The Beautiful Birth Flower and Birth Stone for the Graceful Day – Dreamers Librans

The time from 23rd September to 22nd October is when the Librans are born. It’s the time when everything is just in equilibrium. The season is in balance, neither hot nor cold, the greenery is balanced and the air is filled with the aroma of sweet-scented flowers. All this is also a reason why the Libra sign enjoys a balanced personality in all aspects. The Librans are smart and intelligent, creative and absolutely in control of self. The zodiac Libra is ruled by the passionate Venus and hence the Librans are bestowed with innate beauty and they are the lovers of beauty and love. They are born romantic and often keep relationships before self. They desire to have a beautiful and magnificent life full of love and romance. And of course, who doesn’t love money, so do they!

The Librans have high hopes and big plans. They aspire a lot but making a plan is very different from executing and following it. And this is where they need the help of people who are good at executing what the Librans plan. Though the Librans are daydreamers, what they imagine in their dreams is nothing that others can ever imagine. Their imaginative mind is their biggest strength. The Libran zodiac signs spend too much time analyzing what’s missing in their picture-perfect world and this may turn them off at times. The Librans may have a huge social circle but the truth is that they don’t get close with any one person. They are good with all and indulge completely in trying to keep all happy but deep in their heart they are always lonely and miss that so-called true friend.

So, for such a balanced zodiac, the birth flower and stone have to be also the best-balanced ones. In the sections below, the Libra birthstone and flower would be discussed in detail. We shall throw some light on the Libra lucky and favorite flower too.

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The Closing Note

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