North East Facing House Vastu - Vastu for North East Facing House

North East Facing House Vastu – Vastu for North East Facing House

Do you live in a house that faces northeast? If you replied yes, you could encounter some problems if Vastu Tips are not followed. Even if your house faces north, there are some things you can do to bring positivity into your home. Vastu for Home Tips are beneficial and can have a positive impact on your overall health.

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Vastu Planning for North East Facing House

Opt for a Wide Front Door

Your home’s main gate should be wider than the rest of the doors. The broad door exudes positivity and respects all of the members who live inside the residence. For your home, pick a comprehensive and attractive entrance gate.

The Master Bedroom's Location

The master bedroom must face southwest, west, or south, according to Vastu Tips in the northeast. These directions are thought to be auspicious and offer peace to those who live in a room facing one of them.

Only couples should use the master bedroom. Choose a wide and elegant entrance gate for your house.

Huge Windows in the Wrong Direction

Large windows should not be installed in the south or southwest corners of the house because they will carry harmful energy.

Your House's Compound Wall

Anyone considering Vastu for North East Facing House should build low walls in the east and north directions. It would draw cosmic rays from the home’s north-eastern side. The west and south walls should be higher than the others.

Water Elements' Positioning

Do you want to learn more about Vastu for North East Facing House. It is vital that underground water or all other water sources be in the northeast direction to bring success and wealth to the home. It is an auspicious way in which to do so water bodies should be kept safe.

Colours for Your Home's Walls

If you’re looking for the luckiest wall colours for your northeast facing house, light blue and white are suitable. These colours will infuse your home with positive energy.
For a positive vibe, use light colours.

The Direction of the Staircase

Your home’s staircase should not be situated directly across from the main entrance. If the stairs can be seen from outside the door, there will be no free energy flow in your house.
The pooja room should not be located underneath the stairwell.

A Water Body's Direction

According to Vastu Tips, the water fountain should be installed in the northeast corner of your house. The aquarium can also be situated in this direction to foster family unity.
A water fountain is known to carry luck and positivity.

The Shoe Rack's Position

It is never a good idea to put the shoe rack near the main entrance. When someone comes into your house, the shoe rack should not be the first thing they see.
The shoe rack should be set back from the main entrance.

Near the Main Door: Statues

When it comes to happiness, having the right Vastu for Home is crucial. Animal sculptures should not be mounted near your home’s main entrance. Animal statues aren’t appropriate for the front of the house.

So, when it comes to Vastu for the building, these are the best guidelines. Vastu Tips will offer financial security and eliminate all barriers from your path if they are applied correctly.

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