Dark Night of the Soul – Stepping into a Better Life

Dark Night of the Soul Explained in Spiritual Terms

During the Dark Night of the Soul, the soul reaches out to the most vulnerable spot for your attention. Slowly and gradually, you’re disconnecting from 3D life. You provide room for the new you by cleansing yourself of false values. Your spirit and higher self are in sync with the new you. When you are almost near the end of the tunnel, something inside of you will prompt you to represent your spirit, and this is the start of self-mastery.

Your heart and soul has always been calling out to you, and now you can no longer ignore her pleas. For the first time in your life, you can hear using your spiritual hearing. You’re getting back to your real self, which is love.

How Long a Night Soul Last?

The Dark Night of the Soul will last as long as needed to wake you up and transform you into a divine being. It does, however, last more than one night. Some say they’ve seen people go through it for seven days, three months, or even a year and a half.

In certain instances, even for a few years or decades. During this time, it seems as though the days have turned into nights. As a result, the subjective definition of time appears to be much longer. You’re painfully conscious of each passing second.

The process may sound complicated and painful even, but we are only extending the time we experience the Dark Night of the Soul by resisting what is happening. Rather than surrendering to the process and confronting all of the doubts and illusions that arise, we may choose to analyse it and cling to the old life.

Some people delve deeply into this divinely driven pathway before confidently stepping into their soul purpose more boldly. On the other hand, many that oppose it oscillate between the old and the new, not really belonging to either.

And we may experience the Dark Night of the Soul at some point in life. During this holy and traumatic time of our lives, we may feel that our life has lost its meaning. We feel isolated, detached, and disconnected, not just from the people around us but also from God and the universe.

Story and Meaning Behind the Dark Night of the Soul

The dark knight is a long-standing Roman Catholic term known as spiritual dryness. For Catholics, this period is like a spiritual crisis intended to make you stronger. And it is only when you have gained much strength that you will continue your journey towards attaining God.

St. Teresa is one of the most well-known examples everyone is referring to. Her diaries express her feelings of being hollow and meaningless. Mother Teresa’s model is the most well-documented extensive case on record. She lived through it from 1948 to nearly the end of her life (1997).

The other well-documented example is that of the dark night of the soul of St. John of the Cross, a 16th-century Spanish mystic. Dark Night of the Soul was named after his poem. He speaks about the soul’s path to a mystical meeting with God in his poetry. He explains that if you are on Divine Union’s road, the dark night will be a must for you. He cites two steps for this journey: purification of the senses and cleansing of the soul.

Soul Signs and Symptoms of a Dark Night

A lack of reality is one of the most common indicators that you’re experiencing a dark night. You feel confused, and as if everything you’ve ever worked for has been gone in vain. You believe you are incapable of any sorts of happiness. You feel almost lost, and all of these emotions make you question your own being.

The more you delve into the darkness, the more helpless you get. You distrust the concept of God and doubt His/Her presence. The will to exist has vanished. You get a longing for something, but you’re not sure what it is. Most of these are often signs of depression, but you know it’s philosophical rather than therapeutic since the emotions have no rational basis.

The Dark Night of the Soul feels like a mini-death of our soul. When, in fact, it’s a mini-death of our ego. Not to scare you off, but don’t you feel if it is your ego’s death, everyone should go through it at least once to get that pure heart and mind we had as babies.

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Reason Behind Experiencing the Darkness

A person needs to know what night feels like for them to believe in the light. If the Devil did not exist, God wouldn’t be considered divine. For artists, the same formula works: experiencing suffering helps them appreciate all those feelings. It takes a dark night to make you crave the good stuff in life.

Only by understanding the flawed may you see a better future. In other words, how can you wake up if you’ve never seen the night before? The tale of Buddha is an outstanding example of this. The world was magnificent to those who had never known to suffer.

Things changed for Buddha as he felt and recognized the tragedies of life; he became disillusioned and questioned everything that had ever existed. His life changed completely after he consumed all of the sufferings. Dark Night of the Soul does that to you.

Another explanation for experiencing the dark night is for us to become aware of our real existence. You begin to realise that there is a world beyond the human form as you progress through your spiritual journey. The powerful realization strikes you that our physical being, our worth, and our wishes are all based on nothing (which requires one major blow in life).

Nothing we know or work with is eternal. This knowledge causes us to doubt our own value. We are going into a different reality as we abandon our “selves.” This new reality is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and it is terrifying. You feel as if you’ve awoken from a dream only to find yourself in a far darker one.

We are scared of the current reality, and we know nothing about it. We are afraid of the new fact because we don’t know anything about it. Fear of the unknown causes us to experience various negative emotions, including remorse, embarrassment, and feeling incapable of love.

Dark Night of the Soul Meaning in Astrology

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, the dark night is brought about by Saturn’s (Shani’s) destructive influence. Because Saturn is cold, heavy, and moody, you feel the same way. You can handle a variety of negative feelings during your dark night of the soul. The Saturn period helps to relieve the body of both emotional and physical aches and pains.

At the end of it, you would have suffered the consequences of your karma and will be ready to start a brand-new life. The best part about this is that Saturn is associated with artistic genius and wisdom. You will suffer a lot but will come out wiser.

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Coming Out of the Dark Night of the Soul

Yes, you will be tortured by the dark knight, and it will make you go through hell. However, you will emerge as a stronger person in the end. To make the change more comfortable, one must accept that everything one is experiencing is natural. They’ll have to take the gloom and must understand and accept all of their negative feelings. The only way to go on is to endure them and move on.

Before you begin to doubt the foundation of all truth, you will experience one significant setback in your life—violence, abuse, or something powerful enough to shake you emotionally. You must go through it and respect the emotions. Ignoring your darker feelings would only drive you farther in the hole. You must embrace and learn from them to get out. Have courage, kindness, and most importantly, self-love. See the magic when you choose love over hatred.

Things will start to look better if you start doing that. You’ll know that even though you’re alone, you’re never really lonely because you’re a part of something bigger. You’ll have a more profound love for life as well as a new sense of self. You would want to be self-sufficient and will forget all social constructs. The best part is that you will break and pull yourselves back together. And it is the most valuable asset anyone can possess. At the end of the day, it’s just about returning to God.

Last Words

The night will last anywhere from a week to twenty years. Regardless of how long it takes, the aim is to help you reach your spiritual goal, a union with God. The experience of the dark night of the soul is akin to closing the door on your spirit. It is one of the most challenging times in a person’s life.

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You see an existential dilemma here. However, the mission here was to bring you to light. It seldom happens that when you feel that your inner self is empty and void, that is when you see the larger picture; you start seeing all the ‘good things in life’. You appreciate the small moments more than anything else. And this is what makes you caring, compassionate, kind, respectful, humble, and grateful for what you have.

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