Vastu of Shop – Vastu of Shop Benefits, Tips, FAQs & more

A shop or showroom is a place where people work for their living. To be successful in life, we study, learn and execute the various skills for starting up a business or do a job. Every person has their own way of setting goals to achieve success and an ambition to become rich. Most often we have seen that there are many shops and each shop has different customers. Some shops are filled with customers while some shops are vacant. Though most businesses have the same products, plans, and strategies, something is still lacking behind. When every effort, good investment and policies don’t work, it can be due to bad luck, incorrect locations and negative energies.

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Since ancient times, Vastu Shastra is known for executing correct locations, right positions, charms and lucky numbers to lessen the negatives blocking the path of success. Vastu of Shop will not only help you in eradicating the hurdles but can also create a strong brand for the owner. It has the power to exterminate all evil eyes and attract luck, richness and happiness in the surroundings.

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Vastu of Shop and Showrooms Benefits

A shop is known for its brand and goodwill in the market, which can be earned by the correct layout and design of shops or showrooms. A Vastu-friendly shop should be created and crafted with opposite alignment, and manoeuvring methods while keeping in mind the design essential for placement of things such as cash box, cash counter, upkeep of shop materials, furnishing and other necessities. Nowadays people have understood the importance of Vastu of Shop as it is believed to attract success, economic growth and a harmonious environment at the business place.

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Below is certain beneficial Vastu of Shop/Showroom.

  • The owner should sit towards the South or West direction while the face should be towards East or North as per Vastu Tips Shop.
  • The area of the shop must be in rectangular or square shape. Do not buy irregular or cut property for your shop/showroom.
  • Incorrect locations and placement of things might bring bad luck and economical loss in business.
  • The East or North-East direction is perfect for shop entrance as per Vastu plan.
  • Avoid placing the statues of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh on the right side of the North-East direction.
  • As per Vastu instruction, the cash counter should open towards the North, while the South-West direction is ideal for designing a locker or cash room.
  • Keep the cash counter clutter-free. Heavy materials such as raw materials should be kept in the South-West side of the shop.
  • The South-West location is perfect for installing computers, television and other electronic items.
  • According to Vastu Tips Shop, the main door and other doors of the shop should be noise-free.
  • Signboards and banners play an important role in attracting customers towards the shop. The colours of the banner should match the directional elements. For instance, a yellow coloured banner in the East facing shop can dissuade the customers.
  • If you own a shop and deal in clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes, and other fashion accessories, then display the products on a mannequin. This would be enough to attract customers towards the shop and would give an idea of how the product will look when worn on the body. The North-West and North of North West are the best Vastu direction for shop for placing the mannequins as these zones draw the attention of everyone.
  • Mirror plays an important part in Vastu Shastra. Most of the commercial shops and showrooms keep large-sized mirrors. These are placed so customers can view how these products look on them. Shops dealing in accessories, footwear, clothes, etc., keep large-sized in certain directions. Place the mirror only in a water element zone like North, North East, or West. Do not place mirrors in the South and South-East zone as this area is linked with the fire element.

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Vastu of Shop for Placing a Cash Box

According to Vastu shastra for the shop, cash boxes should be placed in a certain direction for gaining success and fame in every aspect. Below are few basic Vastu principles that we can follow while placing a cash box in shops or showrooms.

  • Avoid placing a cash box near the main entrance, back door, windows and ventilator.
  • As per Vastu of Shop guidelines, a cash box should not be placed beside the four corners of the room.
  • Avoid placing the cash box very near or just against the door.
  • While placing the cash box, check it must not be placed in the last or front portion.
  • Avoid placing it near the main gate too.
  • The best direction for placing cash boxes are the South and South-West zones. It should be placed facing the East, North or North-East. It must not face the West, South or South-West zone.
  • Keep the cash box in such a direction that it must not be seen from the washroom, toilet, storeroom, main gate, kitchen, staircase, basement and Pooja room.
  • As per Vastu of Business Shop, do not keep a cash box in front of the main gate. If the cash box is visible from the entrance, it has been believed that all the prosperity and harmony might drain out.

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Vastu of Shop Tips

Below are some of the vital points that should be taken care and studied carefully while designing the showrooms and shops. Our Vastu Experts can help you with all the doubts you have regarding the direction, designing, layout for your future business. A Vastu Shastra specialist will analyse the following as per Vastu guidelines.

  • Proper location of the showroom/shop in the building
  • Keeping a check on the exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, waterlevel
  • The direction of the Main Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the doors and windows
  • The location of the beams
  • The position of the basement
  • The direction and location of the cash box
  • The direction and sitting arrangement of the employees
  • The location and sitting area or cabin of the owner
  • The direction & placement of the goods to sale
  • The location where goods and raw materials to be kept
  • The direction and placement of the safe, lockers, cupboards and cabinets.
  • The correct location of staircase
  • The proper placement of electronic equipment such as AC, cooler, freezer and other items
  • The construction of kitchen and pantry
  • The construction of toilets, placement of sink and water taps
  • The direction and placement of the water filter, taps and tanks
  • The colour and decoration of the shops and showroom

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Vastu of Shop can help you in eliminating the hurdles in your business. We know that for every business continuous flow of money is required. For smooth earnings and hassle-free life, free Vastu Tips for Shop will help you in smoothening your business. Just try to follow the tips and advice as per Vastu Shastra and attain joy, richness and success in business.

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Which Face is the Best for Shop?

A North facing location is ideal for a shop. If you are into a cloth manufacturing or a fashion merchant, this direction will help you in fascinating the customers.

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Where do Cash Counters go in a Shop?

The South-East direction is perfect for placing the cash box or cash counter in the shop. This direction is beneficial as it attracts the monetary flow and increases sales in the shop.

Where Should We Keep God in the Shop?

Always place pictures or idols in the West corner of the shop. You can also place a wooden temple in the West zone.

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