The Empress Tarot Guide – Upright & Reversed

The Empress Tarot Meaning

The Empress tarot card is the deck’s mother archetype and card number three of the Major Arcana. This card, like the High Priestess, reflects a change from self-love to loving others.
An Empress-influenced reading is linked to nature, based on vibrations and physical activity.

Since the Empress is synonymous with strong maternal influence, her appearance is excellent news whether you are seeking peace in your union, strengthening friendships, or wishing to start a family. So with any ado, lets explore the tarot empress.

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrological Sign: Taurus
  • Planet: Venus
  • Date: 16th October to 17th November
  • Ace of Wands Yes or No: Yes
  • The Empress Upright: Fertility, abundance, femininity, nurturing
  • The Empress in Reverse: Smothering, emptiness, dependence

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The Empress Upright

The Empress reflects a close association with our femininity. Femininity manifests itself in a variety of forms, i.e., beauty, sensuality, vitality, artistic expression, nurturing – and is needed for both men and women to achieve harmony.

The Empress requests that you interact with your feminine spirit. Get your life beautiful. Taste, touch, vibration, scent, and sight are all ways to connect with the senses. Use these sensations to feel satisfaction and profound fulfilment.

Treat yourself to a day spa, learn to massage, dine out, or spend some time with your girlfriend. Discover new ways to express yourself creatively, whether by drawing, poetry, theatre, or other art forms. This might be the ideal time to start a new hobby that allows you to connect with this aspect of yourself.

The Empress in Reverse

In reverse, the Empress urges you to prioritise self-love and self-care. Now is the time to direct your love energies and attention toward yourself, particularly if you have been giving away your personal control by focusing too much on another person’s emotional or financial needs while neglecting your own.

Plan a girls’ day, go on a solo stroll, or launch a new idea just for you. It is important that you fill your cup and provide for yourself in order to care for others without bitterness. You can take the ‘mothering’ approach too far in your relationships, being overprotective, co-dependent, and commanding.

If this rings true for you, it’s time to change your attention from the mother-child relationship to an adult-to-adult relationship by instilling freedom, confidence, and caring compassion.

Overall, the Empress (III), the third card of the Major Arcana, depicts feminine strength, fertility, abundance, nurturing, and a love of home and family. It is regarded as an especially optimistic card because it represents extraordinary well-being and infinite good fortune.