Know All About Libra Ascendant According to Vedic Astrology

Know All About Libra Ascendant According to Vedic Astrology

The Symbol for Libra Ascendants is ‘the Scales’. Their ruling planet is Venus and the element is cardinal ‘Air’. You are a Libra Ascendant if, at the time of your birth, the Libra zodiac sign was ascending on the eastern horizon.

So, what is your life map if you are a Libra ascendant sign? Let’s discover it.

General Personality Traits

Karmic Balance:

Libra ascendants are very balanced people but they face quite unbalanced life because this is their karmic lesson. They will have to face many situations that will make them unsteady in order to master them. If they are able to strike a balance in all aspects of their life, they grow tremendously and transform into marvelous human beings. They have a tendency to lose their balance in everything if one aspect of life is shaken.

Artistic and Creativity:

They are inclined towards art, beauty, luxury, creativity, and anything harmonious and graceful. They love arranging things, hence one can find their homes very organized with graceful colors. The interiors would be very pleasing to the eyes and at the same time comfortable. They are always trying to keep a beautiful house, look good, serve the best food and display luxury items.

Mysteries of Life:

They are very fond of the occult and mysteries of life. They are curious about astrology, numerology, science, UFO, astronomy, astral projection and things that have not been deciphered. They are someone who will explore different dimensions of life. They are very spiritual and equanimous.

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They have a strange combination. On one side they are curious about esoteric things which are beyond logic and on the other hand, they are extremely logical when it comes to dealing with worldly affairs. They are somehow aware of what works and how it works. This quality comes due to their inclusiveness and observations.


Libra ascendants secretly want to get something out of a situation. They are very submissive but even in submissiveness, they see what is there to gain. Not to forget that this is a sign of equality and loss on either side is not acceptable – be it them or the other person. But their calculations are usually a win-win situation.

Sudden Changes:

Especially in Venus Dashas, they can experience a lot of sudden changes. Libra ascendants can indulge in something that will become their career. Unexpected things would happen, drastically and impactfully in both ways – negatively and positively, depending upon the positions of the planets in their chart, especially, Venus.


They are the natural sign of luck in the house of travel. Because their ninth house is ruled by Gemini which is the mercurial energy that wants to be everywhere. They tend to travel a lot and are always on the move. But they do not want to travel alone. They want to travel with their loved ones.


Libra ascendants want to bring higher philosophical conversations to their everyday life. They are very good at communicating with others. A lot of times they talk to themselves. They would love to talk about higher philosophy, religions, spirituality, and cultures and always want to keep growing intellectually. However, they are not hung up on their concepts and see others’ points of view. These individuals are very approachable and pretty easy to talk to.

Social Circle:

They are very choosy about the circle they are going to be in. They want to be known as a person to whom the group can look up. They have a secret urge to be popular among their peers. To them, it matters a lot how other people see them. They always want to socialize, so much that sometimes they burden themselves by constantly pleasing people.


Libras are extremely generous. They go out of their way to help someone. Libra is all about other people. It does not matter if it’s a loved one or a stranger, if they see someone in need, they help out unconditionally. Libra rising sign make a lot of charity donations, but they do think about what kind of charity they should do and how much.

Relatable Sign:

They have a natural quality of being able to relate to people. Since they have varied interests, one or many of them do match with others. They will always find that sweet spot between others and themselves. This kind of interaction creates familiarity and everyone feels welcomed as Libra ascendants are ready to meet them halfway.

Innovative and Intellectual:

Libra ascendants get a lot of innovative and out-of-the-box ideas. This sign is very intellectual. They move ahead with their ideas if they are able to balance and come down to an intelligent solution. They quickly want to move forward and implement them. They are great achievers if they are able to do all this work. Libra ascendants are generally open-minded and welcoming of new ideas or modifications to the previous ones.

Complete Package:

Libra ascendants have very wholesome personalities. They can be extremely knowledgeable, very well-groomed, they can take care of their appearance, intellectual, artistic, logical, esoteric, graceful, communicative, relatable, welcoming, open-minded, supportive, and great leaders. They can be extremely sophisticated with good mannerisms. They are a complete package.


Along with beauty, art, and luxury, it is also about doing good, mannerisms, pleasantness, grace, soft speech, and kindness. They come across as very pleasing personalities because Venus brings these things naturally to them. People are usually very fond of Libra ascendants. They are extremely charming and when they give compliments, it’s always genuine and heartfelt. Their smiles are very soft and sweet. They are very good at attending to their physical appearance and are complimented a lot.

