Leo Monthly Horoscope

Jupiter will bring an excellent opportunity to excel in both your job or business in the beginning of this month. An obstacle or debt issue may be causing you some stress though. Take things in stride and rectify as needed. Venus indicates that romance and passion will dominate your mental horizon and likely to make you feel happy. If you are not yet in relationship, you will be endowed with charisma. The beginning of the month may not show much progress in education. As the month advances Saturn indicates a difficult phase and some hurdles would make you anxious in your career. Foreign connections may contribute to your growth particularly if you are in business. Mercury indicates that your financial condition improving gradually and you may find your friends and well-wishers extending support to your cause. There will be some disharmony and conflicts between you and your beloved ones due the adverse impact of South Node around the mid of this month. It can also cause some challenges, making your tasks challenging for academic growth. The flow of money will be stable during the latter half but you should be wary as problems might arise out of the blue due to the complex energy of North Node. Jupiter can bring favourable progress in the field of education. This phase may give birth to fatigue factors. There will be a feeling of laziness and stress. Give sufficient rest to your mind and physique both to keep yourself healthy. Jupiter may bring new work assignments of your choice as the month approaches its end. Due to the Mars’ impact, there will be disputes between you and your mate but by the end of this month you will be happy to have harmonious relation status. The impact of Mercury will improve your performance to quite an extent in your studies. Mars indicates that your energy levels may fluctuate and health may remain somewhat sluggish around the month end.