Ganesha Yantra: Benefits & Significance - Miraculous Yantra of Lord Shri Ganesh

The Ganesha Yantra and How It Can Bring Success In Your Life


Ganesh yantra is a Holy machine or device that contains geometrical shapes and patterns. Lord Ganesha is specially worshipped in our Hindu religion on the occasion of Deepavali. Ganesh yantra Puja is a very simple ritual. All you do is get the Yantra for the auspicious Deepawali festival and enjoy the positive energy. In Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and the brother of warrior deity Lord Kartikey. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the Sukhkarta and Dukhharta, which means one who provides all the worldly pleasures and removes the griefs from life. Sri Ganesh is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom, good fortune, and success. Shri Ganesh Yantra is a Yantra made up of the Copper sheet with gold plating on it. It is available in different patterns and designs, but the geometrical shapes and the Mantras (hymns) embossed on it are the same. It possesses the specific mantras to please all the deities.

The Ganesh yantra has some significant symbols like circles, shat Kona, lotus leaves and Bindu, the centre point of the Yantra. Shat Kona is the combination of two triangles that represent two supreme powers, “Shiva and Shakti”.Lotus leaves are the symbol of purity and divinity. Bindu is the point of concentration of power, that is, Lord Ganesh. Ganesh mantras (holy hymns) are written on the Sri Ganesh Yantra, so they reverberate in all 10 directions. Here is the list of the significant hymns.

1 Purve – Om Indiray Namah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

2. Agneye – Om Agneye Namah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

3. Dakshine- Om Yamaya Namah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

4. Nirutya – Om Nirutyae Namah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

5. Paschime- Om VarunayNamah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

6. Vayavy – Om vayavyNamah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

7. Uttre – Om Somay Namah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

8. Ishanye – Om Ishanay Namah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

9. Indraishanyormadhye- Om Bramhne Namah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

10. Varunenirutamadhye- Om Anantaye Namah. Shri padukam Pujyami Taparyami

These mantras are being embossed on the Sri Ganesh Yantra to please the deities in all the 10 directions and receive the blessings of the Navgraha. Sri Ganesh Yantra is the key to all your problems.

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