Homatmak Laghu Rudra Puja -Learn More About It

Lord Shiva is known as ‘Mahadev.’ He is also known as the destroyer, one amongst the Tridev, in charge of destroying evil and negative karma. The Shree Rudram is regarded to be the oldest listing of all Mahadev’s names and is chanted during the Laghu Rudra. The devotee gains countless benefits in all aspects of life by repeating these numerous names. If you are having trouble with something, the Laghu Rudra is an excellent solution. Lord Shiva is the personification of elegance, love, health, power, and joy. Laghu Rudra Puja is primarily recognised for fulfiling a variety of worldly desires while also providing inner serenity and strength.

Lord Shiva’s name Rudra is one of his most well-known names. Shri Rudram is one of the Veda Mantras that is used to worship Lord Shiva, with a lot of potentials. Rudrabhishek is a well-known form of Shivling worship that involves a sacred bath. Because pleasing Lord Shiva is so simple, he is also known as Bholenath.

What is Homatmak laghu Rudra?

Lord Shiva has so many names and Rudra in one of them. Rudra appears in Shiva’s eleven forms. The eleven Rudras are all worshipped throughout Laghu Rudra puja. First of all, aavahan is done. Avahan means welcoming the Deity. Then sthapna is done. Sthapna means establishing a place for the deity. The third step is reciting Laghu Nyasam. The fourth step is reciting Rudra Trishati. Then all Dravyas prescribed in the Shiva Purana are used to perform Abhishekam on each of the 11 Rudras. They are also revered for their 11 consorts. Rudram is repeated 11 times in this puja, which is done by at least 11 pundits.

Laghu Rudra Mantra Japa

Shiva Mantra
Om Namah Shivaye



Importance Of Performing Homatmak Laghu Rudra Puja

A person can get control over their health, prosperity, and happiness by completing this Homatmak Laghu Rudra puja. They are protected from a wide range of negative effects and enemies. His relationships with all of his close friends and family members improve. He achieves spiritual advancement and attains serenity of mind.

One of the most powerful and beneficial pujas dedicated to Lord Shiva is the Laghu Rudra puja and havan. Sri Rudram and Chamakam are two of the most powerful Vedic hymns dedicated to Lord Rudra, which are mentioned in the Yajur Veda, one of the ancient books of Hindu belief. Several ancient and Vedic names of Lord Shiva, as well as his various facets and traits, are invoked and worshipped in the Shri Rudram and Chamakam rituals.

Eleven recitations of the Ekadasi Rudram are done during the Laghu Rudra Pujan and Havan. One Ekadasi Ruuram is made up of eleven Sri Rudram recitations followed by one Chamakam recitation. It is said that the power of Shri Rudram heals the ill, finds suitable spouses for the unmarried, removes debts, bestows money and power, and prevents death. Lord Shiva is the giver of grace, fortune, power, health, and happiness to his devotees.

The power of Lagu Rudra Pujan and Havan bestows success, fulfilment, inner peace, purity of soul and mind, and the eradication of all negative karmas on devotees.

The Story Behind Laghu Rudra Puja

Lord Shiva performed the Rudra Yagna after killing Bhasmasur for the wellbeing of the people, according to legend. In addition to Abhishek, the Shri Rudra Mantra from the Rigveda is chanted. After conducting the Rudra Yagya, devotees can benefit in terms of spirituality and materialism.

Climate change is the world’s greatest challenge, and current science has come to the conclusion that Zero Waste Management is the solution to it. We used holy fire in havan, which produces carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by the trees around the Yagya shala and provides oxygen to us. The Havan’s smoke draws the chemical that creates a cloud of rain and cleans the atmosphere. This theory is the best way to deal with it. This notion had been discovered by our sages many years ago.

Havan is the world’s first zero-waste trash management system, in which everything we take from nature is returned to the air. Some portions of havan make their way to the water, where they kill bacteria and purify it. However, you can also nullify the harmful effects of any planets from your horoscope by wearing a Rudraksha. You can buy 100% authentic and certified Rudraksha online!

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Auspicious Time To Perform Laghu Rudrabhishek Puja

1. It is best to perform this pooja on Mahashivratri Day. It also occurs on the 14th night of the full moon.
2. Furthermore, the pooja begins with a lingam bath, which the devotees refer to as “Panchayavya,” or “curd, honey, milk, cow dung, and ghee.”
3. When performed during the month of Shravan, Laghu Rudrabhishek is also highly auspicious.
4. You can also consult a priest to determine an auspicious day to perform this pooja.
5. This puja can also be performed during the month of Shravan.
6. This pooja can also be performed on Amavasya, Makarsankranti, or on the anniversaries or birthdays of individuals.
7. Rudrabhishekha can be done in the morning or evening. A priest can assist you in doing the puja.

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Homatmak Rudrabhishekam - Ultimate Puja To Appease Lord Shiva

Homatmak Rudrabhishekam is one of the most effective Pujas for obtaining Lord Shiva’s, Lord Ganesh’s, Goddess Durga’s, Lord Vishnu’s, and other deities’ heavenly blessings. Homatmak Laghu Rudra Puja is said to strengthen your inner strength, protect you from negative energy, and assist you in achieving your life objectives.

1. For Ganesh, Matruka, Lord Shiva, Vastu, and Navagraha, Homatmak Laghu Rudra Puja is conducted with Shodopchara Puja steps.
2. Shukla Yajurvediya Ashtadhyayi Rudri (11 Aavaratan) is chanted.
3. The “Homam” ritual with 21000 Aahuti and 121 Aavaratan of Rudra Suktam – a sacred chant associated with Rudra and all other deities – is performed as part of the puja.
4. To start the Puja at the most auspicious time.

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Benefits Of Performing Homatamak Laghu Rudra Puja

Homatamak Laghu Rudra Puja has numerous advantages, some of which are listed here.

1. This aids in lessening the planets’ detrimental effects and restoring happiness to the devotee’s life.

2. This aids in the fulfilment of wishes for health, money, serenity, and happiness, among other things.

3. This aids in the removal of all types of anxiety and tension.

4. This aids in spiritual development.

5. It also facilitates a happy marriage and family life.

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Wrapping Up

Homatmak Laghu Rudra Puja is a powerful ritual that attracts a lot of good luck. If you conduct this Puja with entire dedication and faith, you should see results in 2 to 3 months. Puja will be performed by priests who are well experienced.

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