Saturn Sade sati for Virgo Sign: What It Means For Virgo Individuals?

Have you wondered, why at times, you feel that time has become static and the world is full of miseries? This could be yes if you might have seen someone close serving a difficult phase of life. In such situations, you may think of what exactly went wrong. Your hard work may make you sweat for a long time. And for all of that, you may only have one Saturn planet to blame.

The above-mentioned circumstances are a result of planetary movements, explains Vedic astrology. Sometimes, there are no evident and visible reasons for the failures or struggles, though there is no shortage of effort and wise intentions to make things work. The influence of unfavorable positioning of planets develops such circumstances. The malefic planets make things even worse for the natives. However, as soon as the planet moves out of a particular sign, the native starts recovering from the bad times, and their hard work pays off.

The ringed planet Saturn’s position is considered while preparing an individual’s horoscope. In this article, we will be discussing what happens during the Saturn Sadesati for the Virgo sign. We will understand the consequences for the natives carrying the Virgo sign. We will also know about the sade sati period for Virgo and get knowledge about the different phases of sade sati for Virgo. Let’s have a quick introduction to Saturn and Virgo before we delve into this topic.

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About Malefic Shani

A slow-moving planet, Saturn is an inauspicious planet because of its negative traits. The presence of Saturn in the horoscope makes a person wiser. Also, it enhances tolerance and patience in them. Saturn transit teaches moral values in person, making him honest and loyal. The amount of hard work done under the mastery of Saturn makes the person perseverant and persistent. No matter what, people still consider Saturn as the one who brings instability and hardships.

Therefore, Shani is malefic because of the miseries and disasters that may come in our life, without knocking on the door. Saturn is so powerful that it may push people into a financial crisis. You may have a downfall in financial matters. Those who are serving Sade Sati may feel like problems entering from every window and door. Health, family, profession, finance, and education all aspects suffer when Saturn is unfavorably placed.

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  • S.N. >> Sade Sati/ Panoti >> Sani Rashi >> Start Date >> End Date >> Phase
  1. Small Panoti >> Aries >> Saturday, April 18, 1998 >> Tuesday, June 6, 2000
  2. Sade Sati >> Leo >> Wednesday, November 1, 2006 >> Wednesday, January 10, 2007 >> Rising
  3.  Sade Sati >> Leo >> Monday, July 16, 2007 >> Wednesday, September 9, 2009 >> Rising
  4.  Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Thursday, September 10, 2009 >> Monday, November 14, 2011 >> Peak
  5. Sade Sati >> Libra >> Tuesday, November 15, 2011 >> Tuesday, May 15, 2012 >> Setting
  6.  Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Wednesday, May 16, 2012 >> Friday, August 3, 2012 >> Peak
  7. Sade Sati >> Libra >> Saturday, August 4, 2012 >> Sunday, November 2, 2014 >> Setting
  8.  Small Panoti >> Sagittarius >> Friday, January 27, 2017 >> Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  9. Small Panoti >> Sagittarius >> Friday, October 27, 2017 >> Thursday, January 23, 2020
  10. Small Panoti >> Aries >> Thursday, June 3, 2027 >> Tuesday, October 19, 2027
  11. Small Panoti >> Aries >> Thursday, February 24, 2028 >> Tuesday, August 7, 2029
  12. Small Panoti >> Aries >> Saturday, October 6, 2029 >> Tuesday, April 16, 2030
  13.  Sade Sati >> Leo >> Thursday, August 28, 2036 >> Friday, October 22, 2038 >> Rising
  14. Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Saturday, October 23, 2038 >> Tuesday, April 5, 2039 >> Peak
  15.  Sade Sati >> Leo >> Wednesday, April 6, 2039 >> Tuesday, July 12, 2039 >> Rising
  16.  Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Wednesday, July 13, 2039 >> Sunday, January 27, 2041 >> Peak
  17.  Sade Sati >> Libra >> Monday, January 28, 2041 >> Tuesday, February 5, 2041 >> Setting
  18. Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Wednesday, February 6, 2041 >> Wednesday, September 25, 2041 >> Peak
  19. Sade Sati >> Libra >> Thursday, September 26, 2041 >> Friday, December 11, 2043 >> Setting
  20.  Sade Sati >> Libra >> Thursday, June 23, 2044 >> Monday, August 29, 2044 >> Setting
  21.  Small Panoti >> Sagittarius >> Saturday, December 8, 2046 >> Saturday, March 6, 2049
  22.  Small Panoti >> Sagittarius >> Saturday, July 10, 2049 >> Friday, December 3, 2049
  23. Small Panoti >> Aries >> Saturday, April 7, 2057 >> Tuesday, May 27, 2059
  24. Sade Sati >> Leo >> Tuesday, October 13, 2065 >> Wednesday, February 3, 2066 >> Rising
  25.  Sade Sati >> Leo >> Saturday, July 3, 2066 >> Wednesday, August 29, 2068 >> Rising
  26. Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Thursday, August 30, 2068 >> Tuesday, November 4, 2070 >> Peak
  27.  Sade Sati >> Libra >> Wednesday, November 5, 2070 >> Sunday, February 5, 2073 >> Setting
  28.  Sade Sati >> Libra >> Friday, March 31, 2073 >> Monday, October 23, 2073 >> Setting
  29. Small Panoti >> Sagittarius >> Friday, January 17, 2076 >> Friday, July 10, 2076
  30. Small Panoti >> Sagittarius >> Monday, October 12, 2076 >> Saturday, January 14, 2079
  31. Small Panoti >> Aries >> Wednesday, May 22, 2086 >> Saturday, November 9, 2086
  32. Small Panoti >> Aries >> Saturday, February 8, 2087 >> Saturday, July 17, 2088
  33.  Small Panoti >> Aries >> Sunday, October 31, 2088 >> Tuesday, April 5, 2089
  34.  Sade Sati >> Leo >> Friday, August 19, 2095 >> Friday, October 11, 2097 >> Rising
  35. Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Saturday, October 12, 2097 >> Friday, May 2, 2098 >> Peak
  36. Sade Sati >> Leo >> Saturday, May 3, 2098 >> Thursday, June 19, 2098 >> Rising
  37.  Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Friday, June 20, 2098 >> Friday, December 25, 2099 >> Peak
  38. Sade Sati >> Libra >> Saturday, December 26, 2099 >> Wednesday, March 17, 2100 >> Setting
  39. Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Thursday, March 18, 2100 >> Thursday, September 16, 2100 >> Peak
  40. Sade Sati >> Libra >> Friday, September 17, 2100 >> Saturday, December 2, 2102 >> Setting
  41.  Small Panoti >> Sagittarius >> Monday, November 30, 2105 >> Friday, February 24, 2108
  42.  Small Panoti >> Sagittarius >> Sunday, July 29, 2108 >> Thursday, November 22, 2108
  43.  Small Panoti >> Aries >> Monday, March 30, 2116 >> Wednesday, May 18, 2118 >>

