Saturn Sade Sati For Pisces: How Its Going To Be For Natives?

Saturn Sade Sati For Pisces: How Its Going To Be For Natives?

People believe Saturn is the planet of suffering, problems, rejection, and challenges in life. But when you delve into Vedic astrology, you will understand that things are not the same. Some of you may think that Saturn planets do not affect an individual’s life, then you must give this a full read. At times, though everything seems to be perfect yet things get entirely topsy-turvy at the last moment. When you were expecting all good from every side and all of a sudden, everything vanished for no reason. Have you ever thought of the reason behind this? To understand this, be with us to know the theories of Vedic astrology where you have all answers to your questions.

Astrologers say that planets radiate their energies which influence the life of humans. They may make you an achiever or a loser. Things may turn into unexpected outcomes in life. When a planet moves from one house to another, it brings changes in the native’s life. They create some specific impression on the house. If the planet is friendly towards the house, then it may lead to a drastic positive contribution in the life of natives and the opposite when things are negative.

Generally, it is believed that Saturn always brings pain and uncertainty, but that’s not always true. The movement of Saturn into different zodiac signs has different impacts. It does have a strong positive impact as well when it transits to its friend-ruled planet. This is what we are going to understand in this article. We will discuss what happens when Shani Sade Sati for Pisces comes into effect and how it will affect Sade Sati for Pisces ascendant. In the article, we will shed light on the sade sati period for Pisces, sade sati remedies for Pisces, and when will sade sati end for Pisces and sade sati for Pisces. Now before that, let’s have a quick review of the planets Saturn and Pisces.

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About Planet Saturn

Saturn is the planet of honesty, which keeps on motivating its natives to walk on the right path. On the other hand, it punishes those who have bad or wrong deeds in their life, knowingly or unknowingly. The ringed planet Saturn does give you punishment for your karmas but rewards too for your good karmas. It teaches the lessons of life, the way one should behave towards elderly people, parents, the needy, and animals. These are being presented in life by giving you pains, sorrows, and troubles and making you realize the difference between right and wrong.

When Saturn is in its positive attribute, it rewards one with enormous prosperity. So, you may receive name, fame, life, good health, and wealth. The only way to appease Lord Shani is to keep moving on the path of truth, honesty, and goodness.

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Traits of Pisces Natives

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac circle. It represents the water sign, showing the balanced nature of natives between fantasy and reality. Those who are born under the Pisces sign are sensitive, emotional, gracious, and sympathetic to others’ feelings as well. They are dreamers and can be easily persuaded even for unrealistic objectives.

Pisces individuals can become popular among others as they have an easy-going attitude and can get along with anyone easily. They are creative, but one thing they lack is to deal with reality and focus more on the duties at hand. They are good and caring partners who have personal life goals to accomplish.

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Effects Of Saturn Sade Sati for Pisces

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces. The transition phenomenon of Saturn through the twelfth, first and second house from the natal Moon in the natal chart is termed as Sade Sati. The complete tenure is seven and a half years, so it is termed Sade Sati. Everyone has to undergo this period in life more than once that unleashes the full impact of Saturn on one’s life. Sade Sati’s period for Pisces will continue for more than seven years. This is where natives may feel ups and downs in their major areas of life.

Saturn Sade Sati for Pisces will make natives incline more toward spiritual life. This is because Jupiter and Saturn maintain a neutral relationship with each other. The presence of Sade Sati for Pisces tends to make natives more spiritual and deep thinkers. It will work as a guiding spirit in the form of a mentor than a teacher.

Sade Sati for Pisces ascendant can make the natives skewed between reality and dream. They may get involved in different affairs rather than focusing on their own matters. They may feel paranoid as if something bad or wrong is going to happen. This may even lead to a loss in positive attributes towards life in natives. These may lead to mental and physical unbalance in the natives’ lives, all the negative impact of Saturn Sade Sati for Pisces.

Sade Sati for Pisces ascendants should allow their imagination to come up in order to maintain their sensitivity and creativity. Don’t let fears and anxiety rule your mind; learn to focus and try to find a wise balance between your priorities and others’ problems. You may need to keep a tab on your health.

Sade Sati for Pisces moon sign will affect the native in three different phases. In the first phase, it may make you more spiritual and religious, which is called the average effect. In the second phase, when Saturn completely occupies your Moon sign, you may develop an interest in philosophy, be a justice-loving, and a righteous person. Pisces natives may achieve good wealth with the persona of their skill, decision, and policies. Negatively, your married life may have to go through a rough phase. The third phase would be a bit harsh as it may give tensions in life regarding your job, false allegations, or maybe your mother’s bad health. Health and money matters may come up unexpectedly, which could be a setback. All these circumstances may make you aggressive and nervous, creating disturbances in your married life as well.

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Remedies for Saturn Sade Sati for Pisces

Below are the sade sati remedies for Pisces ascendants made by our Astro experts.

  • Worship Lord Shani and Hanuman.
  • Chant the Shani Mantra and the Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Organize Shani Puja at your home.
  • Offer oil to Shani dev and donate black food items.
  • Wear black or blue clothes on Saturday.
  • Wear blue sapphire to survive a difficult time.

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Concluding Note

Saturn Sade Sati for Pisces is at the eighth house, which is full of mysteries, a span of life, and research. It would give a mixed result of pain and pleasure both to the natives. It is advised to keep faith in oneself and move ahead with a positive attitude to fight back against difficult times.

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