Saturn in Sixth House: Impacts On Career, Marriage, Personality & Remedies

‘Sweat it out – That’s what Saturn demands from you, regardless of its placement. And therefore, it may make you huff and puff. Just like us, Saturn too believes that ‘hard work is the key to success,’ so you may find it difficult to complete your task but, if you make extra efforts, you may unlock success. With the baton in one hand, Saturn wants you to follow the same thing. If you succeed in it, you may have Saturn’s support. Otherwise, more hard work will be on the plate.

You may already have set up your career goals or relationship goals, and you may be inching closer to achieving them. But watch out because the 6th house Saturn may have other plans. The 6th house is where Saturn sits comfortably. And due to this, you may not have any major damage in your life. More or less, but here we are surely going to discuss more of its impacts. So, read carefully along with us to get an in-depth analysis of Shani in the 6th house.

What Does Saturn in the 6th house Mean?

Influence of Saturn In The 6th House

  • Professional life
  • Career & education
  • Health disease

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Impacts Of The Saturn In The 6th House On Your Personality

Impacts of the Saturn in the 6th House on Your Marriage

Impacts of the Saturn in the 6th House on your Career

Remedies For Saturn In The 6th House

Wrapping Up

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