Traits of Virgo Individuals

The Virgo sign is under the influence of its ruler, Mercury. Mercury in Virgo makes the natives very organized and strive for perfection in the smallest thing. They are intelligent and hard-working people who spend a lot of time analyzing minor details.

Negatively, this could be one of the weaknesses of Virgo, as being involved in minor details, the Virgos lose the bigger frame. They are over-obsessed with their looks and their impression too. They are very critical and judgemental. So, they often stay away from them because of their strong personality.

Associated with the Earth sign, Virgo, natives are humble and grounded in their real life. However, they love to see eyeballs rolling over them. Natives with Virgo signs are very picky and quite fussy about people and things. Some of the Virgo natives may not agree if they don’t consider it worth any attention, even if it means the world to others. Let us discuss more on Sade Sati for Virgo-born natives.

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Saturn Sade Sati for Virgo Individuals

Just like the other signs, the sade sati for Virgo is expected to shower pain, misery and struggle over the natives. But on the contrary, the sade sati period for Virgo is not too bad. Though in the beginning, the natives may feel the pressure of Shani sade sati for Virgo, as Shani enters the last phase of Sade Sati for Virgo, it attracts good luck and prosperity for the natives.

Sade sati period for Virgo is divided into three phases, where each of them remains in action for two and a half years. Sade sati for Virgo starts when Shani enters the 12th house from the Moon sign of Virgo. It is considered as the rising phase of Shani sade sati for Virgo. This is Leo’s house, and its ruling planet, Sun, is unfriendly to Saturn. Hence, this is sade sati period Virgo that gives maximum trouble to the natives. Saturn may throw challenges over your career and personal life. This would not be an appropriate time to invest in any new venture. During such phases, the native may not earn respect and support from their close ones. In regard to their professional life, Virgo-bound natives may need to remain calm yet alert.

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Sade sati for Virgo enters the second phase, and the ringed planet Saturn goes into the individual’s birth sign, Virgo. This period of sade sati for Virgo will not be difficult because of the ruler Mercury, which is a friend of Saturn. In fact, the natives will be blessed with opportunities to grow in professional life, and their superiors would be happy with them. Though nothing solid will get materialized under Saturn, the condition will be good and satisfactory. The only area of problem would be health, and this will drain out a lot of money from the natives.

The last phase of Shani sade sati begins when Saturn enters the Libra sign. Libra is ruled by Venus, which is a good friend of Shani. Again, due to its friendly relationship with Venus, Saturn may not be too harsh over the natives. However, there will be slight hiccups. All the delayed projects can be restarted with a boost now, and there will be a profitable condition for the natives. At this time of sade sati for Virgo, natives would be inclined towards religious activities and donations. On the other hand, Saturn may bring issues in married life as there will be problems with the spouse.

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Remedies for Shani Sade Sati in Virgo Sign

Shani sade sati in Virgo may make us go through a lot of suffering. So, below are some remedies for Virgo sade sati.

  • Natives should wear black clothes on Saturday.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman while reciting the Shani mantra and Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Organize Shani Puja with the help of experts
  • Donate black urad dal, sesame seeds, and clothes to poor and needy ones.
  • Wear 14-Mukhi rudraksha, Blue Sapphire, and iron ring made from horse-shoe
  • Chant the Mahamritunjay mantra.

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Concluding Note

Saturn sade sati for Virgo may prove to be a difficult period, but the ringed planet Saturn may teach you life lessons. Sometimes, it may bring happiness and success too. When the sade sati for Virgo ends, it makes the native happy, contented and prosperous in all ways. Though there would be certain shakes and hiccups, the sade sati period for Virgo would be a fair time.

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