Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh – Know More About It

Grahan Dosh is generated in a horoscope when the Sun or Moon is placed with Rahu or Ketu, according to astrology. Rahu and Ketu may harm the general and special effects of the Sun and Moon in a horoscope through Grahan Yog. Some astrologers believe that Grahan Yog is generated in the horoscope even if the Sun or Moon is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu.

Harm to the Sun and Moon’s general significances can lead to issues with courage, confidence, creativity, leadership qualities, immunity, father, emotional well-being, education, and motherhood. The native may underperform in many areas of life as a result of these issues, and they may also have a number of problems. Aside from that, Grahan Yog may cause issues with the exact effects of the Sun and Moon in a horoscope. If the Sun dominates the first house in a horoscope, the natives suffering from Grahan Yog may have issues with their health, overall well-being, and lifespan, among other things. Similarly, if the Moon dominates the seventh house in a horoscope, the local may experience issues with marriage among other things.

Why Is The Combination Of Chandra And Ketu Considered Malefic?

When the Moon and Ketu are situated in the same house of the birth chart, Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh is generated. This combination has a powerful influence and has a significant impact on the native’s life. Moon is associated with mind and emotions, whereas Ketu is associated with detachment, loneliness, anger, and a sense of emptiness. As a result, Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh causes emotional instability, depression, and sleeplessness in natives. Furthermore, they are intuitive, which leads to life’s unknown fears. The Chandra-Ketu Grahan Dosh produces a variety of outcomes depending on their placement and degree of conjunction. The Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja is the most powerful Vedic method for removing Chandra Ketu Dosha’s effects.

Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh occurs when the planets Moon and Ketu are situated together in the same house or are aspecting each other.

Ketu is associated with sadness, folly, and spirituality. It is a planet of seclusion and disconnection. Ketu bestows all of its abilities on the planet with which it shares the horoscope. When it is conjoined with a benefic planet, it produces positive outcomes, but when it is conjoined with a malefic planet, it produces bad effects. Ketu enhances the good effects of the house in which it resides. Ketu is the lord of Ashwini, Magha, and Moola nakshatras.

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How Does Chandra Ketu Grahan Effects Native's Life?

Anyone with Grahan Dosh in their birth chart will have a difficult life. Unless they seek astrological assistance, they have a difficult life.

Chandra Grahan Dosh has the following effects:

1. Even if you achieve financial success, you will not inherit wealth. It will soon find a way out of your house.
2. Workplace accomplishments will be nearly unattainable.
3. Your emotions, such as rage, excitement, and worry, will be out of your control.
4. Your life will be difficult due to your aggressive and rebellious personality.
5. The respect for elders as well as their advice and proposals will decrease.
6. You will always believe that everyone is out to get you.
7. Relationships will be distrusted.
8. The mind is not going to be in a good place.
9. You will succumb to depression and regret.
10. It is possible that you will find something to criticise in everything.
11. Gaining financial advantages will be challenging.

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Why It Is Important To Perform Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh Puja?

Those with Chandra Ketu Grahan dosh experience low self-esteem, emotional instability, relationship problems, and phobias. The Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja assists a person in overcoming stress, challenges, and disasters. This puja aids in the attainment of self-assurance, power, and contentment. The individual’s path is obvious, and he achieves career and personal success.

All blocked works are completed as a result of this puja’s influence. All physical and emotional worries are gone. Worship reduces the Chandra Grahan Dosh that has been placed in the horoscope. Worshipping Chandra Dev and Lord Shiva can help with Chandra Graha Dosha.
Special Ingredients used in Chandra Grahan Dosh Puja:
1. Palash wood
2. Palash flower
3. White flower
4. White cloth
5. White sandalwood
6. White thread

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Steps To Perform Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja

As per Hindu tradition, if we start a new work, we worship Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the Hindu God of money, sciences, knowledge, wisdom, and prosperity, and most Hindus remember him and ask his blessings before beginning any major project. In this graham dosha puja, the puja starts with lord Ganesh’s prayer and puja.

1. The Puja of Kalash and the other five essential deities (God and goddess).
2. Ganesh, Shiva, Matruka, Navagraha, and Pradhan-Devta (chief deities) Ketu and Chandra, are all included in the Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja.
3. Chandra beej mantra chanting 11000 times and Ketu beej Mantra Chanting 17000 times throughout the Puja.
4. Then, while repeating 1100 Chandra Mantras and 1700 Ketu Mantras, a “HOMA” (Havan) ritual is performed.
5. In Homa (Yagya) Ghee, Seasam, Barley, and other sacred items associated with Lord Moon and Ketu are offered to Agni (Fire).
6. Homa is a powerful cure for removing Grahan Dosh’s negative effects from your horoscope in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
7. On Monday, the Nivaran puja be may be conducted at the best Muhurat (auspicious time), which will be in a Ketu or Moon Nakshatra. within the muhurta, the Puja should be finished.

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1. For living a life that is inventive, creative, brave, and emotionally balanced.
2. It aids the individual in overcoming issues such as stress, challenges, and disasters.
3. It aids in dealing with mental illness and psychological issues.
4. It aids in the development of self-assurance, power, success, and enjoyment.
5. It aids in the world of art.
6. It aids in prosperity, good fortune, and peace.
7. It aids in achieving a state of calm, contentment, and creative joy.
8. It aids in diseases of the lung, chest problems, as well as mental depression.
9. It aids in dispelling gloominess and maintains emotional equilibrium.

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Wrapping Up

Chandra Ketu Grahan Dosh Puja can benefit your family, neighbours, friends, acquaintances, and, in fact, everyone. However, you should get your horoscope examined by a skilled astrologer to determine whether or not the Grahan Dosh Shanti Puja is appropriate for you.

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