The Meaning Of Mercury In Astrology And Its Importance In Houses

Mercury’s Importance: Everything You Need To Know About The Smallest Planet

Imagine living a luxurious life and getting all essential comforts in the early stages of life. How cool, isn’t it? Well, this could be the result of your hard work, or maybe it’s because of Mercury. Considering the astrological facts, it would be the latter, which is busy showering blessings on you. Learning the thing or two about Mercury, you may ask the planet, ‘hey, Mercury, is it really you?’ – Yes, it is. Mercury is the smallest and the closest planet, which revolves around the Sun. In Indian astrology, it is popularly known as ‘Budha’, which refers to wisdom.

Mercury is one of the benefic planets of the stellar system. It is the provider of communication skills, mental abilities, and intelligence. However, you may be only able to receive its blessing if Mercury is strong or present in the exalted sign as per your birth chart. Otherwise, Mercury placed under the aspect of malefic planets may not provide favourable outcomes.

Fellas, here we are moving on to check the role and importance of Mercury in astrology. So, carefully read along with us to learn more about the smallest planets.

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Characteristics Of Planet Mercury

Significance Of Mercury In Astrology

Mercury’s Relations With Other Planets

The Placement Of Mercury In 12 Houses

What Happens When Mercury Is Weak?

Remedies To Reduce The Impacts Of Debilitated Mercury

  • Put saunf under your pillow while sleeping at night
  • If possible avoid alcohol or non-veg foods
  • Donate milk and rice to needy people
  • Offer water to the rising Sun
  • Wear silver in form of chain

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What Does Mercury Symbolize?

In A Nutshell

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