Taurus Weekly Horoscopes -Your Astrology Prediction for the Week

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

You shouldn't anticipate more this week than what you put forth. Planetary transits indicate that you might encounter difficulties with your studies. This week, you'll be motivated to start a new activity and enrol in a course to sharpen your talents. It will be a typical marriage. Spending time with your spouse is possible. You must make a financial expenditure plan in advance. It won't be simple to come back. Your test or study time may be impacted by the Sun's hostility and Mars-potential Ketu's for health problems. The graces of Venus would provide several comforts and conveniences for student-related transportation, literature, and digital instruction. A little get-together and celebration might also result from Venus's activity. Since the planetary transit is not particularly favourable, you are being advised to make earlier plans for your savings and spending based on your priorities. A surprising dispute with a business partner may result from Venus and Ketu's transit this week.