Reasons And Effects of Pitra Dosh in The Kundli

Reasons And Effects of Pitra Dosh in The Kundli

According to Astrology, dosha in horoscopes might be sometimes destructive and obstructive. And one among them is Pitra Dosh. Pitra Dosh in birth horoscopes can create serious problems in the life of an individual. It has been believed that Pitra Dosh in kundali is caused by a curse from ancestors. As per sayings, it is a kind of karmic liability of our forefathers. The effects of Dosha are different for every individual.

The presence of malefic planets and their combinations in the birth chart reflects Pitra Dosh in Kundli. The deeds or sins committed by the ancestors form Pitru dosh in the birth chart of an individual. He/she is answerable for their wrong deeds. The occurrence of Pitra Dosh might cause unpredictable and sudden ups and downs in life. The person might face mental disability, fiscal issues, and other problems due to Pitru Dosh in Kundli.

According to Puranas, Shraadh is regarded as one of the religious rituals for the Hindus. On the day of Shradh, prayers are held for ancestors, and food is offered to the souls. As mentioned in Brahma Purana, souls are liberated by the Lord of death “Yamraj” during Shradh. Shradh falls in the Aswin month during Krishna paksha. Unexpected deaths are one of the main causes of Pitru Dosha in Kundli.

Presence and Signs of Pitra Dosh in Kundali

Pitra Dosh in a birth chart is formed by the movements and placements of planets like the Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. When Rahu & Ketu creates trouble for Sun in the 9th house, this causes Pitra Dosh in the birth chart. The presence of Pitra Dosh in the horoscope is shown when Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn afflict the Moon.

The placement of Ascendent and Rahu in the 9th house is also responsible for Pitra Dosh in Kundali.

The placement of Rahu in the 2nd house also gives rise to Pitra Dosh in kundali.

According to Vedic Astrology, three types of Dosha are found in kundali:

  1. If the basic needs of departed souls remain unsatisfied and fail to perform rituals for their forefathers, Pitra Dosha is created in the horoscope.
  2. If your forefathers have done something wrong to outsiders or strangers, their cuss words might create dosh in kundali.
  3. If the well-being of elderly people is neglected then dosha can occur in the horoscope.

Signs of Pitra Dosh in Horoscope

  1. Frequent illness among children.
  2. Unexpected miscarriage.
  3. Issues in conceiving or problems in pregnancy.
  4. Birth of girl child repeatedly.
  5. Unnecessary fights among family members.
  6. Obstacles in development and growth in career and education.
  7. People who are mentally or physically unfit might face the evil effects of malefic planets in their horoscope.

This dosha exists in the birth chart because wrong deeds or sins of the forefathers might create Pitru Dosh in horoscopes.

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Reasons of Pitra Dosh in Kundali

The presence of Pitra Dosh in the birth chart is caused by the sins done to anyone by the ancestors. Let’s discuss in detail the sins that cause Pitru Dosha in the birth chart.

  • No one can get rid of the wrong deeds by simply performing prayers and rituals. One has to face the circumstances and dilemmas that their ancestors imposed on others.
  • Cruel behaviour, abusive nature, and physical and mental cruelties towards human beings, animals, or any living being might cause Pitra Dosh in Kundali.
  • Crimes like theft and robbery of something, captivating things compellingly, prowling and cheating others either by controlling them or through immoral manner.
  • Accretion of treasure, and wealth through wrong deeds or capturing other possessions unlawfully.
  • Abusing or ill-treating any living creature either physically or mentally.
  • Dispersal of rumours, false allegations, or spreading wrong about others purposely or spreading ill words with unconfirmed evidence.
  • We know that bad karma and past sins of the ancestors might affect an individual and bring bad luck. Click on our website to know more about the reasons for Pitra Dosh in Kundali.

Apart from the above planetary motions are also liable for Pitra Dosha. The birth chart of an individual shows the presence of Pitra dosh due to specific locations of planets in the horoscope. Planets that indicate Pitra Dosha in the horoscope are as below:

  1. Sun: Symbolizes paternal figures and forefathers.
  2. Moon: Indicates Mind and Mother.
  3. Saturn: Resembles wrong deeds, obligations, debts, and problems in the life of an individual.
  4. 9th House: Indicates past life and ancestors.
  5. 2nd House: Signifies family, legacy, and ancestry.

