Significance Of Chandra Kundli

Hindu Vedic astrologers consider three aspects: Lagna (representing the body), moon sign (representing spirit and mind), and sun sign (representing soul). All three are considered starting points (in ascending order), and graphs are analyzed for different queries. The main difference between the Vedic system and the Western system is that Westerners follow the mobile zodiac system, also known as the Sayan system, while the Vedic system uses a fixed zodiac system, also known as the Nirayana system.

Importance of Moon in Chandra Kundli

Meaning of Chandra Lagna in Kundali

Planetary Position In Chandra Kundali

Yoga Formed Due To Moon In Chandra Rashi Kundali

Gajakesari Yoga

If Jupiter and the Moon are in conjunction within the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house of one another, then Gajakesari Yoga takes place. This occurs at its best when both exalted planets are in Cancer, since it places Jupiter and the Moon in their own houses. As for the Gaja Kesri yoga benefits as described in Brihad Parasar Hora Shastra, they are most likely to be seen in an individual’s Antar dasha as well as another planet’s dasha.

The Gajakesari Yog, if it is in the chart, the native ends with great success, a good career, high intellect, good wisdom, favourable financial conditions, high positions in life, and removes the hindrances. Read more…

Durudhara Yoga

Durudhara yoga is created when planets except the sun, rahu and ketu are situated in both the second and twelfth houses of the moon. Beneficial agents produce excellent results, while malefic agents cause trouble. A combination of Benefic and Malefic produces mixed results. People who have durudhara yoga are determined, brave, enlightened, wise, successful, and wealthy.

Sunapha Yoga

An individual benefits a lot from Sunapha Yoga as it has a profound effect on the individual. Multiple positive influences can be brought about by the effect of other planets in one’s horoscope on the planet Moon. In the astrological chart, Sunapha Yoga results when Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, or Saturn are located in the second house from the moon. A person may earn the same amount of wealth and fortune as a leader or chief through Sunapha yoga. The planet Moon plays a very significant role in determining the wealth of an individual native. With the positive support from other planets, this is a powerful combination for creating wealth. A person’s talent and mental strength are combined in this way to produce exceptional results. Additionally, it will increase your chances of success across all walks of life. In addition to those who are in close relationships with the native, this condition can be advantageous for them as well.

Anapha Yoga

The nature of Anapha Yoga is that it was created as a result of the positioning of a planet or planets in the Twelfth House from the Moon, except for Sun, Rahu, and Ketu. Due to its benefic effects, the planets associated with this bhava gain benefits, so this is considered yoga in a birth chart. As the moon is located similar to the second lagna, its importance is also similar to that of an important planet in a horoscope. It remains, however, that Anapha yoga only produces results based on the planet in the twelfth house from the Moon. The horoscope is strengthened through this yoga on a holistic level. However, it cannot be viewed as a single factor, and should be considered in conjunction with all other components.

The native has an inventive and artistic internal drive that will enable them to succeed in the field of artistic and innovative craft if Anapha yoga has been formed by the moon. In the case that Anapha Yoga is formed by Jupiter, then the individual will be influenced by his faith and beliefs. It is likely to predict they are optimistic, embracing life with enthusiasm and observing life contentment. In a birth chart, Jupiter rules the house of faith, beliefs, happiness, and optimism, showing the people, places, and things that are the source of the natal chart’s faiths, beliefs, happiness, and optimistic nature.
A person’s consciousness will be influenced by his hardship, fears, stress, suppression, or discipline if Saturn happens to be in the house. People with such traits are less likely to be affected by worldly matters and can cope with stressful situations better. In fact, despite fears and hardships, a native’s personality is actually strengthened by them instead. Saturn’s influence on the houses of the native may shape fears, stresses, and discipline in childhood and adulthood.

Kemdruma Yoga

A Kemdruma Yoga occurs when no planets are located in the 2nd or 12th house from the moon. It does not matter whether the Sun is present in these houses. Furthermore, in the absence of sunapha, anapha and durudhara yogas in a natal chart, Kemdruma has clearly defined characteristics.

It is believed that natives born in this dosha lack nature, wealth, understanding, reason, procreation, and mental stability. On a grand scale, the native is told that this amount would decrease to that of a pauper. Throughout life, a person will face hardships, disappointments, medical conditions, and embarrassing situations due to the effects of the Kemdruma dosha. Read more

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