Impactful Visionaries:

Libra ascendants are like a great storm and can have a huge impact on a large number of people because of the innovative ideas they have, which are in the best interests of everyone. They are incredible visionaries. They can see ahead of time and bring positive changes in the world. Leadership is quite natural to them. Whatever actions they do, they do them from their heart. Atal Bihari Vajpai, Napoleon, and Mahatma Gandhi were zodiac sign Libra ascendants.

Diplomats and the Peacemakers:

They know how to deal with people, strike deals or negotiate. They are very diplomatic and confident of themselves, especially in their intelligence and know-how. They hate to fight or argue. They feel that they can convince others easily. Their harmonious approach towards everything reflects in their presence and has an ability to smoothly turn a situation as they intend to.


They hate to make decisions on their own. They will discuss with significant people in their life first, weigh the pros and cons and then decide. Sometimes they are not able to decide at all which gives them sleepless nights. They are often stuck on the scales, pros and cons, should I or Should I not. But this does not happen once they have found clarity as to what their goal is. Once they are devoted to a cause, they decide most of the things based on whether it is going to serve the purpose or not.


The symbol of Libra is ‘the scales’ itself and one of the meanings associated with this symbol is ‘Justice’. They cannot tolerate injustice, however small it is. Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra which is the planet of karma. They are the ones who are beyond any prejudices and not only believe but practice equality. They might often jump into a troublesome situation to save others.

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Recognizing a Libra Ascendant by their Physical Appearance

Libra ascendants are very attractive and graceful. They usually have symmetrical facial structures and features. They look pretty balanced. Their harmonious and open-minded nature reflects on their face. Their gait or movement that’s quite elegant and graceful. Their mannerisms are very pleasing. The Facial features are soft, smooth with appealing textures. There is something about their face and hair that they draw other people in. Libra ascendants can often be seen with a well-balanced complexion; the pigment or skin tone is usually very attractive. Their lips are plump and rich. They have very well-defined noses. Libra ascendants are known for having dimples. They are cautious of the tone of voice they use and also their body movements. The selection of their clothes is very pleasing and good to look at. They have a good sense of fashion and style and are artistic in outlook.

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Relationships in the Life of Libra Ascendants

Libra ascendants are very emotionally dependent on their family and also extremely protective towards them. Their communication with siblings and close family members is very philosophical. Their family life is very structured and disciplined from the roots.

They naturally know how to enter a relationship and how to deal with a loved one. It’s important for them to have a good, strong, and healthy relationship because it’s the 7th sign in the 1st house. They usually get a bold, athletic, and energetic spouse who is gonna be out there for them.

They are very soft and kind towards children. They don’t push them around but they are so creative with them that the children themselves become willing to do certain things.

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Work & Career

Libra ascendants can become good lawyers, judges, artists, interior decorators, diplomats, leaders, social workers, musicians, counselors, healers, hosts, travelers, financers, managers, actors, film-makers, scriptwriters and get into the medical, hospitality & fashion industry. They will have natural talents for anything that is related to the planet Venus.

Despite being social and into public relations, these people would want to stay home and work. Why? Because Cancer is in their Karmasthana. They are also very emotionally connected to their work.

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Money and Wealth

Libra risign signs are secretive about their wealth and bank balance. They usually think a lot about financial stability. Where property is concerned, things will not happen very easily for them. It will be a bit of a struggle. If Venus is well placed then they will be lucky in inheritances. The money and wealth aspect of Libra ascendant depends a lot on how Venus and Mars are placed in their chart.


Their diseases are related to reproductive organs or skin. They can be a little careless with taking care of their health. They may suffer because of this. They don’t go for regular health checkups. Ailments like indigestion, physical weakness, and kidney issues could also get hold of them.

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What do Libra Ascendants Need to be Careful Of?

  • In order to please others, you might lose your originality. Being nice doesn’t mean doing things that others want.
  • Don’t stress too much on what other people think about you. They will anyway think what they want to.
  • You need to take care of your health as it is the best wealth you can have.
  • Say ‘No’ wherever necessary, especially when you really don’t want to say ‘Yes’.
  • Do not be too submissive as sometimes assertiveness will save you from many troubles and manipulation.
  • Learn to stay alone. If you do, then relationships will be of different kinds.

To understand the basic traits of a person, it is important to analyze the natal chart. The placements of planets in the chart, moon sign and sun sign might give a tremendous amount of variations in the overall behaviour and life situations. Hope you enjoyed reading this, keep learning.

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