The Purpose of a Yantra and the Why, Where and How of it.

Yantra literally means a tool. However, here Yantra refers to a means of attracting energy. You know what? You can actually call it a tool that helps attract positive energy. We in India have been using these Yantras for centuries. This is one of our most important rituals and traditions. Yantras are widely used and accepted as a major ritual in ceremonies. Our ancestors used to draw them on walls, wood, paper and fabrics. Through these Yantras, we worship the deities, the ones who have given us life, nature, fate, relationships, and control our life.

Yantras possess a cultural value in Hindus. Sometimes while observing the decoration in temples, you must have noticed some symbols with some triangle and circles. These are the symbols of Yantras that are widely used. There are various types of Yantras like Sri Yantras, Vashikaran Yantra, Sri Chakra Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Laxmi Yantra. While drawing a Yantra, we energise ourselves and connect to the energy source of the Universe. A Yantra is a systematic and symmetrical method of drawing sacred shapes that attract cosmic energy from the Universe. Yantra has been derived from the word ‘Yan’, which means to control and ‘tra’, which means tool. Together the word “Yantra” means a tool to control the positive energies around you, your family and friends. Yantras are 3D in nature, though they are drawn in 2D.

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Purpose Of Yantra: Learn The Importance

Each Yantra has a significant meaning and importance. Like Swastik is the symbol of prosperity, spirituality and fortune. The Lotus flower petals are symbols of psychic chakra. The upward direction of the triangle is a symbol of Shiva, and the downward direction of the triangle symbol of Shakti (Mother Parvati). Yantras should be adopted under the right guidance. They have proven results and have been accepted by our Vedas and Puranas. They are considered a fundamental part of Astrology.
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Purpose Of Yantra: The Origin And How It Work?

Yes, the Yantras were in existence since the inception of the Harappa civilisation. Many Yantra symbols were found from the excavation of this civilisation in 3300 B.C. I’m sure you must have noticed the shapes of Hindu temples, mostly in South India. There’s always a certain pattern, a geometrical design that is the same in most of the temples. In Hindu mythology, each direction and shape represent something unique. The same had been incurred and adopted in these Yantras, and trust me; they are going to fulfil your dreams and desires whatever they may be. If you concentrate on a Yantra the mind stabilises and links the spirit to divine energy.

A Yantra helps you diminish the malefic effects of planets, like Rahu Yantra and Shani Yantra. They also motivate you and give you strength by spreading positive energy around you. The vibration of cosmic energy creates positive vibes inside and purifies the soul. Well…one more way you can know the effects of malefic effects is to generate the free janampatri report.

Dhanvantri Yantra mainly blesses the family with good health. This energizes the body. Yantras keep spreading positive energy every day as we do by consistent prayers. Each Yantra fulfils a special purpose and is important in itself. Let’s talk about some important types of Yantras.

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Purpose Of Yantra: The Varied Types And Benefits

“Budha yantra is used to invoke the energy of Planet Budha, Mercury.”

The Budh Yantra, as the name suggests, is associated with Buddhi (wit). It has the power to give enhance your intellect, knowledge, skills, calmness, love, humanity and many other important things necessary to make life prosperous, peaceful, healthy and wealthy. It can be kept at the home, office, workspace or any place of choice.

The Chandra Yantra removes the negative effects of the Moon and grabs the positive energy spread by the moon. It helps maintain harmony and coordination between the opposite sexes. They can be friends, a couple, or somebody at the workplace; it has the blessings of Lord Chandra and brings in luck and generally huge profits to the people.

Guru Yantra is made up of copper with gold plating, is the most powerful Yantra. It has to be energised with the Guru mantra and Gayatri mantra. A Worshiper of this Yantra gets the blessings of Guru (Jupiter), being the teacher of all the deities; this Yantra brings in prosperity, spiritual guidance, wisdom and good luck.

Ketu Yantra removes the malefic effects of Planet Ketu, if any. It gives the worshiper the blessings of Ketu and brings love, respect, friendship and all the success in life. It also removes all the negativity

Mangal Yantra removes the malefic effect of planet Mars(Mangal). One should Worship this Yantra if they want to keep themselves protected from accidents, diseases, debts. It also controls anger, which is the cause of so many problems. This Yantra is a set of numbers that captivates the mystical powers and removes the negative impact of Planet Mars in life. Being placed in the house, the yantra gives you success, fame and the energy needed for day to day work and activities. This Yantra possesses magical divine powers.

Rahu yantra is used to placate the planet Rahu. It pacifies the atmosphere around you and removes the malefic effects of Rahu. Rahu Yantra ensures victory over enemies and success in all walks of life. This is also a yantra that captivates the positive energy of Rahu in the Universe.

