Leo Monthly Horoscope

Both on the personal and professional fronts, this month will bring about a mixed bag of results. This month, Jupiter may bring you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family and enjoy your mother's company. After marriage, the Sun and Mercury can grant foreign settlement. Venus and the Sun may receive an unexpected marriage proposal from a friend. Due to EMIs or loans, there may be some financial difficulties. Sun may delay obtaining a government favour in order to obtain loan-related business. Perhaps your mother provides financial support to some of you. There may be an unexpected, unforeseen cost for travel or car repairs. The current favour of the stars suggests that endeavours involving the government may be successful. Venus instructed you to keep the plan a secret from your coworkers until after it had been put into action. You might have some work this month, which could cause tension, so you should focus on priorities to get through it quickly. Recognition pertaining to the exam you previously administered. You might be able to learn something new. You may also have access to deep biblical knowledge this month. This month, you might be successful with your project or your height research. You are urged to take a brief break from your hectic routine and enjoy some quiet time by yourself. This could help you maintain good health. Be cautious when you're on the road. Taking care while operating a vehicle is necessary. Chronic illness might result in difficult health problems.