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Cat’s Eye Stone: Relieves mental and physical stress

The Cat’s Eye Gemstone is renowned for its healing properties and its ability to enhance one’s intellect and wisdom. The unique appearance and metaphysical properties of this gem have drawn us to it since ancient times.
Gemstone linked to Planet Ketu; believed to neutralise Rahu and Ketu’s adverse effects on our lives.

The cat’s eye emerald is also known as Vaiduria, Lehsunia, and Chrysoberyl. It has immense astrological significance and can be used to bring about peace, wealth, and prosperity. It assists a person in maintaining their mental balance and wellbeing whilst protecting them from misfortune. The gemstone can alleviate conditions like paralysis and leukaemia when worn as a ring or pendant. Those with Rahu-Ketu Dasha are recommended to wear cat’s eye emeralds.

Among Chrysoberyl gemstone varieties, Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is highly prized. Chrysoberyl is a remarkable gemstone that possesses similar qualities to Cat’s eye, like vivid colour and clarity, thus making it interchangeable with Cat’s eye stones. Ketu stone is an item of Vedic astrology to promote wealth, self-control, social recognition, spiritual awareness, and regain lost wealth.

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