Shani yantra removes the malefic effects of Planet Saturn(Shani). It is the Yantra of Lord Shani, the God of justice. Though Lord Shani is discerned to be the aggressive deity which is the reason for everyone’s fear of him, he is the most kindhearted God. Lord Shani always brings justice and does everything for the welfare of mankind. Shani Yantra is a form of the deity himself and worshipped like Lord Shani. This Yantra is good for having success, fortune, peace, name, fame, and everything one may wish for.

Shukra yantra simplifies life by maintaining the perfect harmony in marriage. To live a peaceful life, one must have peace, love, trust and positivity in their marital life. This Yantra is used to please Lord Shukra and removes malefic effects, if any, caused by the Planet Venus. This planet is the symbol of wealth, money, prosperity and luxury. Pleasing Shukra adds up a charm to your life.

Surya Yantra is worshipped to remove the malefic effects of the Sun in the horoscope of a person. This Yantra energizes the atmosphere. It can be worshipped at home, office, factories or any other place you would like to positively energize. It grabs the divine energy of Suryadev and makes the worshipper shine like Sun. It is good for leaders, actors, administrators and those who need to lead in their profession or home.

A Shree Yantra, Shri Yantra, Sri Yantra, or Shri Chakra is a spiritually symbolic diagram that was used in the Shri Vidya school of Hinduism. It is comprised of nine interlocking triangles with a dot in the centre known as a Bindu. These triangles represent the Universe and body of the goddess, the Shakti(Ma Durga).

A Kuber Yantra gathers positive energies of the cosmos and creates positivity in life. It also helps in growing business and blooming career and profession. It invokes the energy of Kuber, the God of wealth, also called Dhan Kuber. It increases the income, brings in wealth, prosperity and good fortune to the owner of this Yantra.

A Vastu Yantra restricts the negativity from entering your home and acts as a protective shield around it. This attracts the positivity present in the environment around us and helps maintain coordination and compatibility among the members of the family. The Vastu Yantra is a tool with no malefic effects and can be kept in homes, offices, factories etc. and other workplaces too.

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Purpose Of Yantra: Rules To Keep In Home?

Yantras possess divine energy and powers in it; therefore, we meditate to mix our energy with that of a Yantra. The place needs to be purified with Ganga Jal, Saffron and water before worshipping the Yantras. A Shri Yantra can be buried in the middle of the house before construction. Each Yantra should be placed after taking the advice of an expert astrologer.

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Purpose Of Yantra: How It Is Different From Mandala?

Yantra and mandala are both geometric patterns drawn in such a way that they symbolise the Universe. They both attract energy emitted by the powerful Universe and deity we are devoted to.

Yantras are basically used for the worship of the deities in temples or even at home. They are also used as an aid to meditation. When we draw a Yantra, we synchronise our life with the energy of the Yantra. Yantra depicts the environment around us.

Mandala is a geometric representation of figures and symbols depicting the universe in various cultures, mostly in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. In Sanskrit, Mandala means ‘circles’. It has been adapted as a spiritual guide by many traditions to enhance peace and harmony. It is also a tool for meditation. Mandala is a symbol of a spiritual journey from the outer body to the inner soul through many layers. The Mandala is a kind of symbol for prayers and a tool for meditation, mostly in China and Japan. It’s a combination of various colours, designs and patterns, mostly in circular shapes sometimes in other shapes too. Drawing a mandala is self-reflection; we draw what we feel deep inside our soul. It represents the struggle in life, the energies surrounding us, stress and anxiety; everything gets described in the picture.

Purpose Of Yantra: Which One To Prefer?

What do you want from your life? Is there something obstructing you? Somewhere You always get stuck and miss the opportunity? Or you keep looking for peace in your home or workplace, and still, after all the efforts, you are incapable of maintaining harmony? Then, look around you, your keen desire and based on them, choose your Yantra. All the Yantras have unique energy of their own. Each one of them is full of the energy of a specific Planet and works accordingly. So before taking them home, just think what the main constraints in your life are and the problems you want the solutions for.

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Purpose Of Yantra: How To Buy Online?

Based on the problems, you choose the right solutions, in this case, the right Yantra. You can buy the Yantras online through different websites. Here, our expert astrology team will provide you with the best Yantra you require and the ones that will surely give you great happiness and success in life.

Purpose Of Yantra: Lets Conclude It Now

We all are very busy in our day to day life—especially the bread earners of the house. We cannot spare time for prayers, and that’s the reason sometimes we feel discarded and ignored by the divine power. We don’t get what we feel, we deserve and always feel like we have been abandoned. To captivate the powers of the divine energy we need to take the help of these Yantras and get connected to the ultimate powerful cosmic frequency of the Universe.

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