Astro Profile of the ‘Chanakya of Indian Politics’: Amit Shah

Amit Shah belongs to a non-political background. He made his entry into politics and went on to become chief of the Bharatiya Janata Party as a student. Shah is one of the genius minds and veteran leaders to have a stronghold over his political powers. He began his political career in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a volunteer and went on to become the president of BJP. BJP followers have often referred to him as the backbone of the party, who has done everything to ensure that BJP stays in power. Let us dig deeper into the Union Home Minister’s birth chart to understand what makes him an ace politician.

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Amit Shah’s Birth Detail

Below are the birth details of Amit Shah

Amit Shah’s birth date:22 October, 1964
Amit Shah’s birth place:Mumbai
Amit Shah’s birth time:05:25 AM

Astrological Predictions For Amit Shah

Below is the expert-made horoscope analysis, which describes what an incredible journey Amit Shah made in the political world.

Planets Might Have Assisted Amit Shah To Become Political Leader

When Amit Shah entered the RSS as a young student at the age of 18, he was going through Sun’s mahadasha. The two factors that worked in his favour were that the dasha of the Sun was in a particular plane and second that the Sun is a significator of politics. When the dasha is in a particular plane, the planet gets strengthened and gives results as per their speciality. Sun mahadasha played an extremely important role for him to enter politics.

In 1995, BJP formed its government, going through Moon’s mahadasha and Sun’s antardasha. When it comes to changes in government, Sun is the key factor, and its antardasha helped form the government. In 1999, Amit Shah became the president of Ahmedabad District Co-operative Bank when he was going through Mars mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha. Mars has been placed very favorably in his natal chart, which brings many gains for him. Jupiter is placed in the fortune house, and in its antardasha, it really worked in his favour. Mars’ position also brings out the leadership qualities by birth in him.

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The year 2009 was a major turning point in his political career as he became Vice-President of the profitable Gujarat Cricket Association. This time he was going through Rahu mahadasha and Saturn antardasha. Rahu has been placed very powerfully in the natal chart, bringing some unusual peaks in his political career. Rahu’s position in the house of public image also helped him to become a popular figure. Saturn antardasha always brings improvement in a political career.

Saturn represents administrative skills and departments, and its antardasha at the right time worked for him. He is currently Minister of Home Affairs and going through Rahu’s mahadasha, and Mars’s antardasha, which gave him such a powerful position as Mars position blessed him very beneficial this time. Rahu has been the key factor for his political career and strategy to achieve success amplified by Rahu.

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Political Leader May Fall Short Of Relationship Goals

Jupiter in Taurus makes Amit Shah very cautious and practical when it comes to love and relationships. Taurus’s Jupiter makes him calm and helps to maintain all desires in married life as well. This benefic Jupiter placed in the fortune house also makes him a very committed and philosophical person in marriage as well. Venus in Leo makes him warm-hearted and compassionate in love married life. They want drama and loyalty in relationships. Ego and pride can create concerns in married life for him sometimes.

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Mars in Cancer always demands from him emotional honesty in love and married life. It also makes him nurturing and emotional in a sexual relationship as well. Cancer’s Mars also helps to make married life very committed and solid. As Venus is placed in the 12th house of the natal chart, he might not reveal his personal life to others. It is possible that he keeps a secret with him, and the media might not get a whiff of it! He was married to Sonal Shah in 1987, but it was kept away from the limelight for many years. This is possibly due to the placement of Venus in the 12th house.

Amit Shah’s Health Prospects

Amit Shah is likely to pass through hard times, so he may need to keep an eye on his health. Saturn in the sixth house sometimes brings some health issues during the initial years. With age, he is likely to recover from bad health. In fact, this very Saturn also blesses him to do yoga and meditation! Long-term diseases may need proper treatment. Venus in the 12th house makes him very enthusiastic about fitness activities. He may be able to positively work on his health due to Venus’s presence in the Leo sign.

Overall Analysis

Amit Shah’s kundli analysis suggests that he was born on the full Moon day. This has accentuated his smartness and clever speech. Moon in the eighth house gives him very secretive nature as well. He may not reveal too many things, and he knows how to make strategies.

Jupiter in the fortune house makes him very lucky. While, in the sign of Gemini, Rahu makes him an extremely intelligent and diplomatic person, which again strengthens the qualities of strategies. He has auspicious Budh-Aditya yoga, which makes him a very balanced and peace-loving individual. This yoga is placed in the sign of Libra, which is the most loving sign of all the zodiacs. This could be because he is currently going through Rahu’s mahadasha and Mars’s antardasha, which can bring another growth and gain this year.

The mastermind could possibly be working on a new strategy for the upcoming elections for the BJP. The year 2022 is likely to bring positive results for many renowned politicians.

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