Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

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As the month begins, Mars will bring many positive developments in your professional life. If you are doing business, you may get some good opportunities to strike some big deals. Your efforts might bring positive results and financial gain. Your love life will be exciting as the week begins but, at times your stubborn approach is likely to make your relationship vulnerable. Saturn will force you to bring more discipline in your life to improve your results in exams. As you will have ample support of Venus, a sense of satisfaction will prevail on the career front during the middle of this month. If you are doing business, you must not make any hasty moves to expand the business. A new relationship flowers, somewhere around the middle of this month. Positive planetary influences are likely to help you make progress in your education. There may be some fluctuations in your health status so you must avoid extremes at emotional or physical levels. During the latter half, under the influence of North Node, some people or situations will irritate you a lot and distract you again and again. You are likely to get some excellent opportunities to empower your financial strength. But, financial decisions must be taken with due calculation and expert advice. There may be some disturbances in relationship due to unnecessary lengthy discussions on some trivial issues. This phase is likely to motivate you towards study. You may also get overseas opportunities if you are trying to get admission abroad. Here your energy level may not be up to the mark and there may be some seasonal health issues as well. Refrain from borrowing or lending as the impact of North Node indicates a somewhat tricky time around the month end, Mercury suggests that there may be conflicting views on some important relationship issue. Some old health issues may bother you at times around the month end.

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A timeless charm- you’re the picture of grace, elegance, etiquette, and socially appropriate. OMG!! Are these exceptions on the zodiac wheel!? Yes! Capricorns tap into their inner fortitude to overcome whatever stands between their long-term goals. They are not deterred by anything that distracts them from forging ahead. Capricorns are considered to be quintessential worker bees. Ambitious, organized, and practical these natives never mind the hustle. They are ready for sacrifices if needed to achieve their goals. Capricorns set their own rules that encourage them to reach the pinnacle of success. Read More

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