Leo Decan: All Three Decans of Leo & Their Astrology

Decans are a division of your Zodiac sign, proving much more precision with astrological precision with their small size. If you are Leo, this is your astrological guide on how a Decan and the planet associated with that Decan drives your personality.

Leo Decan - Quick Bites

  • 1st Leo Decan is born between 23rd July to 01st August, and they are ruled by the Sun. The planet bestows them with hope and determination.
  • 2nd Leo Decan is people who are born between 2nd August to 12th August, and they are ruled by Jupiter. The planet bestows them with freedom and knowledge.
  • 3rd Leo Decan is people who are born between 13th August and 22nd August, and they are ruled by Mars. The planet bestows them with boldness and external drive to succeed.

How can Decans Influence Different Zodiac Personalities ?

What is Leo Decan?

As mentioned, Decan is a further division of your Zodiac sign into three fragments. Since a Zodiac sign is made of 30 degrees each, each of the decans will be made of 10 degrees each after being divided into three.

People born between 23rd July and 22nd August are Leo natives. Three types of Leo are these three decans we are talking about. It ranges from 23rd July to 01st August, 2nd August to 12th August, and 13th August and 22nd August respectively. With Leo Decan, we can dive deeper further when it comes to astrological elements and their analysis, helping us understand Leo natives even more.

If you are a Leo reading this, it’s time to understand the Leo Decans and what they mean for your sign. Let’s start now.

Leo Decan 1 - July 23rd to August 1st

Confident and extroverted by nature, they are social and outgoing people. Some may find them outspoken people, but hey, what is the harm in that? Some even consider Leo First Decan a self-lover and attention seeker because of their extrovert abilities. Despite all these qualities, they are not by any means shallow people, and Leo Decan 1 Compatibility with other signs will tell you that. They exhibit immense patience and loyalty to the things and people that matter to them.

Leo Decan 1 are an incredibly loving and caring person. If they adore and respect you, they will not be hesitant to show you. In fact, they will not hesitate to shower gifts, perks, lavish dinners, and more for the people they love. They are good with their imagination and creativity as well. However, they do not like to be made to look weak and have an ego of a Lion. They are a bit shy in asking for help when they need it with the pride they hold.

How Sun Affects Leo 1st Decan

Sun rules Leo’s first Decan. Just like the Sun, they are majestic, warm-blooded, and not to forget, glorious. They are born charmers who work their way up to the Power of being the Lions they are. Leo’s first Decan natives are a perfect combination of enthusiasm, determination, and passion. With those qualities, they are bound to get successful in everything they try their hands on.

Yes, there will be challenges, but 1st Decan Leo will overcome them eventually. They are ambitious and believe in working hard. The fact that they are creative and imaginative also helps their cause. Perfection is what they crave with anything they take on their hands. Moreover, they will not stop even when they have achieved what they wanted to. They will always try to be better than what they were yesterday, chasing their dreams constantly.

Your birth chart tells you a lot about your strengths and weaknesses and can also indicate if the dreams you are chasing will come true. The ascendant and the moon sign say a lot, too. Why not find them out and see how they are likely to affect your life?

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Leo Decan 2 - August 2nd to August 12th

Natives of the 2nd Decan of Leo are born for the stage. You will always find them at the centre of attraction at parties and gatherings. Spotlight loves them. When people applaud how perfect they are, it makes their day. They are believers of hope and will always have a positive outlook on the bleakest of situations. This quality of theirs also helps people close to them, as they will support Leo Decan 2 Compatible signs positively every time.

“Yes, we can” is what they live by, and their words of encouragement are enough to give anyone goosebumps. They are generally competent in expressing their thoughts intelligently, and it creates an excellent impression on the people they interact with. One word to describe Leo 2nd Decan would be “Dreamers”. Leo Decan 2 dream big and work toward their dreams relentlessly. They love to travel, especially to exotic and romantic places. Courageous as lions, they also show streaks of profound philosophers at times.

How Jupiter Affects Leo 2nd Decan

Jupiter is what makes the 2nd Decan of Leo the smooth-talkers they are. It also makes them the free-spirited and fun-loving people they are. Jupiter’s blessings guide them to expand their horizon and be ambitious in their life. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge, and therefore, these natives are lifetime learners. They are tough and do not move away from challenges of any kind. They will thrive in facing those difficulties and challenges.

If there are no opportunities provided, they will create one for themselves. In fact, opportunities are attracted to them. They are some of the most loyal people to have in your life. Like a Lion, Leo Decan 2 is the king of the jungle and believes in protecting the weaker. On the other hand, they are full of a sense of humor and entertainment. If you are having a bad day, Leo’s company will cheer you up. They are warm and charming that way.

Leo Decan 3 - June 13th to June 22nd

Like the 2nd Decan of Leo, the 3rd Decan of Leo are also many ambitious people with big aspirations to achieve their dreams in life. They exhibit enormous amounts of vigor and enthusiasm when it comes to chasing their dreams. However, they can be quite stubborn in the process and ignore the advice of others. They often have a hard time accepting when they are wrong.

The Leo Decan 3can also overspend, buying up more things than they usually require. 3rd Decan of Leo is extremely truthful and honest, and natives from Leo Decan 3 Compatible signs will show you that. Sometimes, that quality leads them to unnecessary arguments as one may think they are a harsh critic. In Leo’s defense, they are just truthful to make people the better version of themselves. They are gentle and kind, of the most time. However, there is always a volcano ready to erupt.

How Mars Affects Leo 3rd Decan

And where does that fire come from? Of course, Mars. Mars makes them the daredevils they are. Leo 3rd Decan natives are driven and diabolical when it comes to achieving their dreams. Monotony is their enemy, and they get bored very quickly. They strive for positive change and do not like to stay in one place for long. What we are trying to say is, a lazy 3rd Decan of Leo moon sign is very rare.

However, they expect people to do things for them, especially taking hard decisions. They possess all the strength and courage of the world, but patience is not their thing. They can be hasty with their actions without thinking about the consequences. Impulsive behavior can sometimes backfire, and therefore it is advisable to be cautious and careful with your actions.

This is all you need to know about Leo Decan and how the planets associated with these deals affect their personalities. If you are a Leo reading this, be proud, and rule your jungle called life. Adios.

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