Karwa Chauth: Dress Ideas According to Zodiac Signs in 2024

Let’s Twirl in Style

Indian women always step forward with a smile and zeal when praying and performing rituals for the family’s well-being, especially for their husbands. Through her wholehearted prayers, a wife is said to be able to convert life’s most horrific circumstances into miraculous fortunes. Karwa Chauth is one such festival that is highly significant.

Amid hectic and busy schedule in today’s day and age, this festival offers couples an opportunity to rekindle the passion of their relationships and enjoy some beautiful moments together. Couples get dressed up, take pictures, and spend quality time together to rekindle their love and affection.

Preparations for Karwa Chauth begins well in advance. Whether it’s buying those diamonds, booking a henna artist, purchasing new clothes for the evening pooja, or decorating the pooja thali. It is a day of huge importance and significance for women as they fast away to their husbands’ glory and long lives.

Women can defy norms and flaunt le nouveau fashion that will make them look as beautiful as the sky or even more breathtaking than the Moon! Gone are the days when ladies used to sport their wedding lehengas and intensely embroidered sarees for Karwa Chauth. We live in the 21st Century, and it’s time to say goodbye to all the monotonous clothes and switch on the fusion and experimental side of yourself.

Aries - Red

The reigning planet Mars’s colour would be auspicious for the bold, pioneering, and enthusiastic ladies of the zodiac Aries. It is an auspicious and bright colour that will give our gorgeous ladies strength, positivity, courage and confidence.

Taurus - Dark Pink

Taurus ladies, who are ruled by the beautiful planet, Venus, should dress up in dark pink to make this occasion more auspicious in that special dress on Karwa Chauth and intensify their personas even more.

Gemini - Green

Mercury governs witty and laid-back Geminis, and wearing crimson-coloured clothing will lift their spirits during the Karwa Chauth Pooja. Green and other shades of green can also suit you and make you look alluring. Green will grant these Gemini ladies good health and protection, as well as promote development and pleasure.

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Cancer - Ivory

Since the Moon rules your sign, the stars have a colour that will lighten and brighten the mood. Ivory is calming and can add a touch of elegance to a room. It has a more prosperous and warmer feeling than pure white. Ivory is a hue that goes along with jewel tones as well as teal and aqua colours. So Cancerians can pair it up with these shades to look radiant.

Leo - Purple

Purple is said to be Leo’s lucky colour. It can boost qualities like gentleness and softness, as well as giving you good health and satisfaction. Ladies, did you know? Purple is associated with royalty, luxury, sophistication, wealth and elevated social status. Purple encourages you to be more imaginative.

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Virgo - Lemon Yellow

The colour yellow is associated with joy, sunshine, and laughter. It is what depicts the perfectionist Virgo females. Yellow clothing is often worn by active, artistic, and addicted individuals. And this matches with the Virgo personality. Eager to discover and conquer the world, ladies? Wear this for your evening pooja.

Libra - Magenta

The Venus-ruled Libra ladies will take the lead and dress in the bold and glamorous colours of Magenta and monastic Blue. They will enhance your appearance and are considered favourable for Karwa Chauth. The colour magenta reflects the highest degree of human affection. Blue instils peace, tranquillity, and serenity, thereby making the person seem trustworthy, loyal and dependable.

Scorpio - Saffron

Scorpion women should wear saffron since the mighty Pluto rules them. As it is a combination of red and yellow, saffron is the colour of happiness. Scorpio women will benefit from wearing saffron on Karwa Chauth, and it will help them sustain their joy and enthusiasm. It will also bring harmony and tranquilly to the Scorpion ladies.

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Sagittarius - Yellow

Jupiter is the ruler of this sign. Sagittarians are gregarious and enjoy observing nature. This year on Karwa Chauth, a bright yellow colour will be your top choice because it will make you feel unique. Yellow is a lucky colour for Sagittarius women. This will have a positive impact on your day and will assist you in balancing your inner energies.

Capricorn - Turquoise

Capricorn ladies who are governed by the planet Saturn should dress in festive howlite or turquoise-coloured clothing. Turquoise is thought to bring peace and tranquilly into your life. It is also believed to guard off harmful energy and negative omens. Turquoise evokes feelings of solitude, development, imagination, innocence, and affection.

Aquarius - Lavender

Enchanting Saturn-ruled Aquarian women have their own set of shades to wear. If you’re an Aquarius, any shade of purples like violet or lavender are good colours to wear on this Karwa Chauth.

Pisces - Cherry Red

Both Pisces and Cherry Red colour have one thing in common: PASSION and the “life force” that drives passion blood is raging Red. Light-orange, pale-yellow, and beige will go perfectly with cherry red. Wearing cherry red attire for Karwa Chauth will make it easy for you to complete activities and keep your mind relaxed and calm. Not to mention that you will look captivating and dreamy also with Zodiac Sign Pendants.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have the list of colours for the Karwa Chauth Dress ideas as per your zodiac sign get in your new and most glamorous avatar with those typical outfits.

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