Sun Transit in Capricorn (Jan 14, 2023): Rendezvous Of Sun With Enemy Saturn

Sun Transit in Capricorn (Jan 14, 2023): Rendezvous Of Sun With Enemy Saturn

Sun transit in Capricorn 2023 will take place on Jan 14, 2023. This is the same day when people across the nation would be celebrating the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti. Also known as the Uttarayan, this festival will have special significance this year since Sun and Saturn are going to meet after almost thirty years through the Sun transit in Capricorn. It should be noted that Capricorn is the ruling house of Saturn. It is believed that the Sun and Saturn are enemies. Hence, the Sun transit in Capricorn is going to be very special and will have a strong influence over people belonging to all the zodiac signs.

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India is a country where every living or non-living entity is considered to have some energy and planets are no exception to this. Each planet is associated with some or the other God. The Sun is given the highest regard in astrology and is known as the father of planets. It is also known as the Surya Dev and is worshipped for being the source of light and life.

According to Vedic astrology, the presence of a strong Sun in horoscopes can be extremely fruitful for an individual. With the grace of the Sun, a native can achieve great success, power, wealth and health. Such people are too ambitious and have strong willpower and determination. Let us find out what this astrological transit will bear for us.

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Sun Transit in Capricorn For Aries Native

Aries is the first sign on the zodiac wheel. The Sun transit in Capricorn seems to be quite fruitful for these natives. The transit takes place in the tenth house of Aries sign. There is a high probability of shining out on the career and professional front. Financial status might also improve and you are likely to get recognition at the workplace. The transit seems good for people involved in politics and other government jobs.

Sun Transit in Capricorn For Taurus Native

Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan is the day when the Sun changes its sign. This year, the Sun will transit into the Capricorn on Jan 14, 2023. Sun will be positioned in the ninth house of the Taurus sign. The entire month is expected to be good for Taurus individuals, though the natives may have to put in extra efforts to achieve desired success. Your health is expected to remain sound. Occasionally, the natives might have some argument or fight with siblings over trivial issues. It is advised to take the blessings of elders before commencing any new work or project.

Sun Transit in Capricorn For Gemini Native

Sun will be placed in the eighth house of Gemini sign during the Sun transit in Capricorn, from Jan 14, 2023. Though this house is associated with death, yet this astrological transit is not going to be as difficult or traumatic as expected. The presence of Sun is going to be beneficial for you, though there are chances of having minor differences of opinion with the elders of the family. You are likely to go on a trip. However, you are advised to remain cautious and avoid eating out, else you may face some health issues. Also, it would be good if you would keep a check on the speed limit of your vehicle.

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Sun Transit in Capricorn For Cancer Native

When the Sun transit in Capricorn will take place, the Sun will be placed in the seventh house of Cancer sign. It is the house of partnership and relationships. The natives are advised to remain calm as this period might not be so good for any sort of partnership or relationship. You are likely to have unnecessary arguments with the spouse and disagreements with partners. It is advisable to be cautious all the time. Health might also see a downfall and it may increase the expenditure in general. The native is likely to suffer from stomach problems.

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Sun Transit in Capricorn For Leo Native

The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo and it makes the natives bold like lions. When the Sun transits in Capricorn, it is placed in the sixth house of Leo sign. This house is associated with the enemies. The presence of the Sun in this house might prove to be more fruitful than others. The natives have bright chances of winning over the enemies and competitors. Though there might be occasions of imbalance too, which can be dealt with intelligence and patience. It seems to be the right time for those who wish to change jobs and switch to some other place. It might also turn out to be a good time to apply for a loan if one desires it.

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Sun Transit in Capricorn For Virgo Native

The Sun transit in Capricorn for the Virgo would yield average results. The Sun will be in the fifth house of Virgo sign. There are chances of promotion at the workplace during this period. There is a great possibility of having some auspicious occasion at home. The period seems beneficial for the students. Though natives might face some minor problems with regards to their children. Also, the period doesn’t look so good for those who are involved in romantic relationships. They are likely to face some problems.

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Sun Transit in Capricorn For Libra Native

The Sun transit in Capricorn for the Libra sign will be in the fourth house. This period needs a little extra attention as native’s parents’ health might suffer. There are chances of delay in property-related matters too. Natives might face problems in maintaining coordination and harmony with colleagues at work. Students may also get distracted and lose focus at this time.

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Sun Transit in Capricorn For Scorpio Native

The Sun transit in Capricorn seems to be a bit of a difficult period for Scorpio natives. Sun will be in the third house of the Scorpio sign. There are chances of developing stress amongst the siblings. The natives will experience amplification in their courage though there are chances of an increase in aggression too. It is advised to take special care of parents and the elderly in the family. Also, take advice from your parents before moving ahead with any plan. There are chances of planning a trip too.

Sun Transit in Capricorn For Sagittarius Native

The Sun will be transiting from Sagittarius to Capricorn on Jan 14, 2023. For the Sagittarius sign, Sun will be placed in the second house. Due to the influence of this astrological transit, the natives might have some disagreement with elder members of the family. There is a probability of issues cropping up related to ancestral property. The natives might experience some bitterness and aggression in their language too that may create problems. It is advised to be careful while driving during the Sun transit in Capricorn period.

Sun Transit in Capricorn For Capricorn Native

It would be after 30 years that Sun and Saturn would come together in the first house of Capricorn sign during the Sun transit in Capricorn. Sun and Saturn being enemies are expected to throw challenges over the natives. Contrary to the belief, the natives will experience a rise in self-confidence and would be filled with energy and strength. On the flip side, they may get arrogant and might invite problems and losses too. There is a high possibility of having arguments with partners in life and business. This period seems good for your career and you might get some lucrative offers too.

Sun Transit in Capricorn For Aquarius Native

The Aquarius sign is ruled by Saturn and Sun transit in Capricorn is also a Saturn dominated event, this period is likely to remain neither good nor bad as far as the health of the natives is concerned. The period may be average though it is advisable to remain cautious against the enemies. The period looks favourable to the business persons involved in import-export.

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Sun Transit in Capricorn For Pisces Native

The Sun transit in Capricorn is expected to be favourable for the Pisces sign. The native might receive great respect and position in society and there might be a rise in income as well. They might become an important part of some social event. The period seems favourable for the students too.

Concluding Note

Like any other astrological event, the Sun transit in Capricorn also has mixed results and effects over natives of twelve zodiac signs. Overall, the period looks good for all of us. For most of us, it is a mixed bag of positives and negatives. With the Sun transit in Capricorn, the season also starts observing a slight shift. People gain back the momentum and being the first festival of the year, they are rejuvenated with new hope and aspirations.

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