Know All About Scorpio Ascendant According to Vedic Astrology

Know All About Scorpio Ascendant According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Scorpio Ascendants is ‘Scorpion’. Their ruling planets are Mars and Neptune. and the element is ‘Water. You are a Scorpio Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Scorpio zodiac sign was ascending on the eastern horizon.

So what is your life map if you are a Scorpio ascendant sign? Let’s discover it.

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General Personality Traits

Secretive Sign:

Scorpio sign is the 8th house sign which is the house of secrets, mysteries, transformation, longevity, death, and life. Scorpio ascendants are extremely secretive and do not like to share much about themselves. On the contrary, they do like to know about others. They love to research and dig deep into the mysteries of life. They are good at keeping other people’s secrets too.


Watery signs are known for emotions, desires, comforts, dreams, and attitudes. Scorpio ascendants are water and fixed signs. Metaphorically, this water is not the flowing surface water but deep underground or ocean water bodies. This implies that all the aspects of watery signs are hidden and buried deep inside their subconscious mind. They are ruled by Mars which is a firey planet. Hence, Scorpio ascendants contain both water and fire elements. The martian fire denotes ambition. There are a lot of emotions, desires, and ambitions in them that are extremely intense.

Feminine and Masculine Energy:

This is the 8th house of the zodiac sign which is an even number. Even numbers are feminine energy. The feminine or ‘Shakti’ is a pool of intense energy and also likes to settle down in life. Hence, this ascendant sign strives to create stability and security. There is a lot of versatility in them because although the house number is feminine, the ruling lord is masculine (Mars). So they have both feminine and masculine energy at their disposal.

Intuition and Receptivity:

Scorpio ascendants are extremely intuitive and receptive. They are more into supernatural knowledge. They can sometimes intuitively know what can happen in the future, what is in store for them, how a situation will turn out, or how a person really is. If they are not feeling intuitive then they should start meditating because they have immense intuitive capability in them. They just need to ignite the fire and be connected to their inner self.


When Scorpio ascendants know what they want, they become obsessive to achieve that. They follow their desires so intensely that they tend to avoid other aspects of life. Sometimes, their actions might not even be socially accepted, hence, they become secretive about it. Scorpio ascendants can get into addictions easily. This happens when they are unable to cope up with the emotional turbulence in life.


There is no middle ground for Scorpio ascendants. It’s either black or white. They can be extremely positive or negative, depending upon their upbringing, circumstances in life and level of consciousness, they can be saints or sinners. The sign of Libra falls in the 12th house of Scorpio ascendants. The 12th house means what energy is not present in them. Hence, they lack balance and all other qualities that Libra has.

Rollercoaster life:

There are a lot of ups and downs in their life. They eventually learn how to face their struggles with ease. After experiencing all kinds of situations, they get to know the shortcuts and solutions which they use to overcome all the troubles they go through. They don’t shy away from taking challenges as well.


They are achievers and once they are committed to something, they become one-track minds to get it. Not necessarily they will take the right path to achieve something. They can take the wrong way too, as the first and foremost thing for them is to achieve their goal. It depends on the planetary placements in their chart what their conscience will be.


The 8th house is also the Moksha house apart from the 12th house. This is the house of death and Scorpio being a Brahman sign, goes through hardships, dies, and is reborn like a phoenix. Scorpio ascendants can undergo a complete transformation emerging into very powerful beings. The whole process is like the death of ego and evolution of the ‘Presence’.


The first house and the sixth house of Scorpio ascendants are ruled by Mars, making them an extremely powerful opponent. They take strong actions against their enemies and become victorious. The 6th house is also about daily routine. Be it inculcating actions to be performed daily or actions against enemies, they are absolute and drastic.


The 10th house is what is visible to the entire world. It is the brightest-lit house in the horoscope – what one is known for and what is your karma comes under this house. Scorpio ascendants have Leo rising sign in their 10th house due to which they have an innate desire to rise like an emperor. They want to achieve, become successful and be well respected. These people will use all the energy and power of Mars to become an authority.

Private Individuals – Not to be Messed with:

They like to have a lot of space and alone time. They don’t let anyone enter their personal space without their consent. They are good if not interfered with. Scorpio ascendants will be extremely vindictive if someone messes up with them unnecessarily. Otherwise, they are pretty fine in their own life. They will not hurt anyone without a reason.

Fearless, Rebellious, and Outlaw:

No one can force anything down their throat. They want to make their own decisions. They have their own opinions and ideas about everything. They are very intelligent because they go into depth about everything and they know it. They retaliate to the last drop of their blood when imposed rules against their will.

