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Vastu for Schools: Summary

Vastu Tips for Schools

Location of the School:

The site of the school is a crucial aspect. If the site is correct, then success runs towards you. According to Vastu, the school’s correct zone must be in the city’s centre. It becomes easy to reach, feasible for people living in different Areas and attracts many students.

The School's Entrance:

Whether it is a school or any institution of knowledge, the entry should be kept in the North or East direction according to Vastu For School. Having access in these directions is considered auspicious. If the school is vast and big, prefer more than one entry points in the North or East direction to prevent confusions and promote easy movement of children.

Location for the Prayer Hall:

As per Vastu For School, there always is a prayer hall in a school, where students assemble and start their day with a prayer. It may be a big hall like structure or a ground built in the North-east Direction to get the best possible outcomes and better focusing.

Placement of Reception:

As per Vastu For School, a school reception is mandatory. It is where all queries about school, admission process, curriculum, teachers, and classroom facilities are answered. According to Vastu, the reception should be built after the main entrance and on the ground floor so that questions and doubts of the parents or guardians can be answered asap.

Placement of Classrooms:

A school that does not have classrooms is not a school. Classrooms are built specifically for students to sit comfortably and study with complete concentration. However, the number of classrooms depends on the grades and divisions the school has. The classrooms must be constructed in such a way that they face East or North, as per Vastu For School. Similarly, the sitting position of the students is considered best when they sit facing the East or North side of the classroom.


Can you sit in a room with no ventilation? Is it possible to study with so many children in a room with no windows? Doesn’t that sound suffocating? Ventilation in the Room, on the other hand, is essential. You can construct windows and use ventilators to accomplish this. Windows should be built on the northern or eastern sides, and so it is best to hang an exhaust fan on the ceiling in this direction. Leave the windows open, let the air and sunlight enter the room, and spread positivity and good energies.

Electrical Appliances:

Many electrical appliances, such as generators, inverters, and music systems, are installed in the school. To avoid accidents, the South-East direction is the best for installing generators and electric metres.

Placement of Toilets:

Every floor of the school has a Toilet. A school has a lot of students, which requires the use of toilets on different floors. The toilets, according to Vastu, must be built in the North-East corner.

Location for the Kitchen and Canteen:

The school has various kitchens, canteens, and refreshment areas for students and teachers. Whenever you get hungry, you go to the canteen and get something to eat. The most appropriate location for the canteen and kitchen is in the South-East direction, and serving must be done facing the East side. These guidelines promote fulfilment, gain, and contentment and happiness.

Administration Block:

The administration block is built, and it houses the entire accounting department. Many things in a school necessitate proper accounting, which leads to budgeting and estimation. Building the administration block in the North or East direction is the best way to keep the finances together and in check. These instructions keep the finances in order and aid in the control of expenses as well as the doubling of incomes.

Playing Field for the Students:

A school cannot function properly without a playground. It is an environment where individuals can play, wind down, and a better platform for their excess energy. Constructing the garden in the East, North, or North-East direction empowers children towards success and enhances their skills. You can also build a small store for all of the games and their equipment and allow them to use as many as they would like to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership skills. Hence, that’s how Vastu For School rolls!

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