their relationships with an ability to control their anger and manage any situation. They believe in honest, long-term relationships and would do anything to save their marital relationship. Although they themselves are very calm, if their partner provokes them, they sometimes rebel, but for a very short period. Therefore they are sometimes taken for granted and misused because of their caring behaviour.


People born with the Libra natives are very balanced, believing in harmonious and peaceful life. They give importance to everyone and take each relationship seriously. To them it doesn’t matter if a person is their friend, caretaker, house help, watchman, or any other relative, they would always put an effort to cherish the relationship. They think ten times before speaking and like to maintain balance and harmony in any dealing they undertake. Some of their strongest beliefs lead them to rebel against injustice and inequality and fight for the truth.


They are good diplomats but in a positive way. They cannot lie or manipulate things and are true by heart. They are adored because of this quality, but if they give importance to the wrong person, they get into trouble and possibly have their trust broken.

Libra Weaknesses

Now that we saw some of the best qualities of the Librans let us look at some of the weaknesses a Libra, the Air sign might possess that stop him from getting what he wants and find out how they can work it out for the best.


Librans are hesitant. These natives cannot have a debate on any topic and when they try to, they often get exhausted and surrender. Librans are so innocent and simple that they always try to escape confrontation.


Librans are highly emotional. Therefore when it comes to their romantic relationships, they are totally dependent on their partners. What’s sad is that they sometimes bear the awful behaviour of their spouse, just to avoid differences and keep the relationship alive. However, if they do not get the love and respect they deserve, they can be easily detached. 

Slow Decision-Makers

Libra traits are slow decision-makers. They are not confident about their decisions and are afraid of consequences, therefore taking slow and steady steps to carefully execute decisions.  

Taken for granted 

Librans are loyal, honest, and truthful in their relationships, always trying their best to please their partners. In case of differences in their married life, they are always the first to compromise and do anything to save the marriage. They love their family and are deeply innocent personalities. This beauty in their personality is a curse and a boon. Due to which sometimes their own family members take them for granted and do not give them the respect they deserve.

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Libras are moody, if they don’t feel like doing anything, they would not do it. But if they are in a good mood you can ask them anything and if it is in their hand they would certainly not back off. 

Afraid of Solitudes

Librans hate to be in solitude and need good company. They make very few true friends. For most parts of life, one needs to accept and make peace with solitude, and because Librans can’t handle it, they are often lonely. Egotistical  


Though Libra ruled by Venus, they are easy to get along with and simple, they can sometimes become self-centred. Libra Individuals spend a lot of time analysing how they are perceived by family relatives and friends and have a strong ego. 

Complicated Personality 

Libran’s personality is a bit complicated. They wear fake smiles to please everyone around them and are self-centred. On one hand, they are obsessed with luxury and the comforts of life, on the other hand, they would do anything to comfort their family and spouse. They are hardworking and withstand their spouses despite their irritating and unbearable nature. Librans are air signs and change their decisions quite often due to the influence of other people. All of which is pretty complicated, no?

Lack of Authority  

Libran parents are not authoritative, sometimes their kids become stubborn and do not obey them, causing disappointment. Though it is not their fault, they just need to bridge the gap with their children, come closer to them in an attempt to understand and mould them better.

Libra’s Weakness Based on their Decans

Each Libra decan is slightly different from the other.

First Libra Decan

First decan Libras are peace lovers and like perfect balance in life. These Librans are a bit indecisive and manipulative, while sometimes just plain confusing. They seek others’ advice to make big decisions about their life and can’t process problems rationally. 

Second Libra Decan

Second decan Libra people are independent. But they are also fragile and cannot take tough decisions alone.

Third Libra Decan

Thirdly, decan people are ethical and follow principles in life. They respect norms and want others to do the same but can’t always get them to.

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What is Libra's biggest weakness?

Libran natives like balance in their life, therefore they look for the perfect partners in their life to avoid any sort of risk. They are gullible and get carried away easily which often leads to them being misused by people.

Is Libra weak or strong?

Libra individuals are peace and harmony lovers. They are understanding, sincere, just, and good diplomats. They can be good leaders, politicians, and social workers as a result of their outstanding art of speech.

They know how to make the best use of their communication skills and do not tolerate injustice. They also possess the art of resolving others’ problems. So, yes, we can say they are strong but as we all are human beings, we all have some weaknesses, and just like that Libra individuals have some weaknesses, however, they are capable of keeping a balance.

What are Libras afraid of?

Libras are afraid of making the wrong decisions, as the consequences are always unpredictable and they are not confident about themselves, they try to seek other elders’ or experienced people’s advice to make themselves feel safe and secure. 


Libra individuals are generous, clear-hearted, open-minded, and straightforward. If you have any Libran around you, you should cherish the relationship and make them feel special. They are the kind of people who are worth having in life.

The Libra sign zodiac people are compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius and trust in long-term relationships. So look out for that and have a nice day.

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