Read Between the Lines:

They will listen to what the other person is saying but they will also read the person. Scorpio ascendants do this to figure out what is the real message one is trying to give out. They like to understand more than what is there on the surface. They doubt first and are suspicious about the intention of others. As they themselves hide a lot and are secretive, they feel that everyone does this. That is why they do not trust easily.


Because of their adamant or stubborn nature they can become their own enemies. Mars rules the 1st and 6th houses. The 1st house is ‘Self’ and the 6th house is the house of enemies – that is why they can become their own enemies. They can be aggressive or vindictive and in order to prove themselves, they might do things not good for them.

Attractive and Magnetic:

Scorpio ascendants are very attractive people. They have very intense, magnetic, and strong personalities. Their physique is usually athletic and well-shaped unless they are stuck in the downward spiral of the negative phase. They have a calm and composed presence. Their strong motive, impetus, and determination shine out bright.

Communication and Circle:

Their communication is also very structured and private. They like to communicate one-on-one rather than with large groups of people. Scorpio ascendants are extremely practical about their network. They will not make friends just for the heck of it. They will socialize with people who are good for them.

Spiritual and Mystery:

Scorpio ascendants are extremely spiritual. This sign is about life and death, knowledge of hidden things, esoteric experiences, and the occult. Where spirituality, religion, and higher learning is concerned, they are emotionally connected to it. Their inner strengths come from deep learning about life and close encounters with death.

Passionate and Intense Emotions:

Scorpio ascendants have intense emotions that frequently put them in a see-saw situation. If they are strongly in love with someone, any separation or breakup becomes like a forever scar on their heart. On the surface, they may look very calm, but deep inside there is a lot of turbulence. They are extremely protective of the people they love. They need intensity in a relationship and unconsciously test the devotion of their partner. The intimacy with a Scorpio ascendant can be highly addictive and compelling. Their passion is not just limited to relationships but also to work.

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Recognising a Scorpio Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

They always have a physical appearance that is quite noticeable. They have sharp, piercing and alluring eyes. Their gaze is very fixed. They can be masters of the poker face. They exude inner self-reliance. The eyebrows can be a bit arched naturally. They have an enticing look or presence. Their facial features are usually sharp and their gait is focused. Their body language is difficult to read as this is a very secretive sign. However, sometimes they will keep their fists clenched. They are very reclusive and quiet. Mostly they have athletic physiques. The Scorpio ascendant males have strong jawlines and are a bit hairy.

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Relationships in the life of Scorpio Ascendants

Scorpio ascendants can be quite detached from their families. However, they are emotionally connected to their father. Their spouse is usually a bit of a spend drift, someone who would like to be very groomed, well-dressed, conscious of finances and status.

They bring up their children imbibed with values, spirituality, religion, and philosophy as Sagittarius is in their 2nd house. They will look after the overall development of the children. They themselves are very creative and encourage their children to let out their creativity too. They will not force anything on them and accept the way they are.

Scorpio ascendants are very loyal as friends and life partners.

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Work & Career

They will be great in government sectors such as bureaucrats, administrators, armed forces, and police. They are also good traders, scientists, business people, surgeons. researchers, astrologers, healers, spiritual teachers, investigators, archaeologists, historians, and forensic investigators. Scorpio ascendants are creative too. When they channel their deep emotions into something positive, they can become great artists, musicians, actors, and designers.

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Money and Wealth

Where their gain is concerned, Scorpio ascendants will be extremely practical and analytical. They are quite lucky when it comes to wealth and money, provided they have made the necessary efforts to achieve it. As Capricorn is in their 3rd house, they will have to persevere to gain wealth in life. Scorpio ascendants prefer to invest in long term financial schemes.


The body parts associated with this sign are the private parts and reproductive system. Scorpio ascendants may face health issues related to these body parts. They may suffer from STDs, cysts, tumors, cancer, mental disorders, stomach-related ailments, and physical weakness especially when Mars is afflicted. They can also face issues with the liver, kidneys, and lungs in case they are indulgent in addictive substances.

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What do Scorpio Ascendants need to be careful of?

  • Being cautious is one thing and being suspicious is another. Extreme suspicion can lead to a very unfulfilled life.
  • Letting go and forgiving will help you resolve that emotional trauma.
  • Not everyone is as conscious as you are but they are on the path of transformation. Despising them for not being like you is a cruel act.
  • You have a high potential to evolve spiritually. Do not waste your energy in endless mental and emotional traps.
  • Be mindful of your obsessions and where they are leading you.

Your ascendant sign determines your approach towards your family, siblings, social circle, career, enemies, preferences, desires, spiritual inclination, beliefs, what kind of body you will have, what transformations you will endure going through, and all other elements that you deal with. It is an extremely important sign which acts like a foundation that sets an initial ambiance for your life.

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