Strong & Inspiring Women In Hindu Mythology

Hey folks, they are strong, wise, and we won’t mind adding other powerful adjectives to introduce them. But wait, they don’t need an adjective or introduction; words are not enough to describe their inspiring deeds. Any guesses? It’s about ‘Inspiring Women in Hindu Mythology’, guys. Women in the house! Ladies and gentleman, Girl power OP. These women are strong and sometimes deadly, delivering high octane action that hardly anyone would ever see. It is hard to imagine that such strong characters have ever lived on the Earth.

Talking about culture, women always have a significant role in it. These women are not only part of Hindu Mythology stories but also played a vital role in establishing a righteous world. A world – Free of miseries! Currently, we don’t know how many women get the credit they deserve for leading a house. But we can definitely say that this beauty with brain women deserves long applause and much more. Full credit!

We can’t wait to tell some remarkable and inspiring Women stories in Hindu Mythology. They are indeed true forms of Maa Shakti. Why wait for more? Let’s start unveiling all of them.


Arundhati is the wife of legendary Sage Vashishth. Arundhati was a super-intelligent Brahmin girl who used to be always up to learn about Vedas. After all, Vedas are indeed deep; only special creatures can grasp them properly. She was a master of many abilities, and she was no lesser in terms of intelligence than her husband. Matching-matching. She loved her husband so much that no one could ever separate them at any cost. When they were far from each other, what they used to ask God was the protection and well-being of each other. Awe.

As a result, Lord Shiva lived at Rishi’s ashram to become Arundati’s student for almost a year to keep her safe in the absence of Rishi Vashishth. Bhole ki Jay… Fascinated by their devotion, Lord Shiva offered Arundhati the same place as his husband in the sky as the celestial body. Wanna know a fascinating Hindu Mythology Fact? Even now, in the form of stars, they are seen together in the sky. Such an inspiring Woman in Hindu Mythology! Salute and Naman ( Bow) to her.


Talking about inspiring Women in Hindu Mythology, how can we not include the one and only Sita. Frankly, the whole blog is incomplete without her. Sita – The lead female character in this epic Hindu mythology is said to be the most gorgeous & beautiful woman on Earth.

Sorry, we don’t have enough words to describe her pure beauty. Fact alert, She was not born nor created. She was a self-manifested form of Goddess Lakshmi in Treta Yug, discovered in the womb of the Earth by King Janak of the Kingdom of Mithila. Married to the supreme, Maryada Purushottam Ram, who was Lord Vishnu’s avatar.

She had incredible courage, and she was always standing for her self-respect. And in the hardest times of her life, she always made the best decisions to combine her grace and duty, complimenting Lord Ram perfectly. She lastly submerged back in Mother Earth, putting an end to her life.


In the epic Ramayana, one more female character is worth knowing in the list of Inspiring Women in Hindu Mythology. Any guesses? Lol, we know you have already read the headline. We’re speaking about Mandodari, the queen of the demon king Ravana. She was a wonderful wife, as she loved her husband and respected him despite his evil deeds. Let’s just respect her love towards Ravan without judging much. She was said to have been extremely stunning and generous.

Believe it or not, loving a good man is easy, but loving an evil man is not. However, Mandodari knew Ravana’s evil deeds and even tried explaining him in order to stop him. But we all know how stubborn Ravan was. She practised every ritual of a righteous wife all her life.


If you’ve ever heard the story of Mahabharata, you’ll know that an epic war had taken place because of a woman. People can’t stop saying that thing. That woman’s name was Draupadi. Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandavas, is defined for her purity and feminism.

One shocking fact is, she was born of a sacrificial fire in the court of King Drupada. Draupadi was undoubtedly the most beautiful woman of the era who had great morals. According to Indian scriptures, Draupadi is the first feminist of Indian inspirational women in history.


About everybody has been taught the story of Savitri and Satyavan. Have you heard it? Ask your elders, if not. But before asking them, completely read this blog. No escapes accepted! Savitri got back the life of her husband from the god Yama. Savitri was born as a blessing to her parents, and she had a beautiful charm and wisdom from childhood. Rishi Narad predicted that Satyavan’s husband would die in a year. After knowing this, Savitri would always stick with her hubby in order to protect.

But one day, Satyavan felt ill, losing his soul. Savitri followed Yama all over the place when she saw him, taking the soul of her husband. Yama was amazed by her loyalty and determination, and she was rewarded with anything other than the life of her husband. But she was sharp enough to get her husband back anyhow. Thus, she asked for a boon in such a way that Yama couldn’t deny giving her the life of Satyavan to make his boon come true. Smart Play!


These five Wonder Women, within Hinduism, are remarkable examples of strength, wisdom, and compassion. They trusted in themselves, and they even made the world believe in them. That’s how your work answers louder than anything. So, keep the banners of your work high & rock the world. Hope you enjoyed it!

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