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Causes Pitra Dosh

  1. The Planetary combination in the horoscope shows the presence of Pitra Dosha. If the 9th house or the owner of the house is afflicted by malefic planets Rahu and Ketu then a kundalini is regarded to be affected by Pitra Dosh.
  2. The unification of the Sun or Jupiter with the malefic planets like Rahu or Ketu creates Pitra Dosh in Kundli.
  3. The amalgamation of Sun with Rahu or Sun with Saturn in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th, 7th and 10th house, the effect is somewhat shown in the birth chart.
  4. If the ruler of the ascendant and the presence of Rahu in the ascendant in the 8th, 6th, or 12th house then there are chances of Pitru Dosha in the Kundali.
  5. The effect of the ruler of the 6th, 8th, and 12th house and the amalgamation of planets cause Pitra Dosh might have to face accidents, weak eyesight, injuries, and other difficulties in life.

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Negative Impact Of Pitra Dosh

  • The presence of Pitra Dosha in Kundli harms the life of an individual. The person might suffer from the posterity issue. Even children may suffer from physical and mental ailments.
  • Individuals might face numerous problems in terms of marriage if they are facing the impact of this Dosha. Despite every possible solution, they find difficulty in searching for a partner due to Pitra Dosh.
  • If the household is suffering from some ailment then the individual and his family members may suffer from several issues such as mental, physical, emotive, and fiscal.
  • The surroundings and environment of the house become unfavourable due to Pitra Dosh. The partners might face incongruities and clashes on trivial matters.
  • Individuals can get rid of debts and loans. Even if they put in every single effort, they are inept to settle their dues and loans.
  • The negative effects of Pitra Dosh create obstacles to monetary growth. Individuals always struggle with a shortage of money.
  • If any family member is suffering from Pitra Dosh, he or she may see the ancestors asking for food and clothing or snakes in the dreams.
  • An adverse effect of Pitra Doss might be the reason for unexpected death such as accidents, murders, suicide, or deaths of family members in a shadowy manner.

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Pitra Dosh Upay, Nivaran & Remedies

  • The individual should offer and donate red clothes, money, and other materials to the Brahmins. Pitra Tarpan is performed on Amavasya or on a Sunday that falls on Sankranti.
  • Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja is considered the most effective remedy to lessen this Dosh. This remedy includes Tripindi Shradha and visarjan.
  • Another Pitra Dosh Upay you can follow is to water the Banyan tree and offer water to Shivlinga every day to lessen the Pitra Dosh effects in Kundli. You should also perform Aditya Hrudayan, Shani Graha Shanti, and Ravi Graha Shanti.
  • Your ancestors will be satisfied and content if you perform rituals like Pinddaan, Tarpan, and Puja on the tithi or date of the deceased. This ritual is performed in the month of Aswini during the Krishna Paksha followed by offering couch grass, sesame, flowers, raw rice, and pure water. After the rituals, you should give cloth, food, fruits, and other donations to the Brahmins in the name of ancestors.
  • If you are unaware of the day and death of the ancestors, you can perform this Pitru Dosh Puja during Amavasya.
  • Worshipping the Peepal tree will eliminate the Pitra Dosh effects from Kundli. Offer kheer during Somvati Amavasya for removing Pitra Dosh. Give away food, eatables, and clothes to Brahmins during every Amavasya to lessen the ill effect of Pitra Dosh.
  • If the person will worship the Peepal tree then Pitra Dosh can be removed. If he will offer Kheer to his manes on the day of Somvati Amavasya and Pitra Dosha will be removed. You can also offer food and clothes to Brahmins on every Amavasya to reduce the negativity of Pitra Dosha.
  • Another useful remedy that you follow is to put kheer on the residue of cow dung cake. Just remember the ancestors in the South and ask for forgiveness for your sins and wrong deeds.
  • Pay respect to your father and elderly family members. Recite Gayatri Mantra every morning. It helps in strengthening the location of the Sun in your birth chart.
    If your Sun is weak, wear Ruby to strengthen the Sun in your kundalini.
  • Recite Pitra Dosha Nivaran mantra :
    “Om Pitrabhyah devatabhyah mahayogibhyech cha, Namah sawaha swadhyaye cha nityamev namah”
  • The formation of Pitra Dosh in horoscopes needs to be perceived so that specific remedies can be used to nullify the ill effects of planetary positions during the Pitru Paksha.

That’s it from our end, hope you understood about Pitra Dosh. Keep advancing!

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