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Saturn in 4th House – The Good And Bad Aspects

The planet Saturn, or Shani, brings a mix of positive and negative aspects to the native’s life, and Saturn’s placement in the fourth house will be the cause of both good and bad things in the native’s life. These natives’ lives will be both challenging and rewarding at times.

The natives of this Saturn in 4th house synastry placement will be very devoted to their home and family, for whom they will try to bring most of the comforts at home. On the other hand, they will be the family’s dominating presence, maintaining discipline and security at home. In other words, these natives with Shani in the fourth bhava will be burdened with various family responsibilities, which may be difficult for them at times.

The natives of this fourth house Saturn placement are genuinely inclined towards their loved ones as they will take care of them with their best efforts because they see it as a responsibility, besides which they feel the absence of the same care in their lives that they wish to give others.

On the other hand, the heavy burden of responsibilities placed upon them may cause them to become harsh and aggressive at times, and people around them may find them rude and unkind. It is the only reason for some conflicts, as they may become irritated at times, but in truth, they are very kind and loving from the heart.

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