Ups and Downs on Financial Front with Rahu Transit in Aries 2022

People across the globe are expecting and wishing for the year 2022 to be better than the last two. Though astrologers have predicted that their wishes would be granted soon, we need to understand that the movement of planets from one zodiac sign to another influences people in different ways. It is never the same for all. Similarly, the Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will also bear different fruits for the natives belonging to different zodiac signs.

Rahu Transit 2022 date and time is Tuesday, April 12, 2022, at 10.35 a.m respectively. When Rahu enters Aries, it will cast its shadow and impact the various realms of life. Like every area of life, finance would also be affected. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, which is believed to be an enemy of Rahu. Rahu itself is a shadow planet that is not considered auspicious and when it meets its enemy during the Rahu gochar in the Aries, its effects can be devastating for some. It could be a harbinger of prosperity, too, for many others. Rahu’s existence and presence in the horoscope of the native can be difficult. It might lead the native into mental instability and illusions. With a negatively placed and strong Rahu, people might lose control of life. But in good light, Rahu can bless the natives with positive energy, health, name, fame and prosperity. Let us see what kind of Rahu transit 2022 effects are expected on the people of different zodiac signs on their financial front.

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Rahu Transit in Aries For Aries : Good But Be Careful

The Rahu transit for Aries 2022 would be a mixed bag considering the financial aspect of the Aries sign. As Rahu will be placed in the first house of Aries, there are bright chances of gaining profit in terms of money, but it is also advisable to be extremely cautious before getting into any big financial project. It could be quite risky at this time. Hence, take advice from some wise elderly before investing anywhere. Also, keep a tab on the expenses as there are chances of unnecessary and sudden expenditure in the near future when Rahu will transit in Aries.

Rahu Transit in Aries For Taurus: Expenses May Increase

Rahu transit 2022 date will be on April 12, 2022. Rahu is going to be positioned in the twelfth house of Taurus sign at Rahu transit time of 10.35 a.m. There could be some unanticipated increased expenses during this phase. You are advised to pay attention to your budget before spending money else it might build some financial pitfalls for you. There are chances of financial crisis too, and you may have to apply for a loan during Rahu transit in Aries.

Rahu Transit in Aries For Gemini: Financially Great!

The Rahu gochar in Aries will be in the eleventh house of Gemini sign. The time looks quite favourable for the Gemini natives. There is a high possibility of sudden and unexpected monetary gain. You could explore some new sources of finance. It is expected that you will receive some amount that was pending for a long time. Though your expenses would be high, chances are that you will be quite stable financially during the Rahu transit in Aries.

Rahu Transit in Aries For Cancer: Think Before Investing

For Cancer natives, the Rahu transit in Aries will take place in the tenth house. Overall, this would be a positive period for Cancer. You might get financially stable and strong and chances are that you will discover some new sources of income too. But it is advisable to refrain from investing in any deal on long terms as it could not be so fruitful or profitable. It is also advised to be careful before getting involved in any type of investment during Rahu transit in Aries.

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Rahu Transit in Aries For Leo: Seems Financially Sound

Rahu will be placed in the ninth house of Leo sign during the Rahu transit in Aries 2022. On the financial front, this seems to be more beneficial and favourable for Leo. It is quite possible that you will receive the money that was stuck with someone. Any investment done earlier would turn into a profit at this time. The time looks good for those who had invested in shares as they could get profitable returns too. There is a bright chance of investing in something for the long term. Overall, the Rahu transit in Aries is expected to make you financially sound.

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Rahu Transit in Aries For Virgo: Follow The Set Budget

Rahu will occupy the eighth house in the Virgo sign during the Rahu transit in Aries. This would be a period of mixed experiences for the Virgo natives. The financial aspect is expected to be off-track at this time. It is advised to follow the budget religiously and avoid taking any sort of loan from anyone. It would be very important to check your expenses during Rahu transit in Aries. Any long-term investment might not yield a profit at this time. The phase doesn’t seem good to rely or trust anyone over money matters.

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Rahu Transit in Aries For Libra: Long Held loan Will Pass

The Rahu transit in Aries will take place in the seventh house of Libra sign. The phase is expected to be favourable and positive for the natives. The financial status seems to be stable. Moreover, there is a good scope of getting some financial benefits too. If you had applied for some loan in the past, there are chances that it will get sanctioned during this astrological transit. The time seems good for long term investment. However, you are advised to be careful with any sort of give and take of money. Also, avoid involving anyone in your personal financial planning or matters.

Rahu Transit in Aries For Scorpio: Funding Strategy Seems To Be Working

For the Scorpio natives, the Rahu transit in Aries would take place in the sixth house. This doesn’t seem to be a good time for the Scorpio. But at the financial front, the phase could be favourable as the natives might easily get the desired loan sanctioned, even if the amount is huge. There are chances of getting back funds that were stuck at some point. The time also seems right to invest in some long-term deal as it might yield profit in return.

Rahu Transit in Aries For Sagittarius: More Earning On The Cards

Rahu will occupy the fifth house of Sagittarius sign when it transits in Aries on April 12, 2022. The phase is going to be very significant for the natives. The financial position of the natives would be strong and they might also get more focussed on earning more from various sources. There are great chances that Sagittarius would look up to trying their luck in the lottery and share the market for more monetary gain. However, they are advised to follow the advice of some wise and experienced elderly before investing in those areas. Any long-term investment seems profitable during the Rahu transit in Aries for the Sagittarius. It is advised to refrain from taking any sort of loan at this time. Also, be careful before taking up or working on projects that promise more profit in less time.

Rahu Transit in Aries For Capricorn: Financially Loss May Haunt You

The Rahu transit in Aries for the Capricorn sign could bring about some major changes in the lives of the natives. The Rahu will be positioned in the fourth house of Capricorn natives. The phase might not be comfortable considering the financial aspect. Natives may have to face a financial crunch. There are dim chances of getting any sort of monetary help from anywhere. Though you may get inclined towards giving some loans, it is advised to avoid it as much as possible. It doesn’t seem to be a favourable time to invest in the property or share market. There is a high probability of facing financial loss during the Rahu transit in Aries.

Rahu Transit in Aries For Aquarius: Expenses And Earning Both May Happen

The Rahu transit in Aries for the Aquarius sign will be in the third house. The phase is expected to be good in terms of finance for the Aquarius. There are bright chances of investing in some new venture. You may also expect to receive money that has been pending for a long time. Expenses would be high, but you might also find some sources of income. There are chances of spending money on some long trip or journey. You may also invest in some long-term deals.

Rahu Transit in Aries For Pisces: Favourable In Terms Of Finances

The Rahu transit in Aries will take place in the second house of the Pisces sign. This transit could contribute to some major changes in the life of the natives. On the financial front, the time seems favourable. However, it is advisable to be careful before investing in any long-term deal. Also, be cautious of projects that promise big fortune in the least time. Though the time looks good for those, who wish to invest in short term plans. There are bright chances of receiving a loan from some reliable source. Also, the chances are that you will get back your stagnant money along with some huge unexpected gain.

Wrapping Up

Every aspect of life holds equal importance. But finance is one realm that needs special attention. Though it is predicted to be favourable for many zodiac signs, the Rahu transit in Aries might be unpredictable too. Profit and loss are two sides of the coin. If the time is not good today, don’t lose hope. Work hard and shine on some other day. Plan your budget even if you are financially strong and stable. Every astrological transit gives us the same message. The Rahu transit 2022 might seem to be a tough period for some of the natives, yet Vedic astrology has several Rahu transit remedies to fight all the odds. These Rahu remedies are easy and feasible like worshipping Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu and other deities.

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