Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

Trust in a relationship is like a locked house without a key, you know you have it but can’t live in it or enjoy it. Trust is a supreme attribute in a relationship, and without trust in the relationship, the relationship is void. You can only become each other's rock, if you trust and have faith in each other. Faith and Trust are the foundation of a lovey-dovey relationship. Love succeeds with trust and faith eventually, in any relationship. Trust is reassuring and helps to get through obstacles, knowing that somebody has got your back. Trust cannot be demanded or commanded, it is earned! Gemini derives ideas and points from their imagination, whereas Sagittarius is a theorist who imbibes their wisdom from life experiences and the ventures they enroll for. Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Hence, intelligence and wit are two of the qualities that Gemini acquires naturally. They are fast thinkers and also keep on changing their personalities at the drop of a hat. This quality of theirs can make them either a con artist or a creative artist. Whichever they chose they will be outstanding in both of them. Being ruled by Jupiter, they are thinkers and explorers. They are always on the move to gather knowledge and are always hungry for more


23 Nov - 21 Dec


22 May - 21 Jun
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Sagittarius And Gemini Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Gemini love compatibility are about flirty, fun Gemini and vivacious, traveller Sag! They can easily understand if the person is trying to make a pass at them or if they are trying to hit on them. Sagittarius and Gemini love relationships, are an instant hit and are spectacular together. They both let go of things easily and will not hold onto the past or hold grudges against one another!

  • Sagittarius is philosophical and has a piece of vast knowledge, hence can never be short of topics for conversations. This is one of the quality aspects that Gemini admires. Also, If they have differences in opinions, the matter would not escalate and water to the fire will be added so that things may not flare much!
  • Gemini is a nervous sign, however, they both are extremely restless! Therefore, they are always up for something thrilling and adventurous. Besides, the conversations they hold are equally thrilling and gripping.
  • Sagittarius and Gemini’s compatibility increases as both of them are social butterflies who are always game for going out, having fun and letting their hair down and wild.
  • Being a little gregarious, they would have a bigger friend circle and can give each other enough space if they require a change in the company. Sagittarius maintains lifelong friendships. However, Gemini has non-exclusive friends, who enter and exit as fast as dine and dash in every walk and talk of life.

Pros Of Sagittarius And Gemini Relationship

Sagittarius is not emotionally clingy, and does not demand constant attention. They do not need to be pampered all the time. They also don’t mind if their partner distances from time to time. You see, this is one of the qualities that Gemini searches for in a partner too!

  • One thing which is always alive in their relationship is communication. Gemini is more of a street smart and consumed with daily knowledge. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is more of a philosophical person who never runs out of topics to discuss and will have a constant quest for knowledge and learning, which makes their relationship an intellectual one as well.
  • Gemini will have a constant change of mind, they would at once want something and would be ultra-careful to make that change, but within a flicker of time that would not be important. Sagittarius could care less about such a change in thoughts and plans and will be a sport and glide along.
  • Sagittarius are wild in their thoughts and are equally venturesome in their action. They not only like to discuss adventurous places and destinations, but they hit the road to visit them as well. Gemini is more than happy for a carpool adventure
  • The emotional bond and the space that they give each other in the relationship is like a happy pill they find in the relationship.The Sagittarius and Gemini relationship is a fiery mixture of Sagittarius spirits and Gemini’s Jibber-Jabber.
  • They prefer not to discuss uncomfortable topics that could lead to arguments and fights, they would rather spend their energy and time on something more productive and useful then dive into unnecessary fights.

Cons Of Sagittarius And Gemini Relationship

Just like all the pairings, there are some disadvantages that are always borne to any relationship, Sagittarius and Gemini match have some as well. Perhaps, sarcasm from Sagittarius will not be taken lightly by Gemini, they could be offended by the tone and intonation. Sagittarius on other hand blurts words out of innocence. They both do not like to carry on with fights or take up uncomfortable issues. However, if the fight is prolonged, there are higher chances of gaps to be grown between them.

  • While Sagittarius has growth-focused only on going ahead, the Gemini growth graph is nonlinear which could induce chaos in the relationship.
  • Sagittarius is known to be a bit commitment-phobic. They would not commit easily, which is something Gemini would take offense, so, though the relationship has a lot of potential, it is very likely that they just indulge in the fun part of it and never really get into the serious ship.
  • With each of them giving enough space and freedom in a relationship, with not many arguments or many fights, when they hear fables of fights, misunderstandings, and arguments within their social circle and having not encountered any of these, they would tend to believe that they do not know each other very well.
  • Out of the many qualities that they share, unpredictability is the common factor between Sagittarius and Gemini match, because of which they would not have enough stability and security in life.
  • Sagittarius is a sign who likes to take on the straightforward approach and does not like to move in circles. This could upset Gemini who usually goes on a zig-zag approach.

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