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Career graph is likely to go up this week and if you put in more efforts, the growth will be even faster. The uncertainties will fade gradually during the latter half and then you will be able to perform better. Mars during this week will do its bit to help your financial visions. You would receive many opportunities for gain during this week. But, there may be some pressure on your income due to some unexpected expenses caused by the South Node. Venus may help you hold on to old and existing relationships, and will also help to form new relationships. There may be some distraction and hence you may not be able to focus so well in your studies. All you need to do is work and properly and methodically. This week may remain generally positive for your health. You will be able to prevent any illness also because you will mostly avoid everything that can harm your health.

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About Libra Zodiac Sign

If you are born with the star sign of Libra, you are known to be peaceful, brainy, intellectual, and just. They follow perfection just like Virgos, with their love for balance and stability. This comes along with complete intolerance for chaos and mess! Ruled by the cupid planet Venus, Libras are like magpies always eyeing expensive and beautiful things. They are the aesthetics of the zodiac who adore arts, intellectualism, and connoisseurship Justice for all! Librans strive for a smooth-sailing. They are natural peacemakers and experts at being tactful and diplomatic. The kings and queens of compromise can pour oil on troubled waters, build bridges, and mend fences like a pro-diplomat. Careful and selective with their vocabulary makes them find common grounds for peaceful resolutions.

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