Principles of Vastu – Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra

Since ages, Vastu Shastra is popularly known as “the science of architecture”. Basically, Vastu Shastra speaks about designing, measurements, layout, groundwork, space organizing, and three-dimensional geometry. Whether you plan to buy a plot or build a house, Vastu Shastra offers ideological concepts for better living.
The principles and concepts of Vastu Shastra are not just limited to obstinate illustrations, geometric patterns, equilibrium, and guiding alignments. The theories and conception of Vastu Shastra are based on creating models and structures. Either it is about space arrangements for a room or more, the main objective of Vastu Shastra is to utilize each and every corner inside and exterior of the house as well.
Vastu Shastra is an art of planning and designing and one of the most verified techniques of attracting positive vibes to your place. Basics of Vastu Shastra are not restricted to providing instructions for rooms designs, including kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, and exterior of the house.
Every home has its own energy and environment to live in. Vastu Shastra aims at equalizing the five elements or “Panchatatva,” including air, water, fire, sky and earth. Technically, it is the science of the environment and directly connects you with your mind and soul.

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Vastu Shastra

Our mother nature is rich in natural sources of energies such as the Sun, wind, the Moon, water, fire, and earth. The sun rays, winds, and other celestial energies affect our lives in many ways. By balancing and utilizing these natural resources, we can lead a life brimming with good fortune, health and success. Directions, astronomy, architecture, design and astrology are the basics of Vastu Shastra.

Generally, there are four directions, namely East, West, North and South. Also, there are four intercardinal directions (North-East, South-West, South-East and North-West). Each direction has its own importance. East and West directions are known for prosperity and good fortune while North is known for wealth and South is for Dharma.

Here are a few basic principles of Vastu Shastra that you should follow while you plan to construct a house:

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Shape: Generally, the shape of the rooms should be square or rectangular.

Every room in the house should be spacious, airy, tidy and bright. Even each corner of the house should be airy, neat and receive ample light.

Centre: Centre of the home should have an unoccupied area.

South-West direction is the right location for keeping heavy furniture. If you are planning to construct a double-storied house, then this direction is perfect for designing the stairs.

Do not keep plants, water fountains, aquariums, painting with waterfalls and any other artificial water body in the bedroom.

Keep dining areas near the kitchen. Placing a dining table near the main entrance is not a good idea according to the basics of Vastu Principles.

It would be better to avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom, especially in front of the bed. Mirror facing the bed should be prohibited. Cover the mirror when it is not in use.

Basic Vastu Tips

The theories and ideologies of Vastu Shastra revolve around natural sources, including energies, solar, and celestial. If you maintain a balance with these natural powerhouses of energy, you can achieve success and concord with you and your family members as well. When it comes to the betterment of our lives and loved ones, we always hope and pray for the best.

A positive mindset and praying are different while reaching towards the life goal for success, peace and harmony. It is possible only if you strictly follow the basics of Vastu for House, which are listed below:

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Direction of the house:

The entrance of every house is an eye-catching attraction for family members and visitors as well. As per the basics of Vastu Shastra, the main entrance door of the house is not just made for people. It also draws energy towards the house. North, East, and North-East are the best directions for constructing the main entrance door. So, whenever you plan to buy a house or design it, ensure that the main door is in these directions only.

Directions facing towards the room:

Every room in the house has its own importance. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, rooms should be built in certain specific directions. It is best for you to keep this point in mind, while you opt for buying a house. Let’s check the locations of the main rooms of the house:

  • Kitchen: The Kitchen should be built in the North-East direction of the house. Constructing the kitchen in the North direction is not advisable as per basics Vastu Tips .
  • Master Bedroom: South-West direction is perfect for building the master bedroom. Avoid the construction of bedrooms in South-East locations as this location is the symbol of fire.
  • Children’s room: Children’s room should be built in the South-West direction of the house. Ensure that kids should place their head towards the South or East direction for better sleep.
  • Bathroom: As instructed in the basics of Vastu Shastra, the toilet or bathroom should be built in the West or North-West location of the house. Do not buy homes where bathrooms are built in other directions.

Shapes and Forms

The shape and form of the rooms should be given equal importance while you design a house. Rooms should be constructed as per guidelines laid in the norms of Vastu Shastra. Rooms should be square or rectangular in shape. You can also choose circular designs for your room to give a sleek yet chic look. Though circular shapes are not mentioned in Vastu guidelines.

Construction of Overhead Water Tank

Generally, the overhead tank should be installed in the West or South-West location of the house. Just remember, construct the water tank just above the two feet of the uppermost slab.

Proper Ventilation

Proper sunlight and ventilation are the basic elements as given in the basics of Vastu Shastra guidelines. Make sure that your new house should be well-ventilated as it draws positive vibes and generates monetary flow.

Septic tank:

A Septic tank collects dirt and waste from the bathroom and kitchen and generates negative vibes towards the house. The wrong location of the septic tank may affect the lives of people living in the house. Hence, it is advisable to construct the septic tank in the North-West location of the house. Do not construct it alongside the compound wall.

If the house is built according to basic Vastu tips, it will be helpful in bringing mental peace, good health and success.

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Does Vastu Really Works?

Vastu Shastra has also been termed as “The Science of Architecture”. Since the ages, it is one of the most verified and trusted techniques of drawing affirmative results in the lives of residents. That is why it has been explicitly prescribed that each room and corner of the house should be constructed in a particular direction only. Principles of Vastu Shastra have made our life better and easier.

According to geological terms, Brahmasthan is considered the central zone of the house. It is a point where all directions meet and release positive vibes across every corner of the house. The area should be kept clean and clear. You can choose this area for meditation as this zone attracts ample positive energy. Other sacred rituals, religious prayers can be performed here. Avoid placing any furniture at the Brahmasthan.

The construction of heavy structures is restricted in this area. Given below are some of the advantages of following the basic Vastu rules to achieve a successful, vigorous and prosperous life:

Attracts Monetary Flow:

Money is the main source for fulfilling our materialistic desires. Even money can give you happiness in numerous ways. Building a house according to the basics of Vastu Shastra attracts an exceptional flow of money.

Provides Financial Security:

Vastu provides financial security as it draws the right opportunity and aids from financial institutions and markets. If you righteously follow the principles of Vastu Shastra for your business or organization, you can get abundant financial aid for your company.

Facilitates New Prospective And Opportunities:

Whenever you feel that you are trapped in your life, and you are exasperated with your career growth, then Vastu Shastra will provide you with all the suggestions you require. Just try your luck and see how life welcomes you.

Stimulates Bonds And Relationship:

Where there is a family, there is happiness. The basic purpose of making a home is to nurture family bonding and relationship so that you can lead a harmonious life. However, Vastu Shastra plays a crucial role in strengthening the relationships among family members.

Brings Joy And Happiness:

Happiness lies within you only. Vastu Shastra is helpful in healing you mentally and emotionally. Follow the simple and basics of Vastu Shastra tips at your home and workplace, restart and experience the joy and pleasure within you.

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How can I Learn Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in our life. It is the art and technique of studying architecture. Originated in India, Vastu Shatra is considered the traditionally styled architecture and is given equal importance while building and designing a house, hospital, factory, auditorium and various other forms of concrete structures. Principles of Vastu Shastra improve peace and provide contentment in life.

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