The Purpose of a Yantra and the Why, Where and How of it.

Yantra literally means a tool. However, here Yantra refers to a means of attracting energy. You know what? You can actually call it a tool that helps attract positive energy. We in India have been using these Yantras for centuries. This is one of our most important rituals and traditions. Yantras are widely used and accepted as a major ritual in ceremonies. Our ancestors used to draw them on walls, wood, paper and fabrics. Through these Yantras, we worship the deities, the ones who have given us life, nature, fate, relationships, and control our life.

Yantras possess a cultural value in Hindus. Sometimes while observing the decoration in temples, you must have noticed some symbols with some triangle and circles. These are the symbols of Yantras that are widely used. There are various types of Yantras like Sri Yantras, Vashikaran Yantra, Sri Chakra Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Laxmi Yantra. While drawing a Yantra, we energise ourselves and connect to the energy source of the Universe. A Yantra is a systematic and symmetrical method of drawing sacred shapes that attract cosmic energy from the Universe. Yantra has been derived from the word ‘Yan’, which means to control and ‘tra’, which means tool. Together the word “Yantra” means a tool to control the positive energies around you, your family and friends. Yantras are 3D in nature, though they are drawn in 2D.

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