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The beginning of this month is a going to be progressive for your career. If you are doing business, growth opportunities will be pursuing you. Under the influence of Mars, do not take decisions in haste. Things may look little tight at financial front but it will be good to pay more attention to long-term investments and savings. The impact of North Node may lead to a bad temper resulting in small quarrels in your relationship. Also, wrong move can disrupt your progress in studies. The favourable impact of Jupiter could boost your immune system. However, this period also looks injury prone hence you are advised not to take any physical risk. As the month advances, there will be some visible opportunities to grab amid obstacles and stiff resistance. It may make your financial condition stable gradually if you act with caution. Venus will make you happy as the period around the mid of this month will be good phase for dating, shopping, hanging out together to strengthen your relationship. Concentrate and give your full attention to your studies as you have enough planetary support now. This could be the time to prepare yourself for higher growth in your studies. Your fitness may improve. The latter half is not good for initiating into the new venture. Some issues related to joint finances or inheritance may come to fore. For appearing in entrance examinations, competitive exams, this could be the perfect time. It may demand you to adopt a healthy life-style and follow strict discipline in order to maintain your health. There may be some obstacles to face around the month end at your work place due to the impact of Saturn. If you are doing business, Mercury will help you to formulate an effective strategy to score over competitors. Some romantic conversations may increase the joy and charm in your life. In your studies, you will get a lot of opportunities to show your talents. There may be some stomach related issues hence your food habits may require changing.

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Ouch, that stings!! Identifying a Scorpio is easy as well as difficult! Trust is the most important factor for Scorpio and this spills into everything they do. That includes people! Ferociously independent! These natural go-getters move as per their aspirations and do not need a hand to guide them! Scorpio is a master of secrets and this is what instantly connects them with everything and everyone! Have you obliged a Scorpio friend? If yes, just remember the aquatic creature never forgets a gift or an act of kindness! Expect some excellent rewards for the future! A curious bunch! Read More

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