Rahu In The 2nd house: Impact on Personality, Career & Marriage

The shadow planet, Rahu, is known for creating illusions, dissatisfactions, fear and losses in natives’ lives. This invisible planet is named as ‘head of the dragon’ in the celestial cabinet. The placement of the Rahu plays a vital role in your life. Astrological theories suggest that whichever house is occupied by Rahu may lose its significance. Or if Rahu is associated with the lord of this house, then negative impacts are what you get from this conjunction.

The presence of strong Rahu in the 2nd house can convert ragpickers into billionaires and billionaires into a beggar. Also, this placement may negatively influence your wealth and prosperity. And hence, you may experience a shortage of money, and your financial goals may remain not achieved.

Nevertheless, we got a team of the best astrologers to shed more light on this placement of Rahu. So read carefully about its impacts before we reveal its helpful remedies to you.

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What Does The 2nd House Represent In Astrology?

Influence Of Rahu In The Second House

  • Wealth
  • Income
  • Speech
  • Marriage

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Impacts Of The Rahu In The 2nd House On Your Personality

Impacts Of The Rahu In The 2nd House On Your Marriage

Impacts Of The Rahu In The 2nd House On Your Career

Rahu In 2nd House Remedies

Wrapping Up

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