Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone, Your Life Changes - Why it Called Cat's Eye?

The Result Of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

A Cat’s Eye stone is quite mystical and powerful. Found in many shades of green, yellowish-green, black and honey, this semi-precious gemstone looks both fascinating and intriguing. The famous stone is also known by the different names of Vaidurya, Lehsuniya and Chrysoberyl. Cat’s eye stone is known to hold many astrological benefits. This semi-precious gemstone is associated with the planet Ketu. It houses within itself intense planetary energies and is believed to show its results quickly upon adorning.

This gemstone can nullify the adverse effects of the planet Ketu upon a living being. Hence, it is quite popular amidst the community of Gemstone Healers. Now, time to unearth more about this topic. So, here we go.

About Chatoyance

Formation And Characteristic Of Cat's Eye Gemstone

Colours & Size

This gemstone is mostly found in a variety of colours like brown, yellow, black, smoky or dark green and also some variations of white colours. The one thing common to all of the shades and colours of the Cat’s Eye gemstone is that band of white light moving through the gemstone. When it comes to sizes, they are not available in specific calibrated sizes as they are heavy gemstones. A Cat’s eye stone is heavier than the average gemstone of the same size.

Shapping Process

Anyone who would want to cut cabochons with such intentions to create a Cat’s Eye gemstone should look for a stone with Silk that gives you the marvellous effect of a Cat’s Eye. Then it all depends on the technique of the cutter to generate an impression of Cat’s Eye. The blade should examine the rough part of the stone and orient it in a perfect direction so that the Silk should remain parallel to the bottom of the stone. Also, the parallel inclusions should get be levelled with the long axis of the cabochon. If we fail to achieve such a proper and perfect orientation, the stone might not have any eye or an off-centre eye.


The quality of the cat’s eye gemstone depends on the following criteria.

  • It should be very clearly visible
  • It should very symmetrically bisect the Cabochon
  • It should be in sharp contrast to the body colour of the stone
  • The movements of the stone should be very smooth

If a gemstone meets all of these criteria and carries an exceptional body colour with itself, you will have a fabulous cat’s eye gemstone. The significance of an extraordinary colour of the body or the stone should not be overstated.

Diffraction Grafting in Cat’s Eye

The chatoyant specimen will have coarse silk inclusions with perfect and right spaces to serve as a diffraction grafting. Such rare specimens of the gemstones will not only produce a perfect Cat’s Eye, but will also exhibit a spectrum of beautiful colours. This can be caused by the effect of light passing through the coarse silk and diffracting into the colours. The best example of such stunning diffraction is the rainbow formed by the sunlight. The play of colours exhibited in opal is caused by the light that gets diffracted by the tiny and small spheres of opal in the stone.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Stone

Benefits Of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

In A Nutshell

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