World Food Day: A View at the Food Habits of the Twelve Signs

World Food Day: Short Gaze

As we all know, nutrition is something that our bodies cannot do without and eating the right food is more important than one would realize. Food wastage is prominent these days, and people don’t understand the importance of getting adequate nutrition. Maintaining good eating habits such as eating clean food, preserving better hygiene, and eating at regular intervals will help them in long term sustainability. Each year, to spread awareness and honour food, World Food Day is celebrated on October 16.

Back in the day in 1945, food was not considered a privilege but a right, and as a result, World Food Day came into existence. Now it’s more like a birthright since people just don’t seem to value healthy food. (Pun intended). Together, our Actions Are Our Future”. Ummm, now we understand why food day celebration is so important.

Zodiac Signs and The Type of Food They Eat

Since there is no denying that eating habits are somehow related to personal traits and characteristics, let’s look at each Zodiac sign’s eating habits and how much of a healthy lifestyle they would lead.

Aries (The Fast and Spicy Eater)

As we all know that Aries natives are spontaneous and fast. They don’t prefer to wait around for things to happen, and when it comes to food, the case is no different. They like food that is easy to make because they don’t want to get into the fuss and make the kitchen messy. Aries natives also tend to gravitate towards hot and spicy food. People who don’t have a palate for such food are just not their type. These people might find it very difficult to eat with their fellow mates, and there’s not much that can be done about it.

Taurus (The Binge Eater)

These guys can eat all day. Their perfect day is where they can watch films and eat food the whole day without anyone stopping them. Their biggest kink lies in the sweets followed by pasta and bread. Eating sprees are more familiar to Taurus sign people than one would expect. As we all know that Taurus natives tend to run deep on emotions, it is no surprise that this affects their eating habits as well.

They are the type of people who would eat more just to feel better. This leads to severe health issues and weight gain. Having said that, nobody would want to disturb a Taurus Binge Eater who is gorging on food and call death upon themselves. They also prefer a comfortable eating place and like to finish their food in peace.

Gemini (Good Company Over Good Food)

Despite one’s expectations of how a Gemini would like their food, these people just don’t care! They are least bothered when it comes to food. They are more likely to show interest in the people they are eating with rather than what they are having. An exciting conversation during their meal is sufficient for their brains to start working again. Geminis are intellectual, and therefore, their company matters more to them than the type of food they are having.

However, there is still one thing that they are picky about. It is the variety. These guys need to have variety in their food. Eating the same bland food every day is just not a Gemini thing. Hence, every time you are with a Gemini, be ready to expect extraordinary and interesting food choices.

Cancer (The Culinary Expert)

Cancer individuals are surprisingly good at making food and eating it as well. They can eat till their last breath and would rarely leave their food unfinished. They tend to hog up on food, especially when they are nervous, anxious, and scared. This could lead to uncontrollable indulgence in food and affect their health.

Cultivating proper eating and being regular could be advised to dear Cancer natives to stay in the pink of their health.

Leo (Guys With a Big Appetite)

Leos might not be interested in cooking much, but they definitely love to eat. Leos are
the type of people that buy expensive food at fancy restaurants, gaze at it, and adore it completely. They like their food to be visually soothing. These guys are high key to the aesthetic of everything, and when it comes to food, they level it up a notch.

They are incredibly aware of the nutritional values and need to eat more fruits and veggies to suffice their needs. Since Leos are pretty conscious about how they look, it is pretty likely that they will watch what they eat more than others would expect.

Virgo (The Fit Ones)

Virgos are disciplined when it comes to eating. It is probably the only sign out of all twelve that can actually commit to a diet. They love organic food and have pretty fantastic cooking skills. (Almost like magic!). If they have to buy lavish and high-priced groceries to make the dish they want, they will not back out. Taste and nutrition seem to hold utmost importance to Virgos when it comes to food.

Virgos’ Metabolism might not always be on point, but they try to balance it by eating healthy food that is light and will not make their bellies bloated.

Libra (The Candy Babies)

And the sweet tooth guys are here! Libras have a never-ending love for sweets. That’s just how they are, and nobody can really help it. They might have small proportions of everything else served to them – salads, appetizer, main course – but dessert is and always will be their actual meal.

Libras are also a fan of authentic and fancy liquor. They like having drinks with the ones they love in a cosy atmosphere while dining. All these people need to take care of is their craving for sweets as it might have some long term repercussions.

Scorpio (The Junkies)

Scorpio, the intense and emotional ones, often end up craving food at any time of the day. These guys deal with the extremes. Their emotions are always flustering, and so does their food intake. They either eat in large quantities or nothing at all. There is no in-between.

Scorpions often tend to get dehydrated as they forget to keep sipping water throughout their day. Since they also face such eating irregularities, they must try to manage their meals in small proportions as the day goes.

Sagittarius (Experimenting Is the Way to Go)

Exotic delicacies and fancy food is their way of living life. However, they are a bit weird when it comes to eating. They can stuff all the food they can when they feel like it or go half a day without having a single bite.

Overeating is not the only issue that Sagittarians face. They are also heavy drinkers, which might lead to some health problems such as indigestion and obesity.

Capricorn (It’s Never Too Salty)

Capricorn is known for its particularity trait. These folks are pretty discrete in general. For them, the quality of food is the most important, which is followed by, of course, the TASTE. ‘Good Food, Good Life’ is literally meant for them. They don’t really care where the food is from as long as it tastes extravagant.

Having said that, they sometimes overdo their salt intake. If the food doesn’t taste right to them, they will simply increase the salt quantity and call it a day.

Aquarius (The All-nighters)

The Aqua signs, in general, hold a lot of humanitarian sentiments. This often leads them to become vegetarian or vegan. They prefer low caloric diets that are dense in protein. Despite this, they may end up with rash eating during work and binge-eat at night.

Since Aquarius is known for being rebellious, the natives might have difficulty accepting and cultivating good eating habits.

Pisces (Food Lover)

Food is the way to a Pisces’ heart. If you want to flatter them, just take them out on an authentic dinner at a place that is known for its lush food, and they will be all yours. This sign loves a beautifully decorated romantic setup with some alcohol. Since this sign tends to become heavy drinker, they need to stay hydrated and detox regularly.

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Well, everyone is different, and each individual’s zodiac sign plays an essential role in defining their actions and behaviour in their daily lives. When it comes to food, these signs have similar approaches just as they have towards other things. People’s taste, preference, and way of dealing with food are determined through their Zodiac signs. The air signs have a “Live and Let Live” mentality, in this case, “Let Me Eat and I Will Let You”, while the earth signs are grounded, and it takes a lot to change their decisions. If they are set to try sushi from a Chinese place, you cannot do much to alter their decision. The fire signs are full of competitive spirit and spontaneity; you suggest to them any random place, and they will always be ready to experiment. Meanwhile, water signs are filled with emotions and sentiment; they are the ones that want everything prim and proper when they sit to eat. All in one, it’s always nice to know the reason behind why you do things the way you do.

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