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Surya-rahu Grahan Dosh Yantra – Helping You In Different Episodes of Life

When Surya and Rahu are present together in a person’s horoscope or Kundli chart, it is said to have Grahan Dosh. Rahu has enmity with the Sun, therefore as and when they both come together, the situation is called the Solar eclipse or Surya “Grahan Dosh”. Grahan refers to eclipse. In the Hindu religion, many important things are prohibited during a Solar Eclipse. In the same way, when it comes to someone’s horoscope, it causes lots of adverse effects on life. According to Astrologers, the Grahan Dosh is one of the most dangerous among all other Doshas. Some Astrologers consider it as Pitru Dosh which causes problems with one’s fatherly relationship. Rahu is the symbol of laziness, hurdles, delays and obstacles in work, depression, emotional imbalance and many other confusions. It is known to reflect its shadows in some zodiac signs for around 18 months. If Rahu’s Drishti (shadow) falls on Surya in any of the houses, it is known as Solar eclipse Yog, which is also considered to be very harmful to the person.

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