Learning to Face the Virgo Weakness!

It’s common to pick up the newspaper or magazine and turn to the astrology page that shows the future prediction of the day and informs about the traits of all the zodiac signs. When we go through the traits of our zodiac sign, we may think that it’s genuine and relevant, as it gives us both the positive and negative aspects of our personality. This is the essence of Vedic astrology. It not only focuses on positive to treat you well but also shows you’re the real face and makes you face the bitter truth. As too much sweet is injurious for health, one must know the weaknesses and try to get over them and grow into a beautiful and noble person. This is the motto of astrology.

Having said that, we would like to inform you that all the strengths of a zodiac can be put to use in a better way when the weaknesses are attended to on time. So, today we will highlight one of the signs, the Virgo strengths and weaknesses, in this article. We are going to look individually into the Virgo strengths, Virgo biggest weakness and Virgo weakness in love. Altogether, it will be an article to throw some light on Virgo weak points. So, let’s start with Virgo’s general description.

The Harvest Sign – Virgo

The natives of the Virgo sign are born between 23rd August and 22nd September. Blessed with the grace of planet Mercury and Earth element, the Virgo sign represents the harvest just like the kind of people they are. These Virgo natives are so engrossed in minor details that they hardly see what’s happening around them while at work. They always do what is their duty and stay grounded. They don’t like to be in the spotlight, though they like to be appreciated for their work.

Talking about love relationships, they remain away from flattery and hence it’s difficult to get close to them. They would prefer living alone to having trouble in paradise. But when they are romantically involved, they are true and passionate lovers and do what it takes to make things turn happy and bright for their partner. They can find their soulmates in Taurus, Pisces, and Capricorn.

On the Financial front, Virgo is usually very updated with the knowledge of their bank balance. They have absolute control over their expenses, and sometimes it strangulates the desire to enjoy moments of life with tight control. A piece of advice for all the Virgos would be to stop worrying about petty issues and enjoy the one life that God has gifted you. You have enough bank balance to survive long.

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Amplify Your Virgo Strength and Win the Battle of Perfection!

Be happy if you are born under the Virgo sign because you are blessed with the Earth’s energy and are mutable. This means you are pragmatic as well as cerebral. It will help you plan and execute in a way that failure will be the least frequent experience in your life. The Virgo strength lies in being logical and analytical. This makes them problem-solvers rather than seekers of solutions. You have greater chances to succeed with the innate quality of planning and executing.

The Virgo strength is the potential to find opportunity from clutter. With the correct use of the strengths of the Virgo, the native can find the most effective approach towards a problem or execution. With more opportunities knocking at the door, the Virgo native would learn to adapt and flourish.

To define the Virgo Strengths in a statement, we can call them humble, hard-working, organized, responsible, modest and devoted to their work.

Virgo Weakness – Can They Overcome These Weaknesses?

The greatest Virgo strengths can turn out to be the Virgo biggest weakness. The desire to reach perfection is Virgo biggest weakness. Often, Virgo invests so much time and energy in focusing on minor details that they cannot get into the mainframe or bigger picture. They are so detail-oriented that they may end up getting stressed and anxious. As Virgo ruled by Mercury, they keep on assessing the pros and cons of any event or circumstance, or deal. This leads to delays that annoy others, and often things don’t materialize the way they should, which again pushes the success factor a bit far.

Another Virgo biggest weakness is that they are extremely self-critical, and this unnecessary stress results in poor health. They are quite conservative people and refrain from the contemporary approach in life. Though they are analytical, yet they find it difficult to adapt to new ideas and changes. They get restless when they keep doing the same thing, which frustrates them and others. People often maintain a safe distance from Virgo due to this Virgo horoscope weakness.

One of the Virgo men and women weak points is that they are too self-indulgent and self-obsessive. They suffer from a superiority complex and keep belittling others for their minor or even negligible faults. Another Virgo weak point is that they are extremely austere. It’s difficult to convince the rigid Virgo. They take every comment so personally and straight to heart that it’s difficult to stay around them. Some joyous people feel suffocated with the Virgos as they get offended for the smallest reason too. This makes the Virgo unpopular amongst others.

Virgo’s weakness is that they can’t make friends who can stay long with them for all the above-stated reasons. Virgo traits are the last person on the invitee list as they don’t enjoy any sort of party and others don’t enjoy their company. All the credit goes to their supercritical attitude and superiority complex.

As parents, the Virgo weakness again lies in trying to be perfect parents and giving perfect parenting to their children. Unfortunately, no school can give you a degree of being a perfect parent. The Virgo children are not so confident as since childhood they have been critical of themselves. Their conservative approach and rigid behaviour may drift their children away from them, though the love bond shall remain forever.

The Virgo sign weakness doesn’t let the native go beyond minor issues and stack up unwanted details and paperwork at the career front. While others work smart and grow fast, the Virgo will keep pondering over trivial issues. They are deprived of appreciation at the work front, and this may result in depression too. If the Virgo is in some authoritative position, due to Virgo sign weakness, he may be a very demanding boss and leave his subordinates unhappy and agitated.

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Virgo Weakness in Love – Are They Not Loveable?

They certainly are lovable. But the Virgo biggest weakness is also the Virgo weakness in love! If you can accept Virgo with a critical and superior attitude, they could be the best lover. But again, remember the Virgo weakness in love is that they are never ready to open up about their feelings. You need to dig his soul to find if the Virgo loves you. They don’t like to experiment with any new thing. As a partner to a Virgo in love, you might feel non-existing in their life. And their constant criticism may drive you away from them.

Virgo Weakness and Strengths in a Nutshell

Like any other sign, the Virgo horoscope strengths and weaknesses are also a part of their normal personality. However, the Virgo should use more of their intellectual abilities rather than focusing on trivial matters to overcome the Virgo weaknesses. Focusing on the Virgo strengths can help them recover or reduce the Virgo weakness.
The Virgo are unique because of their combination of the Virgos strengths and weaknesses. Channelizing their energy in a positive direction and towards an adaptable path can help in reducing and amplifying Virgo weaknesses and strengths, respectively.

So, we hope you enjoyed reading about Virgo weaknesses & strengths. In case of any doubt or query, talk to the expert Astrologers now!