How strong is your bond? Cancer & Virgo Friendship Compatibility!

How strong is your bond? Cancer & Virgo Friendship Compatibility!

It’s time to discover some interesting facts about Cancer and Virgo friendship compatibility. You might have not come across the reasons why your friend is the way he is. Do you know Vedic Astrology is an in-depth study of a person’s overall personality and way of dealing in life? If you are thinking of just a sun sign, then you will be surprised to know it is much more than that.

Vedic astrology includes many ingredients to develop a blueprint of a person’s life. It takes into consideration the birth chart, planetary positions, nakshatras, dashas, retrogrades, aspects, benefic yoga, malefic yoga, aspects, conjunctions, and more. You can easily know where you and your friend gel up and where you don’t. So what are we waiting for? let’s get into the astrological core of Cancer and Virgo friendship compatibility.

Zodiac Specifications of Cancer and Virgo

CANCER is a natural 4th house sign. Its element is water and the symbol is a ‘Crab’. A new graphical representation of this zodiac has come up recently as the number 69, which represents the claws of a crab. This sign is ruled by the planet Moon. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and represents mother and nurturing.

VIRGO is a natural 6th house sign. Its element is ‘Earth’ and its symbolic representation is a ‘Virgin’. The symbol of Virgo represents healing and diseases, as the symbol Virgin carries herb in one hand and fire in another. The ruling planet of this sign is Mercury.

The Nakshatras that cover the Cancer sign are Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha ruled by the lords as Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury, respectively. The Nakshatras that cover the Virgo sign are Uttara Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra with respective lords as Sun, Moon and Mars. Which nakshatra you belong to will determine your basic nature. Of course, there are many other factors to it.

Every Nakshatra has 4 padas and each pada has 9 navamshas. Therefore, people belonging to the same zodiac can be very different from each other as they might have different nakshatra, pada, navamsha and planetary positions in their birth chart. Virgo is a mutable sign.

Cancer & Virgo Friendship Compatibility Based on Ruling Planets

As mentioned earlier, the planets of Cancer and Virgo are Moon and Mercury, respectively.

Mercury represents logic, analysis, taking care of realistic things of life, speech pattern, communication, physics, mathematics and calculation. Moon is emotions, mother, how you feel inside, internal self, water, milk, chemistry and beautiful light. Together they are like left and right brains, totally different functioning individuals. Virgo majorly operates through the head and Cancer through the heart.

Mercury is considered to be the prince of the planets. He entails masculine energy. Moon endows the native with feminine energy. When they become friends, they get plenty of opportunities to disagree on many terms. This does not mean that they are incompatible. This means they throw light on two different aspects of anything.

Virgo is a great conversationalist and constantly engages his friend to talk things out. He will have many questions to ask. Virgos are popular for forming judgments and Cancer being quite sensitive, might get burn here and then.

Their interests vary a lot but they are truly good friends, they might be okay with the colours and presence each creates while together. It is mostly that Cancer, out of compassion, would let her Virgo friend have his way.

Cancer is a very understanding sign and when she bonds with Virgo, her loyalty lies to her friend. She would nurture him and take good care of his needs. On the other hand, the Virgo friend would solve problems for Cancer since he is an expert in problem-solving.

In Vedic astrology, Moon and Mercury do not go along well. But it is important to understand, that one’s nature does not depend only on sun sign or moon sign. Having your birth chart analyzed will give a true picture.

Elements Playing Role in Their Friendship

Virgo is an Earth sign and Cancer is a water sign. The way water dampens soil for a plant to grow, similarly, Cancer and Virgo friends can create unimaginable things together. If they are working as a team on a project, Virgo will give the content and Cancer will draw the diagrams.

Earth sign zodiacs are naturally inclined to build security in life. They are quite calculative and practical about it. Hence, this is one of the common things about Virgo and Cancer. The cancer sign is also a very security-oriented zodiac.

Water element makes Cancer extremely sensitive and emotional. Note that, the intensity of emotions and dealing with them depends on how mature a person is. It is possible that Virgo might find his Cancer friend not as practical as him.

Cancer might be more attached to her Virgo friend and in a way more dependent. The good news is that Virgos are dependable people. They are committed ones, be it in work, family, or friendship. He will in fact be relieved to be around someone who is there in all the seasons without any reason.

Natural Houses of Cancer & Virgo

Cancer is a natural sign of the 4th house. The 4th house is about your happiness, security, mother, real estate, private life and night. It is one of the angular houses and Moksha-Trikona houses.

Virgo is a natural sign of the 6th house. The 6th house represents healing, diseases, obstacles, mental worries, enemies, your daily routine and employment. The 6th house also reveals the obstacles you are going to face with the matters related to the 7th house.

It is very fascinating to know that they do complement each other in terms of the houses they belong to. The aspects that these houses cover naturally fulfill each other’s needs. Cancer and Virgo, once friends maintain their privacy. It is less likely that they will share their plans with anyone else. They trust each other with this. If they become best friends, most likely, there will not be any addition to this duo group.

Since the 4th house is 2nd to the 3rd house, it gives strength to the 3rd house aspects such as communication. Hence, Virgo is quite expressive when with his Cancer friend. Their conversations are never-ending. They always have something to share with each other.

Cancer and Virgo do enjoy delicacies. They explore new restaurants and food joints to quench their thirst for delicious food. Virgo loves to try out new meals, it is like an exploration for him. It is one of the tricks that Virgo employs to lift up his Cancer friend’s mood when she is going through some sentimental phase.

Things to Keep in Mind

In true friendship, it does not matter how different you are. How strong your bond is, completely depends on your understanding and love. Maybe Cancer is too emotional for Virgo or Virgo is too practical for Cancer; but if you look from a distant perspective, together you are filling up the spaces for the other.

Still, whatever the type of relationship one has, be it familial or friendship, it requires maintenance. Creating any friendship is easy but do you have the courage and commitment to be a true friend? If you have this in you, then it doesn’t matter how different you are, you will have mutual respect for the uniqueness you both have.

If you are a Cancer and your friend is Virgo, understand that if he is not able to get your intense emotions, it’s because it is something he might have overcome; or not been through. Do not burden him with your expectations to be like you or behave like you.

If you are a Virgo and your friend is Cancer, keep your judgments away from her. Virgo can be quite judgmental and the act of judging itself is not rational thinking as you are not living another person’s life. You do not really know what’s going on inside them.

How Astrology can Throw Light on Your Bond?

Vedic Astrology is a very intensive science that can reveal a lot about a person’s nature, life, tendencies, preferences and way of dealing with everything. Your birth chart is created, wherein, depending upon the influences of the planets, your sun sign, moon sign and ascendant sign, a knowledgeable astrologer answers your basic questions.

The analysis gives an in-depth analysis based on several houses in the chart. Know that though your sign belongs to some basic house, all other houses are equally important. If you are curious to know the compatibility between you and your friend, it would be better if you guys have knowledge about your own charts. That way, you can clearly see where you guys match and where you don’t.