Libra Celebrities: The Spotlight will Always be Owned by the Famous

There is a constant debate around the world on whether Astrology is true or fake. Experts have given concrete evidence to prove that astrology is quite true and exists just as much as astronomy does. And if some of you believe that it does not exist, how can someone explain why some people excel in their field, while others fail every time, though the hard work and efforts put in by both would be the same?

It is believed and is true too that hard work is the key to success. But other elements also act as triggers to make things work in favor of a person who desires to be successful. And these elements are well-elaborated by Vedic astrology. The planets, stars, dosha, Dasha, and zodiacs, all have a significant role in turning a person into a celebrity from a boy or girl next door.

This article is dedicated to one such element of astrology – the influence of the Zodiac, focusing on the Libra sign. What makes a simple Libra native change and achieve the stardom of becoming the Famous Libra? What are the Famous Libra birthdays? Who are the Famous Libra celebrities male and Libra celebrities female?

This article will be a one-stop solution giving you all the information that you need to know about famous Libra celebrities. But before all this, we shall understand what kind of Libra famous people are.

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The Trendsetters and Justice Lovers – Libra Celebrities

If we talk about the most sensuous people around, we won’t go without mentioning the zodiac Libra. The natives of the Libra sign are born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October. The natives belonging to Libra are by far the most attractive ones, not only because of their pretty and attractive outer appearance but also because they have beautiful hearts. They thrive on being a true companion in all senses.

Being influenced by the ruling planet Venus and the element of Air, the main purpose of the Libra native is to relate and serve others, especially loved ones. For Libra, their connections, relations and loved ones are always above everything and everyone, even above self. They never like to stay alone and are always happy to have a companion. They always want to be paired up, just as the symbol of Libra with two scales, which reflects a balance, that can be attained only when it is in a pair. For them having a balance in a team or pair is most important.

With the grace of Venus, the Librans are loving and lovable too. Their heart is full of compassion. And the grace of Air element makes them true leaders and social workers. They can be a pioneer and team builders.

The Libra sign natives always believe in making up for losses and moving on instead of panicking and lingering over spilled milk. Libra zodiac signs can easily forgive others and patch up to have healthy and happy relationships. Perhaps, they are the last ones to initiate any fight or melodrama. They are true diplomats who know the art of convincing people and get their work done without hurting anyone.

And, of course, the Libras love to dress up! They have a terrific dressing sense and can be fashionistas for their close ones. Stylish, intelligent, diplomatic, and lovable are the adjectives that describe the Libras perfectly. Know more about the Libra sign.

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Famous Libra Celebrities Born on Foreign Land

After knowing so much about the beauty and grace of the Libra natives, it is not possible that the Famous Libra would belong to just one country or one region. The presence of Famous Libra celebrities would be marked all across the globe. Let’s discuss a few Libra sign celebrities who have set a benchmark for others.

Serena Williams

To start with the names on the list of famous Libra Celebrities, we have the famous Libra woman, Serena Williams, born on the famous Libra birthday 26th September 1981, one of the most prominent names in the world Tennis. Her career spans more than 25 glorious years now, and she is the only player who has won the Golden Grand Slam in singles and doubles. She was also declared the highest played athlete of the year 2016.

Will Smith

Next on the list is the famous Libra actor Will Smith. This famous Libra man was born on the famous Libra’s birthday 26th September 1968. He is fondly known as “Fresh Prince”. Speaking of libra celebrities male, this super-attractive Libra Male celebrity is known for his work in mega movies like Men in Black and Pursuit of Happiness. His bag of achievements is full with The Saturn Award, Grammy Award, Blockbuster Entertainment Award and many others in the field of acting and music.

Margarete Thatcher

Margarete Thatcher, one of the famous Libra from history, is a famous Libra woman, also known as the Iron Lady. She was born on 13th October 1925 and was the First Female Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Zeta Jones

Next is the famous Libra female celebrity Catherine Zeta Jones, who is a perfect example of Librans’ beauty. Born on the famous Libra birthday 25th September 1969, this famous Libra actor was very clear from childhood about her aspirations and dreams to make it big in Hollywood.


Another Famous Libra in history is Augustus, the architect of the Roman Empire. Born on 23rd September 63 BC, Augustus was the son of the famous Julius Caesar.

Kim Kardashian

The names of the Libra celebrities on the list of famous Libra would be infinite. But to name a few more famous Libra actors and celebrities, we have Kim Kardashian, Donald Glover, Bruce Springsteen, Mark Hamill, Barbara Walters, Michael Douglas, Julie Andrews, Sting, and many more.

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Famous Libra Celebrities in India

Just like the list of Famous Libra celebrities is too long to get complete in this article, so is the case with the Libra famous personalities of India. There are so many Famous Libra personalities that we may need a separate article to cover them all. But for now, we shall discuss the names of famous Libra sign celebrities from India.

Shri Amitabh Bachchan

One of the most famous Libra ascendant celebrities is the Shehenshah of Bollywood, Shri Amitabh Bachchan. He is not only a prominent name in India but has a world-class name and fame. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that he is the face of Indian Cinema. There would be a shortage of words in the dictionary to describe this magnificent and spectacular libra actor. His famous libra birthday is on 11th October 1942. There is no need to mention all the awards, rewards, and love that Amitabh Ji receives in all realms of life and career.


The list of famous Libra celebrities in India would be incomplete without Rekha’s mention. Born on 10th October 1954, this timeless beauty queen is Bollywood’s most famous Libra woman celebrity. She has won 4 Film Fare Awards, 3 International Indian Academy Awards and 1 National Award. It seems that time has stopped, and she will remain young forever.

Dev Anand

The Legendary evergreen actor Dev Anand is also one of the Famous Libra actors. Born on 26th September 1923, this Libra celebrity male was a famous Libra actor and a super hit writer, producer, and director, who won 3 Film Fare Awards, 2 International Indian Academy Awards, and 2 National Awards. His skill and looks were out of this world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Moving to Famous Libras in history, the first and the most important name is of the person who got us the Independence and the freedom to breathe on our motherland. He is none other than Bapuji – Mahatma Gandhi. A true Libran, a leader with a diplomatic approach and love for all, a believer in the “Live and Let Live” quote, he was born on 2nd October 1869, the most famous Libra birthday.

Shri APJ Abdul Kalam

Another hugely famous Libra celebrity name is that of the Missile Man of India – Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, born on 15th October 1931. Just like Libra, who is famous, Dr. Kalam was also a man of principles. He served as the 11th President of India. Known as a supremely knowledgeable scientist and Physicist, he was appointed as the 1st Principle Scientific Advisor to the Indian Government in 1999. There are innumerable awards that Dr. Kalam had received, but that needs a separate section to discuss.

Some other Famous Libra celebrities are Ranbir Kapoor, Hema Malini, Lata Mangeshkar, and Tabu.

Let’s Take a Pause at Famous Libra Celebrities List

The list of Famous Libra men and famous libra women would never come to an end in just one article. There are many names of famous Libra sign celebrities who have the spotlight and reached the ultimate height in their career. All with the grace of Venus, Air and sheer hard work. So, enjoyed reading about Libra celebrities? We hope you learnt something out of it!

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