Know Meaning of Raj Yoga in Astrology

Each yoga in Vedic astrology is significant to an individual’s existence and has its own significance. An individual’s yoga formation occurs due to the position of a planet in one or more houses at birth. A person’s birth result is often determined by the emergence of one of the yoga when they were born. According to the placement of the planet in the house, different yoga produces auspicious and inauspicious results. Raja yoga is considered to be the most important yoga form.

Raja means ‘King’, and whoever bears this yoga has a peaceful life. A reputable life, a healthy life, and happiness are assured through Raj Yoga in Kundli. Due to Raj Yoga being an auspicious planetary condition, performing remedies during these times can help you overcome difficulties in life and achieve success. According to Vedic Astrology, there are 32 kinds of Raj Yoga, which provide fame and honour in life.

Understanding the Objective of Raj Yog in Astrology

According to Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, if the lord of a Kendra and the lord of a Kona are related through conjunction, aspect, exchange of houses, etc. There is the formation of Raj yoga. The word ‘Raja’ means a king or a royal status, and ‘Yoga’ means a combination.

Astrologically, a combination refers to a planetary relationship, connection, exchange or association. Accordingly, Raj yoga should literally mean a yoga that makes one a king. Nowadays, however, the term Raj yoga has no longer any significant meaning. It does refer to a very beneficial relationship between planets or between house lords that can bring good luck, prosperity, success, social standing, prestige, and authority.

Raj Yoga in Kundali, as the name suggests, provides the native with comforts and king-like fortunes related to the house and the planets involved. In order to form a Raj yoga, there should be a presence of relationship or involvement between One Kendra Lord (1, 4, 7, 10) and another is Trikona Lord (5, 9). In other words, the connection of Vishnu Sthana (Kendra) with the Lakshmi Sthana (Trikona) is called Raj Yoga.

It is also seen as the strongest Raj yoga when Kendras and Trikona Lords exchange offerings. The union of Kendra and the Trikona Lords is similar to joining the 10th and 9th Lords. Kendra and Trikona Lord have a mutual aspect, similar to how the 5th Lord and 10th Lord have a mutual aspect.

Raj yoga is more powerful because it involves planets that are more beneficial in nature. A greater number of these combinations will lead to more auspicious results.

If one wishes to determine the strength of Raj yoga in a horoscope, one should look for the strength of the Moon along with the house where it is being formed.

Thus, Raj yoga’s formation in Kendra and Trikona is always encouraging and more likely to develop. Antar Dasha and Dasha provide results for Raj Yog kundali when they are activated. In Vipreet Raj yoga, with the involvement of the 6th, 8th, and 12th Lords, the exception to the above rule is deemed valid.

Different Concepts of Raj Yoga

Swami Vivekananda popularized raja Yoga in the 19th century. This form of yoga is widely taught around the world to maintain sanity and stability in the mind. “Raja”, meaning “king,” as the meditation aims to instil qualities like confidence, awareness, and independence in its practitioner. The practice of this yoga is to understand oneself better. It is possible to release the mind from all meaningless worries and thoughts through consistent practice of this type of yoga. Additionally, you can incorporate the Raj yoga meditation into your daily routine.

Essentially, Raja Yoga is Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Patanjali. Throughout this yoga, the aim is to silence the mind in order to achieve enlightenment. To do so, one must control the mind with direct and indirect methods such as yamas and niyamas, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, Dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. Raja yoga involves controlling the breathing and posture of the body.

The power of Raja Yoga is particularly remarkable, and it can perform miracles. However, it also warns aspirants about the dangers those powers can bring. It is important to develop the ability to observe your thoughts, actions, and emotions while you do, think, and feel them. Those practising should ignore these abilities and persist until they achieve their goal of enlightenment. The raj yoga path will give you the short-term benefits of improving concentration, creativity, and judgment if all natives want from it is to improve their talents.

Reasons for Raj Yoga to be Ineffective

Jupiter, Venus, the waxing moon, and Mercury (if they are not associated with any malefic planet) are considered naturally beneficial planets if they rule Kendra houses 1, 4, 7 and 10. However, Saturn, the Sun, Mars, the waning moon, and malefic Mercury (when associated with any malefic) are natural malefic. Due to ownership of any Kendra, they are considered favourable.

Lords of House is 3rd, 6th, and 11th are also considered malefic. The 11th lord is the most powerful malefic among the three lords, followed by the 6th lord. Lords of the 2nd and 12th play a special role. Their effect is that of the house lords they are related to by virtue of any of the aspects of raj yoga mentioned above. Experts in astrology don’t recognize their independent function. In this sense, they are referred to as neutral planets, as neither favourable nor unfavourable.

Every planet except the Sun and Moon has two houses. A Kendra may connect to the second House or the eleventh House, and a Kona may connect to the Kendra. According to their position, even if none of the Lords is necessarily connected to any other planet, they may determine good or bad results. If they are in an evil house like the 6th, 8th, or 11th place, the result will be negative. Similarly, if they are living in beneficial houses, the results will be good. The importance of the results of the 2nd and 12th Lords can be assessed through the planets to which the latter planets are linked by conjunction, aspect or in any other way.

A good or bad result for Sun and Moon can be judged based on their relationship with other house lords. The planet will not produce any Raj yoga in regard to the Trikona Lord when it owns a Kendra and any of the 3rd, 6th, or 11th houses. Since Jupiter and Venus are natural auspicious planets, they are also the strongest malefic if they are in any Kendra. Jupiter has a greater malefic influence than Venus, while Venus is more favourable than benefic Mercury, while Mercury is more favourable than the moon.

Since Jupiter and Venus are the lords of the second and seventh houses and are also ruling both, their importance is greater than all others. Because of this, Venus is the strongest malefic for natives of the Aries ascendant. If a planet is the Lord of the ascendant and 8th House, he would not be considered malefic. Therefore, it is not malefic for a native whose ascendant is Aries, and the same applies to natives whose ascendant is Libra.

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Benefits of Raj Yoga in Kundli

  • According to their occurrence and the placement of planets, Raj Yoga has 32 types that give varying results depending on each individual’s horoscope.
  • Raj yog is considered promising and sharp if the planets constructing Raj yoga are positioned in the Kendra or Trine houses of your Kundali.
  • It furthermore provides auspicious outcomes if it is constructed in the second or eleventh house.
  • If the Raj yoga constructed in your Kundli is powerful, then you will be honoured with all ways of worldly happiness.
  • You will also get achievements in your career or in your department.
  • Certainly, if Raj yog exist, they have a profound effect on every individual’s life.
  • People who have those characteristics want to achieve more, work hard, dream big, think positively, and are naturally driven to do more, do more, work harder, and work longer.
  • A majority of Raj yoga has the potential to create long-lasting fame and reputation.
  • Clearly, Raj yoga in Kundli is not essential for achieving success, but it is one of the key elements of fame that lasts for generations.

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Famous Personalities with Raj Yoga Kundali

Some famous celebrities such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, founder and former owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos, and former USA President Barack Obama are all found to have Raj Yoga in their respective horoscopes.

A person who persists in any of the Raj yoga will be successful in their life and have a positive reputation. Raj Yog cannot all form in one horoscope, and so if any of the Raj Yoga is formed in the person’s horoscope, they are said to rule the world with great power and good fortune.

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