Know About The Red Planet Transit in its Own-sign, Scorpio 2021

Know About The Red Planet Transit in its Own-sign, Scorpio 2021

Mars is associated with aggression, desires, and our ability to handle things. Like, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu, Mars is also a malefic planet, which may hamper your love life. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse the placement of Mars before fixing the marriage. Unfavourable placement of the malefic Mars will result in Manglik yoga in the kundali. People may see changes in their behaviour due to Mars transit. You would be willing to achieve your targets.

The Scorpio sign represents a water sign, and so the natives with this watery sign are passionate and willing to achieve their life goals. Mars itself is the ruler of the Scorpio sign, and therefore, minor ups and downs could be possible for the natives.

The red planet Mars is transiting in Libra, and it will soon join Sun and Ketu in the Scorpio sign. Now, The conjunction of Mars with its enemies may have a negative influence on major areas of our life. Let us dig deeper into this topic to know its effects.

Planetry Transit Of Mars 2021 Dates

  • Mars transit in Scorpio: Dec. 5, 2021
  • Mars conjunction with Sun and Ketu: Dec. 5, 2021

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Effects Of Mars Transit in Scorpio 2021 On Zodiac Signs

Mars transiting in its own sign, Scorpio may have adverse effects on the natives. Let us see what Astrologers are expecting from the Mars in Scorpio sign. Also, check out expert-written remedies.

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Individuals With Aries Sign

During the Mars transit, Aries natives may get mixed results. Health status may get affected due to the movement of Mars. You may have sudden minor injuries. You need to be careful about your relations with in-laws. You may find interest in the research and development field. Lovers born with the Aries signs may need serious efforts to build a harmonious relationship. You two may have intimacy. Overall, it would be a decent time for you.

Individuals With Taurus Sign

Those natives who are associated with the Taurus Moon sign may have to take care of their personal life. You may decide to part ways with your partner. This may drag you amid legal issues. You may not receive the same amount of love from your partner. The court may make new decisions and ask the government to follow them. Businessmen may have a fair time in professional life. It is not a good time to make new investments.

Individuals With Gemini Sign

Individuals carrying the Gemini sign may need to stick with a regular food diet and exercise, or else they may face health issues. Investments should be avoided during the transit of Mars in Scorpio. Also, it is not a suitable time to borrow a money loan. Professional workers may spoil relations with their colleagues. You may join dance classes or a sports academy. The government may bring new policies. Singles may have unfavourable times.

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Individuals With Cancer Sign

This transit of Mars indicates that Cancer individuals may accomplish their travelling goals. Job professionals may bring creativity and new ideas into their work. Those who are dealing with the stock market activities may have decent outcomes. You may earn extra money through gambling. Students may participate in sports activities. Entrepreneurs may get enough planetary support to start their new works. Single may meet life partner but needs to carefully make a decision.

Individuals With Leo Sign

The Lions may not have a great time as they may feel stressed in their personal life. You may need to control your aggressive behaviour as it may spoil relations with your loved ones. You may decide to go on date with your partner. You may get intimacy as well. Singles may not have suitable time to make lifetime commitments. Overall, you may have a busy personal life. Leo students may need to be attentive to their health. You may get distracted from your studies.

Individuals With Virgo Sign

Virgo natives may boost up their confidence as Mars transit in Scorpio may bless you with fresh energies. You may accomplish your travelling goals by visiting hilly regions. You may need to sharpen your personality by improving your behaviour with others. Students may invest more time in playing sports rather than studying. Writers, journalists may have stable growth in their careers. You may get fame. Lovers may have a fair time.

Individuals With Libra Sign

Individuals holding the sign of Libra may need to be careful about their personal life. You may have arguments or small fights with your family members. Unnecessary pending issues may give you more mental stress. You may need to carefully explore your financial plan. Lovers may find positive responses from their partners. Singles may meet new partners. Libra students may regain their focus in their studies.

Individuals With Scorpio Sign

Scorpio individuals may have beneficiary outcomes as Mars will be transiting in its own sign. But, the conjunction of Mars with Sun and Ketu may put barricades in your path. You may need to improve your personality and nature, or else it may create serious issues. This transiting Mars may bring issues for those who are in committed relationships. You would be a passionate lover to embark on a new chapter of life. Singles may make commitments.

Individuals With Sagittarius Sign

Mars passing through the Scorpio sign suggests that Sagittarius natives may go on travelling. Healthwise, you need to keep an eye on your health status. You should follow a proper food diet. Investors may have unfavourable times, so you should avoid making new investments. Some of you may fall into legal issues. Job professionals may find hidden enemies at their workplaces. Lovers may have sudden breakups with their partners.

Individuals With Capricorn Sign

Scorpio’s Mars would bring good times for those who are representing the Capricorn Moon sign. You may slowly expand your friend circle by indulging in social activities. You may need to take care of relations with your elder brothers. Working individuals may take risks in their current projects. Younger natives may find interest in gambling and speculation. Lovers would be passionate about their love life. Singles may meet someone special.

Individuals With Aquarius Sign

Individuals who are born to the Aquarius sign can expect desired growth in their careers. You may regain your focus and you would be on your toes to achieve new heights. Working natives can expect promotion to the desired position. You may receive your transfer order, which would be near to your home. Businesspersons may have remarkable progress, which may help them to earn profit. Students may need to make important decisions in the coming days.

Individuals With Pisces Sign

Transit of Mars in Scorpio may bring positive results for those who are connected with the Pisces sign. You may not able to control your aggression, so you should need to handle things with care. You may plan to visit religious places with your family. During this phase, you may hamper relations with your father. Lovers may decide to go on holiday. Single may find their partner through an online dating portal.

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Remedies of Mars transit in Scorpio 2021

  • You should chant the beej mantra to reduce Mars’ negative impacts
  • Wear suitable gemstone after consulting astrologers
  • Worship Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha, especially on Tuesdays
  • Donate red sandalwoods and utensils to poor
  • Natives suffering from unfavourably-placed Mars should organise specialised Puja.

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Final Thoughts

The upcoming transit of Mars in the Scorpio sign may have adverse effects depending on the placements of planets in the individual’s chart. Mars in Scorpio indicates that the ruling government may soon introduce new guidelines. The apex court may direct the government servants to work in a planned manner. In short, it would be a fair time. If you want to eradicate the harmful effects of Mars, connect with our astrologers and have your say. Hope you have found this blog informative.

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