Why we should not keep broken Idols of Gods or Goddesses in Homes and Offices

There is no denying that most people are aware of Vastu Shastra while building a temple or placing Idols of Deities in their homes or offices. If we wish to bring about positivity & good luck, we should be careful about the direction of the temple & the placement of the idols of the Gods and Goddesses in our spaces. While we make sure that the Idols that we bring in our temples are new and fresh, however, at times, we also let the broken ones stay for long. It can be harmful and can spread negative energy in our homes or offices.

Why are broken Idols of Deities an open invitation to negative energy? Know More

A house becomes a “Home” when it is an abode of positivity while every corner soaks in positive energy. The residents of such homes come under the influence of such energy fields, which can harm in one or the other way. Have you ever observed that your home’s robust positive environment can transform your mental & physical well being for good? On the days when we do pooja in our homes, do we feel a sense of calm and tranquillity?

With the help of "VastuShastra", we can also achieve this positive energy for homes & Offices

How should we remove broken Idols from our Homes or Offices safely?

Let us understand scientifically why broken idols of god are inauspicious?

Wrapping Up

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