Vastu of Shop – Vastu of Shop Benefits, Tips, FAQs & more

A shop or showroom is a place where people work for their living. To be successful in life, we study, learn and execute the various skills for starting up a business or do a job. Every person has their own way of setting goals to achieve success and an ambition to become rich. Most often we have seen that there are many shops and each shop has different customers. Some shops are filled with customers while some shops are vacant. Though most businesses have the same products, plans, and strategies, something is still lacking behind. When every effort, good investment and policies don’t work, it can be due to bad luck, incorrect locations and negative energies.

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Since ancient times, Vastu Shastra is known for executing correct locations, right positions, charms and lucky numbers to lessen the negatives blocking the path of success. Vastu of Shop will not only help you in eradicating the hurdles but can also create a strong brand for the owner. It has the power to exterminate all evil eyes and attract luck, richness and happiness in the surroundings.

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Vastu of Shop and Showrooms Benefits

Vastu of Shop for Placing a Cash Box

Vastu of Shop Tips



Which Face is the Best for Shop?

A North facing location is ideal for a shop. If you are into a cloth manufacturing or a fashion merchant, this direction will help you in fascinating the customers.

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Where do Cash Counters go in a Shop?

The South-East direction is perfect for placing the cash box or cash counter in the shop. This direction is beneficial as it attracts the monetary flow and increases sales in the shop.

Where Should We Keep God in the Shop?

Always place pictures or idols in the West corner of the shop. You can also place a wooden temple in the West zone.

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