Mars In Virgo: Know the Personality Traits, Characteristics and Effects of Mars

  • Element And Quality: Fire & Fixed
  • Celebrities: Beyonce, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, Hillary Clinton, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jordan
  • Positive Traits: Vibrant, Confident, Generous, Encouraging, Charismatic, Tenacious
  • Negative Traits: Domineering, Bossy, Obstinate, Boastful

Virgo is a dual earth sign governed by Mercury that imparts a strong relationship to Mars. While Mars is a blazing manly planet that worries about enthusiasm, desire, and energy, Mercury is an unbiased earth planet that identifies with keenness and intelligence. Virgo natives will in general focus on the minute and small details. Since Mars addresses weapons and Mercury addresses fixation, a gathering of their energies in Virgo makes the natives capable in fields like medication, nursing, and surgery. Mars in Virgo additionally gives a strong drive for sex. It grants the native information on composition and verse. These natives additionally do well in mechanical fields.

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